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The Ultimate Writing Competition: S1

The Ultimate Writing Competition: Season 1

The power to make you laugh. The power to make you cry. The moment where everyone is on the edge of their seat while turning each and every page. The power of words!

This is the competition where stories come alive and writers get to shine. A competition that tests even the greatest writers, a chance where people find their hidden skills and anything can happen with only a few words.

The judges:

How the game works:
13 writers will compete to be the first winner of the Ultimate Writing Competition.
I will give you a genre that every contestant will be working on (Romance, Thriller, Horror, Drama, etc.)
Everyone will get 3 days to write their story.
Each story must be NO longer than 1500 words, so make sure each word counts!

Then when everyone has posted their story, I will take 1  day to read through them all and will judge them on 4 different factors and mark them out of ten

Then I will post our comments on every story so everyone will get to know the results. Then the two contestants with the lowest combined score will be in the bottom two.

Then It’s a fight to survive. Both contestants will join the me and fight out on why they should stay in the competition (the person with the lowest score doesn’t always mean they are going to go, if the judges think they deserve a second chance then they could still stay)

If there are two judges and they can't make up their mind
(1 vs 1 choice) then the person with the highest score that challenge will send one of the two home.
This carries on till only 2 people are left and then the rules slightly change (more on that later in time)


13th: movielover1996
12th: BeckyHuffman

Featured Players 2 playing

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The Ultimate Writing Competition: S1

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