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1 kittykatz553, Mar 19, 2016

delete2544 no offence but ur actually delusional
mrbird is #dricicle



9 Delete2544, Mar 19, 2016

i hope the real #Dricicle is doing okay. he was a good kid
Sent by skyler1822,Mar 19, 2016
He's doing okay lol, thanks for calling me a good kid lol
Sent by MrBird,Mar 19, 2016
Thought you WERE Icicle, guess not, memphis MrBird :L


Ok so

5 kittykatz553, Mar 19, 2016

#Dricicle wasnt originally itsalexia but the real #dricicle gave his account to itsalexia


Brantsteele Survivor REUNION EPISODE/WINNER..

0 EmmzX, Jul 2, 2015

Previous to the finale:
3rd: Zach (BBUSA16?) dvisco1102 (Jury Member)
4th: Bridgette (TD) MariahAnn (Jury Member)
5th: Kenny Brain (BBCAN2) Pedlick44 (Jury Member)
6th: Milena Alves (Whodunnit) matedog1209 (Jury Member)
7th: Sarah Hanlon (BBCAN) LexiVazquez (Jury Member)
8th: Dennis Rodman (CAP) DennisRodman (Jury Member)
9th: Courtney Yates (SUV) Nichole98 (Jury Member)
10th: Ahran Cho (MC) lionthelion
     ---------- MERGE ----------
11th: Jake (himself cba) thegreatjake
12th: Jeff Wilson (SUV) lliiaamm
13th: Raja (RPDR) royaljewel
14th: Jocasta (BBUSA) Pukai
15th: Cody Calafiore (BBUSA16) awitt03
16th: Victoria (BBUSA16) #DrIcicle ( / Disqualified because banned)
                        --------------- WINNER REVEAL ---------------
Remaining contestants:
Hayden Moss (BBUSA) Zankie16
Daniele (BBUSA8/13) xxDjBellxx
1st vote - Hayden
2nd vote - Daniele
3rd vote - Hayden
4th vote - Hayden
5th vote - Hayden
6th vote - Hayden
7th vote - Hayden
With a 6-1 vote, Hayden ( zankie16 ) you are the winner of survivor !!
Daniele ( xxDjBellxx )  you came really far, but this is the end of your road.
( Thanks to everyone who played !!)
This seasons Fan Favorite: Bridgette ( MariahAnn )


Brantsteele Survivor Episode 1 (IM & TC)

1 EmmzX, Jun 28, 2015

Tribes previous to episode 1:
Tribe 1:
1) Victoria (BBUSA16) #DrIcicle
2) Daniele (BBUSA8/13) xxDjBellxx
3) Kenny Brain (BBCAN2) Pedlick44
4) Cody Calafiore (BBUSA16) awitt03
5) Jeff Wilson (SUV) lliiaamm
6) Bridgette (TD) MariahAnn
7) Zach (BBUSA16?) dvisco1102
8) Hayden Moss (BBUSA) Zankie16
Tribe 2:
1) Jake (himself cba) thegreatjake
2) Milena Alves (Whodunnit) matedog1209
3) Raja (RPDR) royaljewel
4) Dennis Rodman (CAP) DennisRodman
5) Ahran Cho (MC) lionthelion
6) Sarah Hanlon (BBCAN) LexiVazquez
7) Courtney Yates (SUV) Nichole98
8) Jocasta (BBUSA) Pukai
Episode 1:
Immune: Tribe 2
Tribal council: Tribe 1
1st vote - Jeff
2nd vote - Victoria
3rd vote - Victoria
4th vote - Jeff
5th vote - Victoria
6th vote - Jeff
7th vote - Jeff
8th vote - Victoria
    4 - 4
1st vote - Victoria
2nd vote - Victoria
3rd vote - Victoria
4th vote - Jeff
5th vote - Victoria
6th vote - Victoria
With a final vote of 4-1, Victoria, ( #DrIcicle ) The tribe has spoken

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