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336 days 12 hours ago
Name: Karissa Kole
Gender: Female
Age (13-25): 18
Sexuality: Anybody who will spill some secrets
Bio: Karissa is willing to do whatever it takes to get a story, and when people start dying, she'll become the sheriff's worst enemy (well except for the killer or whatever) even with the murders going on, she is still working on her most important story, exposing the Mayer family, by working a piece of damaged goods, Rooney Mayer, Karissa might be in love with her but she suppresses her feelings by trying to convinve herself that she's doing this for her mom (Kelly Kole) who was skipped over for the job of sheriff. Some people think Karissa is wasting her time, running her newspaper "K Expose" especially being the daughter of the town's doctor (Kaleb Kole). Karissa can often be found, hiding in public bathrooms, hoping to overhear secrets, the diner or at some party, getting some girl or boy drunk so that they will say something useful or standing outside of the police station, waiting to hound the officers with questions. Karissa doesn't really do friends, it depends on who she is using for the week, which makes her feel lonely but she doesn't need friends, they disappoint her. (Also sorry if the bio really long and messy, I had a lot of ideas with this character)
Would you mind being the killer?: I wouldn't mind being the killer :)
Face Claim: Keke Palmer
336 days 11 hours ago
Name: Rodrigue "Roddy" Martinez
Gender: Male
Age (13-25): 14
Sexuality: Bi, but not concerned about dating right now (In other words don't be creepy towards him he's 14)
Bio: Roddy is surprisingly mature for his age. Could it possibly be tied to the dad who left town before he was even born? Or tied to being pressured by his mother to be successful in life. Either way, he is disciplined a lot and grew up in a strict household. His determination for a better life drives him to work harder every day, but he's not very well connected with other people. Most people know him as a wannabe tryhard with a Napoleon complex, but he's eager to prove them all wrong
Would you mind being the killer?: Nooooope :3
Face Claim: Gaten Matarazzo
336 days 7 hours ago
Name: Kai Hibbard
Gender: Non-binary
Age (13-25): 21
Sexuality: Pansexual
Bio: Kai has never truly fit in with the mundane living related to Red Canyon. Their family have lived here for five generations and are truly happy with the lives they lead, being well-known in the town. Kai confuses a lot of residents with their appearance having always been different from the mainstream and recently coming out as non-binary. They long to move on from New Mexico and move to a bigger city like Chicago, Los Angeles or New York anywhere but here. They work casually at the local supermarket and pick-up extra shifts in the local bar, taking a lot of abuse from the locals and truly learning how to handle themselves. Kai doesn't have a lot of friends but is open to speaking with anyone, however being a lone wolf has it's pros, but as danger looms over the town Kai becomes more worried for their safety.
Would you mind being the killer?: Not at all.
Face Claim:
Rain Dove
335 days 23 hours ago
Name: Marcy Marie Metropolis
Gender: Female
Age (13-25): 25
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: Officer Marcy Marie Metropolis is a hard-working cop usually stationed in Red Canyon. Marcy is an independent woman who don't need no man, effectively putting all her effort into her job and ignoring her people around here. Drug busting, cuffin' criminals, helping old ladies across the road, and straight up ass kicking then go home and asleep is her day to day schedule. Marcy feels as if she gets along with her coworkers just fine, however everyone just thinks she needs to loosen the reins and have fun at times. When settling some disputes, she tends to hear some folktales of the canyon and what lies in it, but she just ignores those stories and books those crackheads. Marcy is a tough cookie, but she does have a soft heart under her aggressive, lonesome attire.
Would you mind being the killer?: (knife emoji)
Face Claim: Mariska Hargitay
335 days 19 hours ago
Name: Georgia Cline
Gender: Female
Age (13-25): 22
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: Georgia is the girl trying to get out of the farming town that she has felt trapped in. She could of made it out based on her grades alone but she wanted to be self made and believes she has the look. She recently has came into contact with some men from the city who are helping her get her image up and out into the world. Georgia knows she is meant to be a star she wants to be famous and known for something. Georgia does have a heart but she is so enlisted in fulfilling her dream she has broken a couple hearts along the way. She hopes to dream even bigger but will she be left to rot for the vultures if she doesn’t find her claim to fame.
Would you mind being the killer?: Sure
Face Claim: Margot Robbie
335 days 17 hours ago
Name: Griffin Palovich
Gender: Male
Age (13-25): 18
Sexuality: Straight (Yes, I mean it.)
Bio: Griffin’s lived in Red Canyon his whole life. Having been born to a single mother with one older boy from a previous marriage, he didn’t have to worry about an absentee father because his brother was a pretty decent male role model. As he grew up, when Griffin wasn’t busy with schoolwork, he held a job as one of the Tully’s farm hands. Despite the fact most people hate RC, Griffin prefers the small town environment and isn’t certain if he wants to abandon it for college in the big city.
Would you mind being the killer?: Sure, everybody always suspects me anyway.
Face Claim: Sean Grandillo
333 days 12 hours ago
Name: Eddie Montas
Gender: Male
Age (13-25): 23
Sexuality: Straight
Bio: Eddie is a DACA dreamer from the Dominican Republic and came to the US when he was 3 years old. Since then he's bounced across states in the south west with his parents as they took any job they could in farming towns like this. His father was a proud man and Eddie's always been just like him and he's promised since he was old enough to speak he wouldn't end up like him. He's worked hard through school and has struggled to make his parents proud.

When Eddie was 15, his father passed unexpectedly in a car accident and since then Eddie's worked to provide for his mother ever since. He paid his way through school with money earned from multiple jobs. He was determined to make something of himself but quickly found himself unable to afford law school and unable to find a job with his undergrad degree. Now he's working in the fields he swore he'd never end up in. It's a new town and a new start but Eddie already feels stuck in Red Canyon.

Would you mind being the killer?: sure
Face Claim: Angel B Curiel
330 days 13 hours ago
(Apps closed, mail me for exceptions)
326 days 20 hours ago
Glinda's Application:

Name: Cordelia Langhorn
Gender: female
Age (13-25): 23
Sexuality: straight
Bio: Cordelia is the conniving beauty of the town don’t let her looks fool u she will cut a bitch if need be she runs the local beauty salon in town so she knows all the gossip. Cordelia has lots of friends but also lots of enemies but Cordy can Handel herself very well
Would you mind being the killer?: sure I’d love that actually
Face Claim: Molly McGrath or whoever else fits (Cara Delveigne)

Cyrus's Application:

Name: Will Rochester
Gender: Male
Age (13-25): 19
Sexuality: Pansexual
Bio: If there's one thing Will Rochester cares about, it's the green. Figuratively and almost literally. He is the type of person you'd tend to avoid in the small towns, smelling of pot, cigarettes, and bad decisions. He grew up surrounded by ne'er-do-wells, and never knew anything else. Now, starting to form opinions for himself, he wonders what lays beyond the small town borders. He aims to be self sufficient, but everyone starts out at their humble beginnings, which in this case, is petty crime and selling drugs. Watch out world.
Would you mind being the killer?: im fine with whatever
Face Claim: Marshall Allman

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