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35 days 20 hours ago
Welcome Alan and Raul to the Final Tribal Council. The power now shifts to the jury who will vote for the Sole Survivor of Survivor: Easter Island.

Please welcome our members of the jury - Leanna, Patrick, Nick M., Nick B., Andy, Mordecai, Tyler, and Max, voted out at the last Tribal Council.

Alan and Raul, you may each make an opening statement. The jury members can either make comments or ask questions, there is no limit to the amount they do or don't say. Once you have decided who to vote for please mail both Mike and I your vote.

Jury, your votes are due Wednesday (7/17/19) at 8 PM EST.
35 days 20 hours ago
35 days 19 hours ago
Okay so hey! I can't say I'm the most experienced writing FTC speeches and may have choppy grammar along the way, so if you have any questions about anything I may have leave unclear please do ask.

I think the best way to explain my game would be to separate it into the 2 portions of the game, I'll be talking about the pre-merge (including both swaps) and then talk about the merge separately.

So we started the game, honestly wasn't a fan of the 4 tribes with 5 members each as I'm not exactly the best when it comes to smaller thrives, I tend to thrive on bigger tribes where I'm able to be an asset in challenge while also not being a big threat, so with only 5 people on our tribe it really was a big adjustment for me.

Though in the end I was able to integrate myself into the group of myself, Benjamin(or Mordecai, lol), and Anthony, and together we were able to survive the early portion of the game whether it was having to go to tribal or winning immunity, I think losing those 2 immunities (and later on Anthony during the first swap) helped me form a better relationship with Ben which is ultimately one of the bigger reasons as to why I'm here right now and now in 10th-3rd place.

And then we swapped, and honestly I was very excited about this, seeing how the season had 24 people I think a lot of it would come down to early game relationships and being on a tribe with 9 other people gave me that perfect opportunity to form those relationships I needed for later on, Leanna, Tyler, and Max are the most notable, 2 of them being part of the final 4.

Not much happened during this, as both times we went to tribal council we simply voted out an inactive player and another one was a med-evac, though on the other tribe there was a much more interesting dynamic on the final 17,  when I saw the idol play I wasn't excited about Anthony getting idoled out but I think ultimately it worked out better for me because it got rid of Sanda's idol and it formed sides on that tribe which I could later try to get myself into.

After that we swapped for a second time, and I noticed that 3/4 of the rumored (and essentially confirmed at this point) jokers were on the opposing plan, my friends Nick B. and Alan were also on that tribe, at any point in the game it makes sense to win immunity but on this particular case it was even more important as I was expecting Nick and Alan to vote together to stay safe, and if we won every immunity until the merge, we could get rid of all 4 jokers and enter the merge at 9, which was obviously better than 10-13.

During the final round of pre-merge we saw the double idol play which again I think really was the best case possible, Mana entering the game officially wasn't the worst thing ever and as you will see later it didn't take us long before started working together, it also got rid of the last few idols which was important to me because my game revolves a lot around making sure I'm not the biggest threat, but also not the least threatening.


We entered the merge and honestly I think I was in a great spot socially, I had bonds and mutual trust with a considerable ammount of people coming into the merge, Ben, Nick B, Alan, Leanna, Max, Tyler were all people I had talked to regularly during the game and knew I was able to trust them mutually easier than the rest, and even then those I never shared a tribe with like, like Patrick, Andy, and Nick M (technically we WERE on a tribe together, but you being a joker meant any game relationship was irrelevant until you joined the game) I was able to connect with them quickly and vote together with them almost immediately after the merge started.

For the first vote we voted Leanna, who from the people I had talked to I thought would probably have the least problem taking out, my logic here was that at some point everyone's going to have to target each other or sides are going to form, etc, but the plan was to be able to have options regardless of who was still in the game and Leanna unfortunately was the least likely I could see myself having options with later in the game.

But after a successful first merge vote, everything did start crashing down. At this point in the game I'd say my main group was probably Nick B, Patrick, and Alan, and we decided to target Tyler mainly because Tyler seemed to be closer to other people evidenced by him revealing our chat we used for the first vote, which was still planning on being majority later on, Tyler seemed to be somebody that would be well positioned with everyone in the game and if we could get him out it would help us out.

Unfortunately as the day progressed we realized the numbers weren't there for us anymore, Alan too in the end flipped on us and voted out Patrick  instead of causing a tie, I think this did end up helping me out because afterwards it did feel awkward between Nick and Alan and both would be coming to me first before the other, though I was down in numbers and I needed to do smth about it.

So at this point I was really thinking that it was just going to be Alan, myself, and Nick next going back to back, I knew Nick and I would be targeted eventually, but we were able to get the target on Mana after he conspired against Ben during the previous round(s), this helped us buy time definitely as at this point I was still trying to fix my relationship with Tyler after voting for him previously, I was also trying to have a new group of myself/Nick and Ben/Andy be formed as a scapegoat for final 7 and onward.

So final 7 hit and as I was fearing Nick and I were starting to get targeted, at this point I actually did not know what to do, Tyler was lying to me during this round and at the end of the day Alan decided to betray Nick and I to prefer his other allegiances, Nick and I were not coordinated appropiately either and it ended with Nick being eliminated.

One thing to notice during all this was that Alan was essentially betraying all of our side while simply apologizing after the process, it felt like he was walking on eggshells with all of us all the time and I just became a little obvious that Alan was with other people other than myself, so I decided to officially branch out, I proposed the final 3 with Andy and Ben and it happened, and suddenly the game was 3-3 with a 2-2-2 duo separation in between.

And that's exactly what happened, the vote was split 3-3 and suddenly I was presented with a potential rock draw or to flip, and no in between.

My logic during all of this was that it really was not beneficial to me risk my own game to save the duo in the trio I was the odd man out, I know it sounds like a contradiction to make a final 3 with Ben and Andy and immediately go back on it, but at this point the game had progressed and I found myself with an opportunity to set myself up for a better change at final 3/2, by getting rid of Andy, Ben was essentially forced to work with me, and while also having my own duo and the other duo left in the game, it left me with a large number of options to make my gameplay moving forward flexible and level headed.

Unfortunately there was another factor and that was the fact that Max had the immunity idol, after winning the f5 immunity, it became clear that he was likely saving Tyler with it, my hope here was to make Alan vote Tyler with us and just HOPE the idol wasn't going to be played on Tyler and much less against me, and although Alan did end up not voting with me, and Ben leaving, I knew I still wasn't in the worst position ever.  At this point it would have been illogical to take me out for 4th (and potentially 3rd) as I was, as I had been selling since very early in the merge, a massive f3/2 goat. And that's actually exactly what happened!

I attempted to convince Max to vote out Tyler with Alan and I, but he really was already in the same page as I, unfortunately for Tyler it had became clear that he was winning if he made it to final 3/2 and we just couldn't let that happen.

And in the final immunity challenge I think is where I had to put up or shut up the most, as I think Alan would have been able to convince Max to vote me out for 3rd, so by winning the final immunity myself I was able to take out the bigger threat out of the 2 in my opinion, and now I sit here! I think that's all.

I gtg for an hour or so but I'll come back and explain my game further if its necessary .
35 days 18 hours ago
*twirls into finale night*

I can guarantee you my speech will not be as long as the other girl but it WILL be at least 30 times better as I was ALWAYS coordinated appropriately.
35 days 17 hours ago
... this really is the saddest season from start to finish ...
35 days 17 hours ago
I 1000% played this game like I was constantly jumping on a tight rope 500 feet up in the air knowing that at any time I could slip and fall to my death but I kept jumping because I wanted to know I had full control of my destiny this game and that I only ever trusted my gut and instincts. You’re welcome for that run on sentence.

It is absolutely not a coincidence that I voted correctly at every single tribal I attended except for the one where Parvati was voted out by Nick M the joker. I for sure would never say I had control of this game but I can confidently say I had total control of my own and it is why I am here in the finale despite my explosive strategic game.

The game started off fairly smoothly for me and Sanda actually found my idol for me and gave it to me on like day 2 and as a tribe we never went to tribal. I really focused on building strong bonds with a few people that I felt I could go long term with. I really solidified a strong foursome with Parvati sanda and Kasey and felt like those were the people I wanted to go to the end with as my gut feeling was they were all secure with me even as far back as day 2. I don’t think any of you care about this as none of them even made merge but I really was gonna stay loyal to them and that alliance is why I was able to make it through most of the pre merge without a scratch. It’s also why Anthony had to go for me instead of sanda because I knew I could 100% trust sanda while Anthony surely had closer allies.

If it wasn’t for the jokers twist I probably never would have had to use my idol but with the merge looming and only 3 eligible people for elimination I knew if nick used his idol I’d have to use mine and it was absolutely NOT wasted as Nick M stated he was going to vote me had I not used my idol.

AND THEN BOOM MERGE LMAO. my closest ally? The person I just tried voting out. The only other person I might’ve ever voted with on multiple occasions might’ve been patrick?? My entire alliance was gone. I was never even on a tribe with 4 of the last 10 contestants until merge. I was immediately seen as the easy target to take out.

And yet I am here.  That shits no coincidence. I’m gonna do things a little differently however. I’ll let my gameplay flow as I address you all individually. This is my last group game so eh let’s switch it up girlies.

Leanna: Hey girl! Nice to meet you! Literally have no idea who you are! But you seem cool! Immediately I was told by blujay and plenty of other people that I was the easy vote and that half the cast was pretty much content with just letting me go first. I relied on the person I just tried voting out to campaign on my behalf to get the votes to keep me. He chose you as the target probably because he felt it would be the easiest vote to get through. I’m sure he and many others regret sending you out over me to say the least LOL but overall I just hope you respect the hustle I needed to have to go from an immediate target at merge to voting correctly at every single Tribal til I made it to finale.

Patrick: obviously it was clear at this point that there was the Nick/Blujay/Patrick/Raul/Me/Tyler alliance that immediately turned on tyler for leaking the chat last round. I don’t really know a single person that would’ve gone about this round the way I did but maybe that’s just cuz I’m psycho. Patrick my gut was telling me that for my game instead of just riding with a group and seeing how far that gets me I could just take my fate in my own hands and message tyler. I told him that he was the vote. I told him there was a chat excluding him. All because I saw this as an opportunity to form a strong bond with one person that could take me much farther than a group of people all with their own agendas at the end of the day. I have absolutely no idea how far you would’ve wanted to take me but I did know that tyler was with me all the way and I do not regret making the move I made. Yeah it’s absolutely crazy to flip on the alliance that campaigned so hard for me to stay literally 24 hours earlier but I highly doubt you’re one to get your feelings hurt over a game like this and I hope you see at this point I did make the best move for myself and was simply looking out for my best interests.

Nick M: hey! So I kinda forgot to mention I had a final 3 alliance that you formed with me and Blujay for a while at this point. The whole thing never really sat well with me because I knew damn well blujay at the very least was closer to raul than me and was clearly talking to many other people. It also didn’t really sit well with me as I didn’t contribute at all in letting u back into the game and felt like u probably wouldn’t have my back as much as someone like Tyler or nova or even raul as I didn’t give any of them reason not to work with me long term at this point. I was kinda stunned that there was no true fall out from me flipping against my own alliance the round before and that I didn’t receive a single vote. I think after something so out of left field people just wanted an easy vote and even though I was considering trying to keep you raul and I BOTH came to the decision that it would just be easier to let you go. This move definitely didn’t go as planned for raul as his best bud was the next to go but I do think it helped me because I really felt free to carve out the end of the game by branching out without any true alliance I felt obligated to vote with. I literally had nothin solid with anyone besides you and blujay so letting you go ended the only group alliance I had which just made me play like a free agent rather than a lone wolf.

Blujay: obviously there’s no way you’re voting me after the way I did you so dirty especially when I’m up against your best bud but you leaving was another huge turning point for my game. It was at the final 7 that a final 3 between me, nova, and Tyler was formed because we saw you/raul on one side and Ben/andy on the other giving us the perfect opportunity to play the middle. Luckily the 2 pairs didn’t just come together and I avoided getting voted out by Andy/ben who I know had wanted me out since the start of merge by locking in the 3rd and final vote against you. It was genuinely difficult knowing I only even made it past 10th place because of you campaigning for me but I chose to play the game with Tyler and nova the moment I flipped on patrick because I felt that benefit me the most long term.

Andy: we barely ever even talked strategy and that’s really just because neither of us wanted to GENUINELY work with each other LOL you saw me as a shady cockroach you couldn’t kill and I saw you as extremely sociable and dangerous for my game.  you and Ben had a final 4 with Tyler & nova and a final 3 with raul and basically the only thing stopping y’all from winning this game was my ugly ratchet ass. Tyler nova and I at this point we’re committed to each other and with Ben immune I HEAVILY campaigned to vote you out over raul because he kinda just let things flow and went with what was happening while you were trying to make things happen. I’m sure you were closer with Raul and he even told me you would’ve been okay drawing rocks for him but clearly he did not feel the same way towards you.

Ben: I knew you and Andy had wanted me gone for a while and I knew that despite us voting together a couple of times in the past it was best for my game if you left before tyler. I felt Tyler was genuinely committed to me all the way while you would cut me at any time PLUS you were pretty good at immunities and I just saw no benefit in keeping you. Raul knew it was going to be majority of votes on you but he voted with you regardless probably for your jury vote.

Tyler: we played very similar games and made very similar moves except you were closer to basically everyone and people trusted you a lot more than they trusted me throughout the game. Since I don’t believe in coincidences, I truly believe that’s cuz you played a superior version of my game and I just happened to be self aware enough to know I needed to take you out regardless of whether or not you ever would’ve done the same to me. We both tended to flip flop but people always knew that about me while it came a lot more smoother when it came from you. While I was dangling on a tightrope all game u were able to stab people in the back AND appear likable at the same Time. While Raul was inconsistent in terms of making sure every move made was best for his game, we weren’t. And I didn’t want that WE to screw my game up at the end. I wuv u.

Nova:  deadass when you used that idol on me at final 5 without any warning I knew we could possibly make it all the way to the end together. I felt pretty secure that no matter who won immunity at f3 I was still making finals because my game was so transparently shady and yet it is that gameplay that allowed me to make it here confidently knowing that I made each move truly only loyal to myself. If that’s why I lose this game I’m completely fine with it but I’d be disappointed nonetheless.

Raul: I did play a much more aggressive and dominant strategic game and was always kept on my feet as a constant target while you were always left behind as an afterthought. Some would say that’s a much more harder thing to do but I think the fact that I’m still here after flipping on my only alliance 24 hours after they saved me is much much harder. I made it here on my own terms. I was never blindsided at any tribal council. I voted in majority every single time except when the joker had the final say. I was never immune from the merge on and my name was constantly being thrown out. Yet I am here and I’m proud of it.
35 days 17 hours ago
35 days 17 hours ago
Whatever this is my last group game so FUCK IT u know YOLO
35 days 16 hours ago
Alan, please tell me how your constant betraying and self-victimizing to sheepishly show remorse for every single move you commit translates to the bedroom.
35 days 16 hours ago
Also Alan, I’d have zero regret voting you to win if you owned the way you treated me like shit this season. You can say that you used me to get to where you are, but you cried at f10 about how you don’t even want to play and I don’t have to fight to keep you. I wanted to fix our friendship, and it just hurt x10 worse knowing I basically fucked my game over to be a friend to someone who couldn’t even own their game to my face.

We’d definitely be friends if you owned it, and no offense raul, but I’d probably respect and give Alan that win. However, you didn’t; you were scared of hurting my feelings, and that cowardly side of you made every move that much more personal because you didn’t even respect my emotions I had for you.

You didn’t outplay Patrick and I, you outbetrayed. I outplayed myself, and so did fucking Tyler Van Houten (hate you bitch xx).

I don’t want your apology, I just wish it could’ve been different because i really did spend an entire season caring about you.
35 days 16 hours ago
Just a little add on since writing my speech but like

Idk while Alan was openly shady with everyone and having no real allies, he himself put himself in a situation where he had to be jumping on a tight rope vote after vote because he either voted out an ally or kept the person that had said their name and sometimes even both.

I too, was in Alan’s position from early merge but in the end game, the difference I think was that I was able to do it in a way that didn’t come off as shady as Alan’s, the shadiest thing I did near the finale/finale was flipping on Andy on the revote and I think that’s arguably what put me in a good position to survive the final 5 and 4 vote, I know I didn’t play an honest game but I can definitely guarantee I played the hardest I could, Alan not showing up to the final 2 immunities even though he was more than likely safe speaks for itself, and while I love Alan I can’t say I’d love voting for somebody that was way too unnecessarily dishonest to the point he had to dedicate part of his game to trying to make amends with 90% of the cast.

And yes Alan was on the majority throughout most of the game but the times where I was minority while he was majority it was because he straight up for 24 hours to me, and I’d argue it’s just as if not more impressive to get back from a position where I’m minority and the only person I could trust at the time was the person that voted against me last second and went “sorry” 100 times in my pms lol
35 days 16 hours ago
Hey guys!  I know this may be recency bias on my behalf.  However, this may be the worst “final two” that I’ll ever have to vote for in a group game.  I’ve never seen two individuals despised so much and not self-aware of their own game presence whether it’s narcissism or ego.  The only thing that I will say is redeeming between the two of you is that you let eight biggest players at merge duke it out to slide into decent spots or for certain individuals to put wrongful trust in both of you.

Alan - Some will say you play this game like a frookies in backstabbing anyone you see fit without fearing consequence of your actions.  Some will describe you as the “Spawn of Satan” in the way you treat people horribly.  Personally, I really don’t care as it’s Nick’s fault for bringing you into his alliance in the first place as you should’ve left pretty unanimously for 10th.  Now you’re sitting at the end and everyone should be hitting themselves minus a few individuals who saw your transparency.  I wanted you out premerge  because I knew your game and it wasn’t my cup of tea.  My issue with you is two things.  One, you’re maybe the biggest suck up I’ve ever met and two you may have the social game/ownership of an infant toddler.  I think you did what you had to but you’re a pretty awful person with regards to the site 100%.

My question is simply if I had to choose between a turkey sandwich, Sanda’s confessionals, and your game this season.  What would your ranking be out of three from best to worst odds to win?  Get it right you get my vote.

Raul - You’re my fellow failure and I should vote you to win.  However, that is not the case.  I don’t take you saving me at final five for anything even if it’s to get me vote or not.  You blundered a lot by pissing off Andy at final six and killing your own best friend by throwing your vote.  I admit you’re a nice dude and that I give you credit getting to this point.  But, niceness really isn’t exactly why I should give you my vote.   I really don’t have much to say cause you were INV a majority of the season and Alan’s game in my eyes is stronger.

Simple question, did you know I was going home? Yes or no.

All this was a horrid season.  There is no redeeming it regardless who wins.  However, I ask that us eight jurors mourn the next twenty-four hours instead of the reunion.

That is all!
35 days 16 hours ago
I really don't like or respect either of you. Honestly just i felt like you both existed in this game. So liiikeeeeee I really only have one thing to say to you!
35 days 16 hours ago
35 days 16 hours ago
Raul - You’re my fellow failure and I should vote you to win.  However, that is not the case.  I don’t take you saving me at final five for anything even if it’s to get me vote or not.  You blundered a lot by pissing off Andy at final six and killing your own best friend by throwing your vote.  I admit you’re a nice dude and that I give you credit getting to this point.  But, niceness really isn’t exactly why I should give you my vote.   I really don’t have much to say cause you were INV a majority of the season and Alan’s game in my eyes is stronger.

I didn’t know Alan was flipping on Nick, that was basically a last second decision according to him, whether it was or not doesn’t really matter, if anything I believe it was Nicholas who threw his vote because he was aware of the Andy vote plan, At that point that’s what made the most sense of Nick and I moving forward but Nick was just straight up betrayed by Alan (I think you can read more into this in Nick’s paragraph)
35 days 16 hours ago
Oh I’m not reading speeches.

Nobody is really...

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