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Yas (Greys Anatomy)

0 joe1110, Sep 10, 2018


Station 19 premiere part 1

2 imprincearthur, Mar 23, 2018

Station 19 has many Similarities to Chicago fire but it also has many differences from Fire. The first part of the premiere was intresting.
Drop your comments on the premiere below.


Grey’s Anatomy shocker

2 SashaBaby2010, Mar 8, 2018

Sarah Drew (April Kepner) & Jessica Capshaw (Arizona Robbins) will be exiting the show after Season 14.
I’m so mad rn. #GreysAnatomy
GentlemanG Lemjam6 Halloween NicoleF joe1110


ok why is

4 joe1110, Nov 10, 2017

#greysanatomy the most perfect show everrrrr. Bawling at the 300th episode, I honestly hope there are at least 300 more lmao


Greys anatomy rant

2 joe1110, Oct 1, 2017


One of the most touching moments in

1 joe1110, Jun 26, 2017

TV Show history, the elevator moment between Izzie and George in season 5 finale </3 I cry every time...


ok cant wait

1 joe1110, May 12, 2017

for #greysanatomy season finale like omg this last ep was so drama ugh i cant wait a whole week cryin


Grey's Anatomy - As of S13, Ep. 13 Rankings

4 SashaBaby2010, Feb 16, 2017

*could spoil you, so don't read unless you're okay w/ being spoiled or you're caught up*
18th: Leah Murphy - I mean, is this the best we could get by bringing back a character who left the show? Sorry, not a fan of her lol.
17th: Ben Warren - I like him, but I LOVE a lot of the other characters, so here he is lol
16th: Nathan Riggs - his accent kinda annoys me, and he is trying to get with Meredith, idk about that boo.
15th: Owen Hunt - He just kinda seems emotional all the time, and the only storyline he has is with Amelia tbh.
14th: Catherine Avery - she's kinda sly, and I used to love her, but she needs to be on the show more tbh.
13th: Amelia Shepherd - she's been kinda MIA, and she kinda just has a very repetitive storyline.
12th: Jo Wilson - before everything that went down with Alex & Andrew, she was one of my favs, but idk about her anymore.
11th: Meredith Grey - She just seems either sad or mad all the time, I never see her happy anymore since Christina left & Derek died. Kinda a buzzkill
10th: Alex Karev - I was totally #TeamDeLuca when Alex almost killed him, but he's an OG, and I've always liked him.
9th: Jackson Avery - he's super hot, and I have always liked Jackson, ever since he came in from Mercy West and was shady to Christina lol, I do think he kinda is dumb for divorcing April or something so stupid.
8th: April Kepner - mom kepner, idk why everyone is pissed she took chief of general surgery, I mean I would take the promotion too, I like that she stands up for herself a lot more now.
7th: Richard Webber - I have always loved webber, I'm kinda mad Bailey took his job and gave it to Minnick, but I mean, she does teach better in terms of letting residents do surgeries, however he has a better emotional connection w/ them. Even though Hunt was chief & now Bailey, I will always remember him as the chief.
6th: Eliza Minnick - I LOVE HER CHARACTER, I miss Callie so unbelievably much, but she was a great fit to bring in to fill her void, I think her and Arizona will get together soon & yes queen
5th: Maggie Pierce - I have adored her since she was brought in, I was shook to find out she was Meredith's half-sister and Richard's daughter. I just love her character though.
4th: Miranda Bailey - MOM BAILEY, I have loved loved loved her since the first episode. Her character has grown so much, although I prefer her not as chief, I think Webber will always be the best chief tbh.
3rd: Andrew DeLuca - daddy deluca is my favorite. I just love his beautiful face & I think he needs more screen time, I also think his character is very wonderful. I was sad when Alex beat him up.
2nd: Stephanie Edwards - Stephanie has grown to be one of my favorite characters EVER, I just love her sass & her will to be at the top of anything she does. I felt so sad for her tonight when she lost that kid.
1st: Arizona Robbins - mom, I have loved her..


Richard Webber

1 Lemjam6, Feb 16, 2017

King of Surgery.


I cant believe they didnt say what she did

0 joe1110, Jan 27, 2017

to get in jail UGH I WANNA KNOW #GreysAnatomy



2 Obstreperous, Nov 12, 2016

So when I was really little (like around 5 or 6 maybe, which would be like around 2005 or 2006 maybe) I remember turning on the TV to Grey's Anatomy (OR SOME TYPE OF MEDICAL DRAMA SHOW, IM PRETTY SURE IT WAS GREYS).
I watched the episode a bit and for some reason this particular memory has stuck out to me (probably because it gave me nightmares).
In the episode a young woman (I think she was probably a teenager or at the oldest in her early 20's) went to the hospital and I remember seeing like several bumps on her stomach.
I think she had like WORMS crawling around under her skin or inside her stomach or something, idk I just remember the multiple large-ish lumps/bumps all over her stomach.
Um, I don't remember much else but I remember at the end of the episode that girl ended up dying and one of the doctors had to go tell her mom that her daughter died and the episode just ended with the mom crying over her daughters death with a far away shot of the waiting room.
ANWAYS, idk why but this memory has always stuck out to me so I want to go back and find/watch this episode!
So if anyone knows what Greys Anatomy episode this is plz tell me!
(or is this even Greys Anatomy?? it might have been another ER drama show but I think I remember the ending voice over that Meredith usually gives so I think it was greys)
Ok so yeah, plz answer thx!!!!


I hate Shonda Rhimes

0 Matedog1209, Aug 1, 2016

With a fiery passion.


Lexie Grey

0 Matedog1209, Jul 15, 2016

Just died.
I can't stop crying.


greys anatomy

2 survivorrox, Jun 12, 2016

this happened like last year but i just watched it. i think it was a really smart decision to kill derek off. it makes the show so much more interesting and it adds to merediths story arc #greysanatomy


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