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Melinda’s Music Taste AS [ROUND 10 RESULTS]

8 melindaMrskk, Jan 12, 2021

🔸 Hello All-Stars! Welcome to Melinda’s Critiques.. this weeks theme was “New Years Banger” from Season 3! Let’s see who’s going to be this weeks Top 2!
⚪️ paul028 - “The Final Countdown” - No. Bye. Next. I’m trying not to be mean but I HATE this song. If this was playing at the countdown I wouldn’t even want to enter the new year LOL. It’s just not the one honestly. I can’t stand it LOL.
⚪️ QueenM1chelle - “Run Away” -This was good, very cute. Simple yet effective. I wouldn’t class this as a banger but I did actually like the song. I also liked the fact the video was cute and simple as well really matched the song. This was cute good job!!
⚪️ Jenii_Valenta - “It’s My Life” - Honestly yes. When I first started this song because I didn’t recognise it I was like I swear there’s another song like this and it literally is the song. She’s such a queen and this is a good song choice for this theme. FINALLY stepped it up again! Slay!
⚪️ Absol - “The Function” - This was a safe song from you this week, I feel like. Obviously I was going to like this, but it’s a little bit tamed for what I was wanting. This doesn’t scream banger to me. But I did actually like the song comparing to others as well this week, you picked a good week to choose a safe song.
⚪️ Jameslu - “Raise Your Glass” - This was a good choice especially with everything that is going on at the moment. This matches the theme in more ways then one. Is it the best ever song I’ve heard... not really. But it’s a good song and better then most submissions this week! Good job!
⚪️ Irelia - “Envious” - I knew from the very start I was going to love this song. And I do. The beat the chilled vibes her SINGING. Perfection this matches the theme and you get bonus points for the chilled vibes. One of the best this week. You slayed it again sis! Good job! Queen.
⚪️ turkeylover - “Intro/Forgive Me” - I thought I was going to like this, just because I love their “Do It” song you showed me last season or something. But this was not the T sis the rapping didn’t match the beat I was confused when it kicked in. It was all a bit mismatch for me. You’ve posted better.
‼️THE TOP 2 & BOTTOM will be place alphabetically.
= = 🔸RESULTS🔸 = =
🟢 || 1. Irelia
🟢 || 1. Jenii_Valenta (first ever to get 4 wins in a season)
🔵 || 3. Jameslu
⚪️ || 4. Absol
🟠 || 5. QueenM1chelle
🔴 || 7. paul028
🔴 || 7. turkeylover
‼️ THAT MEANS #Irelia & #Jenii_Valenta need to send me a MAIL of the reason they either want to send #paul028 OR #turkeylover HOME.
‼️ The theme for you two is..


Melinda’s Music Taste AS [ROUND 5]

12 melindaMrskk, Jan 1, 2021

🔸 The girls walk back into the computer room and sit at their desks, to discuss EmzThorne’s tragic elimination. Chic smiles with happiness of winning her first challenge.
💄 QueenM1chelle show’s his mousepad with the name “ Jenii_Valenta” on.  “It's a hard decision but I'm choosing to send home Jenii_Valenta because she has shown herself to be a threat and she also didn't ask for my save unlike Emz did.”
🔸 This weeks theme is GIRL GROUPS! / Season 1 / Week 3
🔵 So you can post any girl group song... from Pussycat Dolls to Little Mix any you can think of!
🔸 DON’T play safe! Make me SINGGGGG
You have 24 hours to submit! Good luck!!
= = CAST = =
⚪️ Absol
⚪️ Chic
⚪️ Christian_
⚪️ Irelia
⚪️ Jameslu
⚪️ Jenii_Valenta
⚪️ paul028
⚪️ QueenM1chelle
⚪️ turkeylover
🔴 || 13th. ilysuiteheart —> Eliminated by #Irelia
🔴 || 12th. Maxi1234 —> Eliminated by #turkeylover
🔴 || 11th. EliotWhi —> Eliminated by #Jenii_Valenta
🔴 || 10th. EmzThorne —> Eliminated by #Chic


Melinda’s Music Taste AS [ROUND 2]

20 melindaMrskk, Dec 28, 2020

🔸 The girls walk back into the computer room and sit at their desks, to discuss the first elimination round. Absol show’s his mousepad with the name “ Christian_” on. “i am eliminating christian_ bitch third try was supposed to be the charm and you blew it idc get off the stage”
‼️ This weeks theme is “Bad Bitch Feels” / Season 3 / Week 4
🔵 So for this weeks theme I want an UPBEAT I’m that bitch song and I want you to put me in my feels and I wanna be FEELING MYSELF! You can pick any kind of song and make sure you STAND OUT.
= = CAST = =
⚪️ Absol
⚪️ Chic
⚪️ Christian_
⚪️ EliotWhi
⚪️ EmzThorne
⚪️ Irelia
⚪️ Jameslu
⚪️ Jenii_Valenta
⚪️ Maxi1234
⚪️ paul028
⚪️ QueenM1chelle
⚪️ turkeylover
🔴 || 13th. ilysuiteheart —> Eliminated by #Irelia


Post what you think I'll get in Stars

24 tyboy618, Nov 1, 2015

And I'll post what I think you'll get :)
brandonpinzu - 4th cuz I'm evil
maturo - 16th (come on, let's be real Joe. I think you're cool now but like, yeah.)
shabootyquiqui3 - 9th
MrOrange890 - 5th
Alaskanfiredragon - 13th
Maxi1234 - 2nd, by .1%
FighterMan - 2nd
alanb1 - 14th :^)
mathboy9 - 15th cuz u DIDN'T FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS HUN
JasonXtreme - 5th
C_Shizz96 - 3rd
Brandt69 - 2nd
Willie_ - 1st
JetsRock12 - 8th
bamold1999 - 15th cuz u DIDN'T FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS HUN get it #Irelia
EliOrtiz1234 - 6th
TotalDramaLover1234 - 10th
Thegamingdragon - 12th
neathery - 8th
GoodAllan - 3rd

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