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1660 days 2 hours ago
1625 days 8 hours ago
19th: Renny (Renny10) Evicted 16-3-3-2-1-0-0-3*
18th: Luke (IceBear) Walked
17th: Jaron (JarBearFTW) Evicted 14-6-2-1-0-0-6*
16th: Zach L (Zankie16) Evicted 17-4-2-1-1-0-0*
15th: Tim (lionsden121) Evicted 12-7-0-0-0-4* (DE)
14th: AJ (ajwesome) Evicted 7-0-0-0-4* (DE)
13th: Josh (jwbrine) Evicted 8-4-3-3-0-0*
12th: Eli (epicwafflez23) Medically Evacuated
11th: Julia (NeutralMilkHotel) Evicted 5-4-3-2-1 (DE)
10th: Aidan (flabberjackets) Evicted 4-3-2-1 (DE)
9th: Chandler (chandlerp1996) Evicted 12-1-1-0
8th: Michael (stuartlittle16) Evicted 9-3-1
7th: Garrett (garrett_auckland) Evicted 5-2
6th: TJ (TJ2807) Evicted 5-1*
5th: Damian (dsradine) Evicted 5-1-0*
4th: Ash (ashszoke) Evicted 3-1
3rd: Zach C (ziggyzaggy16) 0 votes to win
2nd: Jacob (Jake_WD) 1 vote to win
1st: Noah (noah_kondon) 6 votes to win


Hero of the Season: Ash
Villain of the Season: Shrek
Worst Moves: Damian and Garrett
Robbed Pre-Jury: Renny
Best Confessionals: TJ
Player of the Season: Jacob
Host's Fav: Damian
1616 days 7 hours ago

16th: Lamar (LuckyLefty) Evicted 12-3-2-2-0
15th: Connor (ConnorB) Evicted 8-4-3-3-3 (DE)
14th: Crypt (Cryptspartan) Evicted 4-3-3-3 (DE)
13th: Max (maxcrosby2419) Evicted 10-5-0
12th: Brian (BrainJak) Evicted 9-8-4
11th: Eve (Falconbait26) Evicted 3-2-2-1 (DE) (voted off Jury)
10th: Violet (Violetx) Evicted 2-2-1, Lost Poll (DE)
9th: Hunter (topazisqueen) Medically Evacuated
8th: Adele (adeleadele) Evicted 3-5*
7th: Michael (M_Davis1998) Evicted 4-2-1
6th: Riley (RArsenault) Evicted 3-3/4-1
5th: Garret (Obstreperous) Evicted 3-2*-1*
4th: Zach (Swadles) Evicted 2-2, Lost TB
3rd: Gamo (ThisIsMyGame) Evicted 1-0 (Given two Jury Votes)
2nd: Jessie (DrG2) 1 vote to Win
1st: Michael-Caleb (moondancer63) 8 votes to Win
S2 Care Packages

#1: "Save-A-Friend and Yourself" Michael (M_Davis1998)
#2: "Super-Loser Power" Garret (Obstreperous)
#3: "Take Control" Hunter (topazisqueen)
#4: "Double or Idol" Zach (Swadles)
#5: "Sit Down Bitch" Michael-Caleb (moondancer63)
#6: "The Powerful One" Gamo (ThisIsMyGame)
Intro by Noah (noah_kondon)

Hero of the Season: Zach
Villain of the Season: Garret
Player of the Season: Gamo
Fan Favorite: Gamo
Best Confessionals: Garret
Robbed Pre-Jury: Crypt
1558 days 1 hour ago
Intro: We are in the city of lights, where 20 players will embark on a journey of a lifetime. They must play the game harder then ever before and must do something never done. This season some of these players are from the past, but some are brand new. They will constantly have to choose between Short-term and Long-term.. Do YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES? WELCOME TO THE IMMUNITY GAME™ 3 VEGAS, BABY!


20th: Crypt (Cryptspartan) Evicted 12-10-6-6 #Team4DaWin
19th: Ethan (Brittney) Evicted 19-6-5-4 #ZacFollowJuliaOnInstagram
18th: Julia (NeutralMilkHotel) Evicted 17-11-5* #ZacFollowJuliaOnInstagram #Drake
-Gamo is evicted (17-8-7) but uses Re-Entry Pass-
17th: Hufus (Hufus) Medically Evacuated #ZacFollowJuliaOnInstagram #Vespucci
16th: Kodi (PossiblyThis) Medically Evacuated #Royalty2-0 #Drake
15th: Caleb (CalebDaBoss) Quit #Team4DaWin #Drake
14th: Jackson (Karmaron72) Evicted 11-11-3/Drew Purple Rock #CondomFollowers #Venice
13th: TJ (TJ2807) Evicted 9-5-4-2 (DE) #CondomFollowers #Venice
12th: Nolan (mysterygame2) Evicted 5-4-2 (DE) #CondomFollowers #Drake
-Jennifer switcharoos Gamo-
11th: Gamo (ThisIsMyGame) Evicted 12-5-2 #CondomFollowers #Venice
10th: Josh (Jwbrine) Evicted 7-7-3/Drew Purple Rock #ZacFollowJuliaOnInstagram #Drake
9th: Giovana (SurvivorGame1) Evicted 6-3-7* #CondomFollowers #Vespucci
8th: Aria (xxxaria123xxx) Evicted 9-4-0 #Royalty2-0 #Vespucci
7th: Michael D. (M_Davis1998) Evicted 3-2(1)*-1 #Team4DaWin #Vespucci
6th: James (pizzawithcookirs) Evicted 1-1/3-1 #Team4DaWin #Vespucci
5th: Jennifer (Fell6) Evicted 2-3*-0* #ZacFollowJuliaOnInstagram #Vespucci
4th: Deeanna (deeannamorgan) Evicted 2-2/Lost TB #Team4DaWin #Venice
3rd: Caleb L (CalebJustLeft) Evicted 1-0 #Royalty2-0 #Venice
2nd: Michael S. (stuartlittle16) 2 Votes to Win #Royalty2-0 #Venice
1st: Jacob (Jake_WD) 7 Votes to Win #Royalty2-0 #Drake

Hero of the Season: Jacob
Villain of the Season: Caleb L
Player of the Season: James
Fan Fav: Caleb L
Iconic Duo: Deeanna and Caleb L
Best Confessionals: Deeanna
Most Improved: Michael S
Best Move: James/Jennifer
Robbed King: Gamo
1540 days 15 hours ago
SEASON 4: Bloods vs Crips-
Houseguests Remaining (0/18)

18th: Jordan (MAS10) Evicted 9-2-2 #Crips
17th: Jai (Wolven6974) Evicted 5-3-0 #Crips
16th: Trey (Trey2288) Medically Evacuated #Bloods
15th: Dylan (Halloween) Evicted 13-2-0 #Crips
14th: Tiffany (Jaesus123) Evicted 5-5-1/Drew Purple Rock #Bloods
-Team Swap-
13th: Sammy (SammySosaTV) Evicted 8-6-6-0 #Bloods #Crips
12th: Daulton (Daulton7996) Medically Evacuated #Bloods #Bloods
-Team Merge-
11th: Jaron (JarBearFTW) Evicted 6-2-1-9* #Bloods #Bloods #Blips (DE)
10th: Chris (chris2pei) Evicted 2-1-9* #Crips #Bloods #Blips (DE)
9th: Benjamin (BENLINUS) Evicted 10-0-5* #Bloods #Bloods #Blips
8th: Nick (thegreendragon193) Evicted 8-4-1 #Bloods #Bloods #Blips
7th: Natalie (coolKat) Evicted 4-4-3/Drew Purple Rock #Crips #Bloods #Blips
6th: Tim (lionsden121) Evicted 4-2 #Bloods #Crips #Blips
5th: Crypt (Cryptspartan) Evicted 3-2-1 #Crips #Crips #Blips
4th: Kolby (ThePug) Evicted 3-1 #Crips #Crips #Blips
3rd: JJ (moviedude) Evicted 1-0 #Crips #Crips #Blips
2nd: Steve (steve4280) 2 votes to Win #Bloods #Bloods #Blips
1st: Renny (Renny10) 5 votes to Win #Crips #Crips #Blips
S4 Care Packages

#1: "King Nullifier" Dylan (Halloween)
#2: "Queen Voter" Crypt (Cryptspartan)
#3: "The Knowledge" Renny (Renny10)
#4: "The Mutineer" Kolby (ThePug)
#5: "Safer Than You" Tim (lionsden121)
#6: "The All-Mighty" Benjamin (BENLINUS)

Hero of the Season: Benjamin
Villains of the Season: Steve & Tim
Player of the Season: Renny
Fan Fav: Crypt
Best Confessionals: JJ
Worst Moves: Renny & Kolby
Robbed King: Crypt
Most Improved: Renny
1508 days 10 hours ago
Intro: We are heading to Tokyo, Japan where 20 of the greatest players in THE IMMUNITY GAME™ history will have to battle it out. We have one player back for his fourth time, a few back for their third, and MOST who are back for their second time. TWO never before seen twist will shake up the game! Only 19 players and ONE gift stand between them. Do you have what it takes? WELCOME TO THE IMMUNITY GAME™: All-Stars

-SEASON 5: All-Stars-

20th: Garrett (Garrett_Auckland) Medically Evacuated #Samurai
19th: Jennifer (Fell6) (3rd Voted Out): Evicted 19-10-2, Eliminated 4-1 #Samurai
18th: Ash (ashszoke) (5th Voted Out): Evicted 8-5*-4* (DE), Eliminated 5-0 #Samurai
17th: Michael D (M_Davis1998) (7th Voted Out): Evicted 3-2-1, Eliminated 4-1 #Samurai
16th: Kolby (ThePug) (4th Voted Out): 9-8-5*-4* (DE), Eliminated 3-2 #Samurai
15th: Josh (jwbrine) (6th Voted Out): Evicted 14-2-9*, Eliminated 3-1 #Samurai
14th: Zach (Swadles) (8th Voted Out): Evicted 9-0(4)*-8*, Eliminated 1-0 #Samurai *1st Jury Member*
-Gamo & Michael S Re-Enter-
13th: Renny (Renny10) Quit #Samurai #Ninja
12th: Crypt (Cryptspartan) (10th Voted Out): 8-6-2-4* (DE), Eliminated 3-1-1 #Samurai #Ninja *2nd Jury Member*
11th: TJ (TJ2807) (11th Voted Out) 6-2-4* (DE), Eliminated 3-2 #Samurai #Ninja *3rd Jury Member*
10th: Deeanna (deeannamorgan) (15th Voted Out) 3-2(1)*, Eliminated 3-1-1 #Samurai #Ninja *4th Jury Member*
9th: Garret (Obstreperous) (16th Voted Out) 2-2-1/2-1, Eliminated 4-1 #Samurai #Ninja *5th Jury Member*
8th: Jacob (jake_WD) (14th Voted Out) 3-3-1/3-2, Eliminated 2-2/Lost TB #Samurai #Ninja *6th Jury Member*
7th: Michael-Caleb (moondancer63) (9th Voted Out) 12-6-3, Eliminated 1-0 #Samurai #Ninja *7th Jury Member*
-JJ and Tim Re-Enter-
6th: JJ (moviedude) (12th Voted Out) 8-7-0, (17th Voted Out) 5-1 #Samurai #Ninja *8th Jury Member*
5th: Gamo (ThisIsMyGame) (2nd Voted Out) 15-15-3, (18th Voted Out) 2(2)*-2*-0*-0* #Samurai #Ninja *9th Jury Member*
4th: Caleb L (CalebJustLeft) (19th Voted Out) 3-1 #Samurai #Ninja *10th Jury Member*
3rd: Tim (lionsden121) (13th Voted Out) 5-2-1, 1 vote to Win #Samurai #Ninja
2nd: Damian (dsradine) 4 votes to Win #Samurai #Ninja
1st: Michael S (stuartlittle16) (1st Voted Out): 7-6-2-1-1-1-1-1, 5 votes to Win #Samurai #Ninja

Player of the Season - Caleb L
Hero of the Season - Michael S
Villain of the Season - JJ
Best Confessionals - Michael-Caleb
Robbed Pre-Jury - Kolby
Most Improved - Gamo & Damian
Untapped Potenital - Deeanna & Zach
Best Episode - Scheming and Lying (16)
Best Move - Tim (Flipping on JJ)
Fan Fav - Caleb L & Jacob
1482 days 9 hours ago
Intro: We are heading to Athens, Greece where 15 new players will have to battle it out. Greece is known for balance and we are putting that to the test. Which attribute is the best? We will learn this season. But joining them is a NIGHT ONE twist that could end someones game. 15 Newbies, 3 one-timers, 1 WINNER. Do you have what it takes? WELCOME TO THE IMMUNITY GAME™ 6: Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty

-SEASON 6: Brain vs Brawn vs Beauty-

18th: Zach T (tuter32) Evicted 5-1 #Brawn
17th: Justin (JustinV53) Quit #Brawn
16th: Connor (Telographic) Medically Evacuated #Beauty
15th: Bryan (iTy990) Medically Evacuated #Brain
14th: DJ (coolexchangestudent) Evicted 8-7-5-2* (DE) #Brain
13th: Jerry (GerardoM13) Evicted 7-5-2* (DE) #Brain *1st Jury Member
12th: Jay M (JMez2612) Medically Evacuated #Brain #MicahGarcia
11th: Luke (IceBear) Evicted 7-6-3-2 (DE) #Brain #MicahGarcia *2nd Jury Member*
10th: Jay B (JayBirdNifty) Evicted 6-3-2 (DE) #Brain #MicahGarcia *3rd Jury Member*
-Big Brother-
9th: Michael S (stuartlittle16) Evicted 6-0 #Brawn #MicahGarcia *4th Jury Member*
8th: Danielle (Calypso) Evicted 4-4* #Beauty #MicahGarcia *5th Jury Member*
7th: Bryce (Brycemusser) Evicted 3-5* #Beauty #MicahGarcia *6th Jury Member* *Voted Off Jury*
6th: Pika (pikaplayer) Evicted 3-3/2-2/Drew Purple Rock #Beauty #MicahGarcia *7th Jury Member*
5th: Ben (C00LDUDE1000) Evicted 4-2 #Brawn #MicahGarcia *8th Jury Member*
4th: Annie (Glinda) Evicted 2-1-1 #Beauty #MicahGarcia *9th Jury Member*
3rd: Zach (Swadles) 0 Votes to Win #Brawn #MicahGarcia
2nd: Adele (adeleadele) 1 Vote to Win #Beauty #MicahGarcia
1st: Noah (noah_kondon) 7 Votes to Win #Brawn #MicahGarcia

Player of the Season - Adele
Hero of the Season - Zach
Villain of the Season - Noah
Most Robbed - Pika
Most Fun to Watch - Bryce
Best Confessionals - Noah
Fan Fav - Zach
1431 days 4 hours ago
-SEASON 7: Countries-

-TIG Format-
26th: Jerry (GerardoM13) Evicted 21-15-11 #Greece
25th: Pika (pikaplayer) Evicted 18-14-10-3 (DE) #Puntland
24th: James (pizzawithcookirs) Evicted 14-10-3 (DE) #Italy
23rd: Michael-Caleb (moondancer63) Not Saved 1-3-3-4-4 (TE) #Greece
22nd: Tiffany (Jaesus123) Not Saved/Drew Rock 3-3-4-4 (TE) #Fiji
-Jennifer Re-enters-
21st: Steve (steve4280) Expelled #Puntland #Canada
-Gamo Re-enters-
20th: Adele (adeleadele) Quit #Greece #America
19th: Crypt (Cryptspartan) Evicted 4-2 #Italy #SouthKorea
18th: Josh (jwbrine) Evicted 3-2 #Fiji #SouthKorea
17th: Nolan (mysterygame2) Evicted 4-3 #Fiji #Canada
16th: Kolby (ThePug) Evicted 3-3/3-1 #Greece #America
-TIG Format-
-Ben Re-Enters-
15th: Jennifer (Fell6) Not Saved 1-1-3-3-4-4 (TE), Re-Evicted 6-8*-7*-5* #Greece #Canada #GameChangers
14th: Danielle (Calypso) Evicted 10-6-5 #Italy #Canada #GameChangers
13th: Michael D (M_Davis1998) Evicted 13-10-0 #Greece #Canada #GameChangers
12th: Jay B (JayBirdNifty) Evicted 11-10-0 #Puntland #SouthKorea #GameChangers
11th: Gamo (ThisIsMyGame) Evicted 5-1-1*, Re-Evicted 8-6-3-1 (DE) #Fiji #SouthKorea #Canada #GameChangers
10th: -Damian (dsradine) Evicted 6-3-1 (DE) #Puntland #America #GameChangers
-Big Brother-
9th: Ethan (Brittney) Evicted 4-2 #Fiji #SouthKorea #GameChangers
8th: TJ (TJ2807) Evicted 4-1 #Italy #Canada #GameChangers
7th: Caleb L (CalebJustLeft) & Deeanna (deeannamorgan)  Evicted 2-2 + HOH Vote (DE) #Italy #Canada#GameChangers
6th: Ash (ashszoke) Evicted 2-1 #Fiji #America #GameChangers
5th: Ben (C00LDUDE1000) Evicted 5-2-1-3*, Re-Evicted 1-1 + HOH Vote #Puntland #America #GameChangers
-Final Four-
4th: Michael S (stuartlittle16) 0 Jury Votes #Italy #SouthKorea #GameChangers
3rd: Jacob (jake_WD) 1 Jury Vote #Fiji #America #GameChangers
2nd: Zach (Swadles) 3 Jury Votes #Greece #America #GameChangers
1st: Noah (noah_kondon) 5 Jury Votes #Puntland #SouthKorea #GameChangers

Robbed Pre-Jury - Crypt
Robbed Jury - Jacob & Michael S
Villain of the Season - Zach
Hero of the Season - Noah
Player of the Season - Zach & (Caleb & Deeanna)
Host Fav - Zach, Michael, & (Caleb & Deeanna)
946 days 10 hours ago
Intro: After seven seasons, and a hiatus lasting almost a year, THE IMMUNITY GAME™ will return for "The Final Reckoning." This season is set to collide the past with the future. Will this be the end? It is too early to tell, but what we know for sure is that this is The Final Reckoning. Taking the stupidest and craziest twists from the past combined with brand new ones with the addition of players from previous seasons and newbies, this season is sure to be unpredictable. Who will win it all and claim the title of Final Reckoner? And who will crumble under all the pressure? Find out THIS SEASON on THE IMMUNITY GAME™: The Final Reckoning!

-SEASON 8: The Final Reckoning-

20th: Sammy (SammySosaTV), Medically Evacuated
-Alan (alanb1), First Impressions, Re-Entered-
19th: Kyle (kgamer2218), 1st Out - Evicted 24-3-2-1-0-0, Lost Ring Duel #1
18th: Tyler (VanHow10), 3rd Out - Evicted 10-10-10, 5 Save Votes, Lost Ring Duel #2
17th: Andrew (iigalaxyii), 5th Out - Evicted 8-5-1-10*, Lost Ring Duel #3
-Brady (CoachWade), 6th Out - Evicted 12-11-0*, Re-Entered-
16th: Harry (harrywasnak), 2nd Out - Evicted 10-10-10, 0 Save Votes, Lost Ring Duel #4
15th: Zach (ziggyzaggy16), 4th Out - Evicted 3-2-2-19*, Lost Final Duel Round 1
14th: Kolby (ThePug), 7th Out - Evicted 9-6-3-2, Lost Final Duel Round 3
13th: Jake (jake_WD), Medically Evacuated
*X is evicted (8th Out - Evicted 11-4-3-2-1)*
12th: Ash (ashszoke), 9th Out - Evicted 4-3-2-1, Juror #1
11th: Garret (Obstreperous), 10th Out - Evicted 4-4-2-1-(6-5), Juror #2
10th: Gamo (ThisIsMyGame), 11th Out - Evicted 4-4-2-1-(6-5), Juror #3
9th: TJ (TJ2807), 12th Out - Evicted 6-3-1-2*, Juror #4
8th: Will (hellomynameis347), 13th Out - Evicted 3-1 (Red), Juror #5
7th: Michael (stuartlittle16), 14th Out - Evicted 3-1 (Blue), Juror #6
6th: X (FireX), 15th Out - Evicted 4-2, Juror #7
5th: JT (absol), 16th Out - Evicted 3-2, Juror #8
4th: Josh (jwbrine), 17th Out - Evicted 3-1, Juror #9
3rd: Logan (lhooper902976), 2nd Runner-Up, Received 2 Jury Votes
2nd: Alan (alanb1), Runner-Up, Received 4 Jury Votes
1st: Brady (CoachWade), Winner, Received 5 Jury Votes


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