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Tengaged The Search S1


Auditions (12 Per Category, 1 Performance)

Group Performance (7 Per Category, 1 Performance)

Live Show 1 (5 Groups, 1 Performance)

Live Show 2 (4 Groups, 1 Performance)

Finale (3 Groups, 2 Performances)

You can audition with up to 4 solo artists (duo’s are allowed too) in 5 of the following categories; Boyband, Girl Group, Vocal + Instrument Band, Mixed Group and a Rap/R&B Group! So you can choose which 4 categories you would like to enter into! There will only be 12 spots available for each category so make sure you get your first choice quickly! You will be faced against the beautiful judges who are their own girl group in some imaginary world; Kimberly, Kat, Heather and Megan. You will be scored out of 10 on your audition performance! The top 7/8 solo artists depending on scores will advance forward to the Group Performance.

Group Performance:
This is where the judges will be making the different Groups! You will perform once again and the judges must score each performance out of 10 and the 4/5 solo artists with the highest score will make up that Group!

Each Live Show the Group will perform (each member will perform individually one after the other) and then the judges will score each performance out of 10 within that Group and the scores will be added together and then averaged out. The Group with the highest score/average will place first in the show and the bottom 2 Groups will have to face the Sing Off where by one person from each group will reperform to try and save their Group. The judges will then say which Group they want to save and why. If it comes to a tie vote Head :) will have the final say!

- Boyband (12 males)
- Girl Group (12 females)
- Vocal and Instrument Band (12 singers who play instruments)
- Rap/R&B Group (6 singers, 6 rappers)
- Mixed Group (6 males, 6 females)

Judges/Iconic Girl Group:
- Kimberly
- Kat
- Heather
- Megan

Featured Players 4 playing

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Tengaged The Search S1

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