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27 Coffeybean94, Jun 24, 2015

For an honest opinion :)
I'm bored and will do all
Maxi1234 : MAX! You are always really funny and fun to talk to though we haven't talked in a really long time haha you weren't on skype for a while but I am glad you are back! you should kik me or somethin!
lewisc : I kinda love you I'm not gunna lie you are sorta perfect in every way. One of my best friends on here and sorta like an older brother to me when I need to go to somebody for advise or anythin. We have so much in common and you are always so much fun to talk to no matter what it's about. I am excited for that special place to be fully ready, it is under construction rn but I preordered your tickets :P < 3 OK BYE #Jewis
Shonaynay Tom! I feel like we used to talk more a while back we haven't talked as much recently but I think we should definitely change that! When we do talk you are always lovely and really funny haha
notafraid I don't really know you too well :( But you seem like a lovely person and I really love your avi! That background is perfect!
seal I don't really know you but omg your avi is so sick! I love it. We should deff talk dude shoot me a message sometime!
Imthtawesom I have talked to you a few times and you were really nice and funny but I don't know you all that well other than that in order to make a great judgment but your blogs make me laugh!
EliotWhi We are friends with a lot of the same people and I honestly thought for a while that you didn't like me but when we talk in chats and on calls and stuff I have enjoyed your presence I don't know you all that well though I think we should talk more because you are somebody I would like to get to know
LoopyCoco1 Love the avi! I have never talked to you or been in a game with you I don't think haha but I like new friends so you should message me
TheSexiestDude990 You are one of my favorite people to discuss survivor with haha you have great taste in favorites (CASAYA FOR LIFE) and you are so great to talk to in general! I would deff like to talk to you more often! We only really talk in group chats haha
LittleBrother123 One of my friends from when we were noobs! It is so funny to think about how far we have both come. We really haven't talked since then though haha we should reunite and join something together!
GoodKaren I have seen you around in chats and stuff but we have never talked one on one really you seem to be really nice though!
cfff Brian! You are a really nice guy and super funny! I have had the pleasure in being in your skype game so we have been able to talk more than we used to which I like! We used to talk more one on one when we were in some group game, which I will add that we slayed together and that you are really loyal!
qwert2 We have never talked from what I..


Happy 19th BBlover96 ♥

4 Oliviaxoxo, May 30, 2015

Happy 19th Jayson babyyyyyy! I honestly am so glad you got added to that call many moons ago! I remember when I realised who you were, I thought you were going to be arsey because of #1 HoH and all but you are far from it! i remember just being in major giggles when you were talking, idk why but anything you said had me in stitches and I could barely talk or breathe and im sorry that must have come across so rude!! I’m so glad to have been introduced to you because you are such a gentle person with a good heart and an amazing friend! You make me laugh so much and I love calls with you and your sense of humour! You’ve grown to really be one of my closest friends on here and I care a lot for you! You have been so supportive of me and I know you are always genuinely there for me.  I love how I am so comfortable to send the most ugliest pulled faces on snaps to you and trust you won’t screenshot!:P Our children are gonna be so cute and you werk so hard to provide for our famlam! So I hope you have an amazing birthday with your crying and w/e you had planned! Love you bby :* < 3
JAYSON < 3 we've gotten a bit closer recently and you are such a great person to know!! you're funny as hell and you're a very intelligent person! happy birthday, have an amazing day because you deserve it completely! Xox Pureessence
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I can't promise you the strip tease or the lap dance you requested but hopefully you'll be able to enjoy your day just as much by going to ihop! Hope you have a lovely day :) #jewis :P Lewisc
Jayson, even though we don't talk much anymore or play games together much anymore, I still know that you're a great friend of mine on this site.  You're funny, kind, and a good gameplayer in frooks lol.   I don't know what I would've done without you, because you are a great ally to have and I wish you have the best birthday ever :)  Happy Birthday pal Boots22
Hi Jayson, happy birthday!! may jehovah god bring you a year of happyness and health. much love, your favourite Tom :P xxx Africanwoman
Happy Birthday Jayson!!! You are one of my closest friends on this webiste. We legit talk all the time and I sitll love ya even when u call me useless in frooks :P I hope you have an amazing birthday and many more to come! You are the kfc to my taco bell :) Once again Happy birthday! Cfff
Come to Canada if you want your birthday gift :) Happy birthday Jayson! Xxx Etienne
Happy Birthday Jayson! One of my proudest moments here is when I first added you to the Wee Wee chat and introduced you to the fam, because now everyone loves you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy the presents from John and Lewis ;) Smoothstalker12
Hey Jayson :D Congratulations :D Congratulations from the Netherlands. I have known you for almost my entire time on this site and you are my best friend on..

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