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I went to transparent bans

3 Spiderhitler, Mar 23, 2019

But don't see updated list why was #City banned?


Every +20

44 Kandee_, Oct 2, 2018

I'll name two users. One loved by many, and the other isn't. You can determine to which one falls under which category!
20 - #CiTy / #Thumper91
40 - #Roshy / #Petro
60 - #randomize / Diva1
80 - JustMe / gagaluv
100 - maturo / Vanili
120 - TaraG / Matte
140 - Krisstea / Halloween
160 - Babeeeidah / koolness234
180 - PrincessTeePee / JesseM
200 - Allison / levonini
220 - Johneh / brandonpinzu
240 - Minie / jenzie
260 - GoodKaren / 2388
280 - Kaylabby / Paige54
300 - BengalBoy / Druhhbby2
320 - Megan / GentlemanG
340 - #Ametrine / Lovelife
360 - astone929 / Evaa1996
Edit: I will update in a few hours!
Kandee doesn't represent Tengaged.com, nor do these sets. I don't consider either to be "hated" as some believe that this implies. One is admired by many; the other doesn't possess that "iconic" status as the loved holds. If you feel offended by the post, mail me, and I'll remove your name!
Otherwise, have a good day!


If this stars

1 smuguy2012, Sep 22, 2018

Isn't proof that #city or whatever his username is is using multis and still has hundreds then I don't know what is


Justice has been served.

2 maturo, Sep 21, 2018

#CiTy has been harassing me for almost a year so I had finally had it. Sucks you couldn’t stop when you were warned.
There goes your chance for winning stars :/



84 koolness234, Aug 9, 2018

And I will give you 100% honest opinion about you. Dont get butthurt. I will try to do all before I have to go to the store
#CiTy You know I have always loved you and will always be there for you, However sometimes I think you get too caught up on the site. I cannot tell if you are trolling or serious but I wish sometimes you would not spew toxicity like you do no the blogs page. I wish more people knew the real Ity, but I think sometimes you are too afraid to let people in and come off as a hard thug on the site idk I might be wrong
#Paige54 You seem nice we never really interacted much. I would like to get to know you since we have kinda the same group of friends on the site or we are in the same circles.
#shawnpat7 I have always liked you from a distance because we have never talked. I do believe you are kinda a hot mess imo. However, you seem like a fun hotmess I would like to hang out with irl
#QueenOfFierce *shakes tits* You are truly and icon, and I love you. I do think you were a little extra making multis to ruin the Popularity contest. However, more people are ten times more extra than you on this site.
JSBReality It was fun playing stars with you and you seem like a cool kid with a good head on his shoulders. I think though you should watch out for this site cause you are rather young and it can consume your life if you are not careful
Sam_Hamwich I have always like you on this site, Sorry for fucking you over in that one game. We did have semi problems on that gun control debate, however I dont take political views as personal attacks. I am glad you got out of that toxic relationship with that hag, because you seem like a guy who deserved a lot better than her.
Crayadian Mixed feelings, you seem like a good guy however you can also be extremely toxic if things do not go your way. I think you think everyone is always after you when it really is not the case. I think we would be friends and talk a lot but you are so fickle sometimes you like me, and then other times you jump at any chance to attack me for doing nothing. But I still feel positive about you
Arris We stan a tan Polish sausage. If you were gay you would be my type because you are so goofy. However, I think you and I do share the same fault that sometimes we take disagreements of views a little too personally. Other than that you are a true king of heterosexuality. If that changes slide into my dm after you work on your fitness
Thirteen I use to dislike you because you were weird, but after playing with you I think you are iconic I wish we talked more. Even though your brother dislikes me for some reason
_Adidas_ Even though we never talk, I have a lot of respect for how you play games for yourself..

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