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All Winners Jury Questioning

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2550 days 20 hours ago
*Final Three Walk In*

Welcome Erik, Ivy, and Jake. Congratulations on making it this far. You guys have definitely earned your spot here tonight.

Welcome to tribal council. We'll now bring in the members of our Jury, Mearl, Shadi, Sagar, Robby, Jeremy, Nattie, Wyatt, and Sean voted out last tribal council.

Erik, Ivy, and Jake, you three have gone as far as you possibly can in this game, lasting 45 virtual days and over 40 real life days. You've oitwit, outplayed, and outlasted 16 other WINNERS to make it here.

You've had a hand in the last 8 eliminations. They formed the Jury.

But now power shifts to them and they will decide who wins this game.

Here's how it'll work.

Finalists, you may make an opening speech. The Jury can question you or make statements as much as they'd like.

When satisfied, they will vote for the WINNER of the Survivor: Guinea-Bissau- All Winners!

Jury, when you vote give a REASON WHY.

Also send a second chance vote in case of a tie.

You have 48 hours. If more time is needed, it'll be given.

With that, we shall begin. Good Luck!
2550 days 20 hours ago
[ERIK's Speech Part 1]

Hello! Good evening Gentlemen and Nattie. You eight played remarkable games. Which is why you are each on the Jury. Someone, in some way, felt threatened about your chances of winning this game. Now, it's only justified that you all crown this season's winner.

I want to thank you all for the fight you gave me this season.  I come into this these games expecting a fun game with each new experience and once every great while; I make real bonds with people I grow so much respect for. I also want to take this time to Thank GaiaProbst for hosting this game.

Now, normally I try to keep my speech as short as possible. But, I want to show you all the fight I gave this season. The game began and as I got one good luck at the cast. I thought I had my work cut out for me as I was on bad terms with a ton of people coming into this game. Not only that; a majority of the people I was on bad terms with; were on my starting Tribe Cacheu. I almost couldn't stomach the thought of going out so early in the game due to not being able to find my footing past old relationships.

So, once GaiaProbst dropped the nuke on everyone announcing the Alien Twist. I jumped to gain any advantage I could in this game. You see, I'm normally a Gentle Giant until I awaken from my slumber. However, one glance at my tribe and I felt I needed to secure that I could use the Alien twist to my advantage. Which I feel I did justly. I used it to keep myself from being an early casualty in this game. I used the twist to buy myself much needed time to repair old bonds and work on new bonds. I used it to gain information on the dynamics of the other tribe. And I also used it to make a bold play that may ultimately payoff during this Final Tribal Council as I don't even think Mearl could say he felt %100 sure I would use the Alien save on him.

Aside from using the Twist as leverage for my personal game. I feel I managed to play a game strong enough to reward the title for many reasons. I play these games with Brutal honesty. No matter how harsh the truth is. I play these games with emotion which I feel every great winner has displayed over the years throughout Gaia's series and the CBS show we all love to watch. I mean if we didn't love this game. We wouldn't waste hours of our lives building bonds and going over scenario after scenario to try and win these games.

From Day 1. I was included in on the Cacheu majority. And I made it clear to not only my allies, but, the entire cast how uncomfortable I felt being apart of it. My outburst quickly put me in the minority where everyone I attempted to work with, was ruthlessly voted off. Anyone who tried to lend a hand, blindsided. My days were #'ed from my "own" perspective. So, I did my best to make bonds with not only my tribe, but the Tombali Tribe. Tombali used the Alien save on me 3 times before the swap. Once the swap occurred. I was left with the bonds I built in this game. And the bonds I made carried me to the merge proven with the split vote for Kent and Chris leaving the following tribal after.
2550 days 20 hours ago
[ERIK's Speech Part 2]

I'd like to take time to point out the back-to-back vote-offs between Joe and Chris and focus on these two votes as it really shows how strong my social game was. Even though a close ally in Joe left during a vote where Mearl or Jake were to be voted out; I managed to find my footing and use this Tribal Council to turn the entire Tombali tribe against each other. Mearl tipped off Jake that Sagar and Robby were the two trying to make a move against Jake. So, once I confirmed it with Jake. It helped me re-strengthen the bond that I just about loss. Same with the Chris vote. Chris was apart of the Cacheu majority.. And I managed to turn the Cacheu alliance on each other persuading Sean that I was the better person to bring along with him into a merge. I convinced Sean to force a split between Jeremy and Chris; two people who were in his OG alliance. So, following this tribal. I had all the ammunition needed to turn both the Tombali and Cacheu alliance against each other.

When the merge came. I had strong bonds built with Wyatt and Sean. But, I didn't settle for being the person out of the loop like I was kept during the First of this game. I went to work forming bonds with the rest of Tombali and also kept Jeremy in on the loop as I told him I'd do my best to keep him safe.

I was brought into an alliance by Wyatt and Robby which included Sagar. They immediately made a chat including us all. And asked how I'd like to handle the vote. Tombali was open to my suggestion for the vote very well knowing that OG Tombali outnumbered Cacheu without my vote. But, this is a social game and I had to give my input. So, Wyatt and myself talked it over. You see. Wyatt and myself were also working closely together in Cmack's where we unfortunately were put in the minority of both games. The vote came down to Shadi and Mearl. We decided no matter which way we went about this vote; that the other needed to follow as whatever happened with one series; would affect the other. So, we decided on voting Mearl first as Jake along with others such as Robby and Sagar preferred you gone first. I didn't have too much influence in Mearl going other than a simple vote. But, I feel that Wyatt and I ultimately did influence the back-to-back boots between Mearl and Shadi.

Now while the entire Mearl and Shadi vote-offs are happening. Behind the scenes I'm playing a Huge Strategic and Social game covering my bases. I managed to position myself between 2 separate OG Tombali alliances. One including Nattie, Jake, Ivy. And the other being Sagar, Robby, Wyatt. Now, everyone sitting here thinks that me Sean were very against each other at some point. But, that is completely false. Aside from Joe and Wyatt. I'd have to say Sean is the main reason I'm sitting before you all today. He kept me in the loop throughout the pre-merge and helped steer the early votes in favor to keep me safe. We also planned for Sean to vote me with OG Cacheu to keep our bond concealed as we knew exactly how the votes were falling during Mearl's and Shadi's vote-offs. I felt comfortable saying to Sean that it was "alright" for him to vote against me. It was best for my personal game to keep everyone thinking we were working against each other.

Following these early merge boots. Everyone is taken for a ride with the Double Tribal Council after Pandora's Box is opened. Jeremy was safe on Exile. And Sean walked away with Immunity. All of these twists and advantages shaking the game to it's core. We were split into two Tribe's of 4. Nattie walked away from the Auction with an Idol. Robby gained an advantage. Jake got a vote revealer. And Sagar walked away with the Medallion of Power.
2550 days 20 hours ago
[ERIK's Speech Part 3]

The tribe's picked could not have worked out better for my personal game. I was afraid to death that I was going to be put on a tribe with the either alliance and be on the outs 3-1. But, to mine. And I think a few others surprise. Wyatt did not put himself/Sagar/Robby on a tribe together where the 3 of them would have a secured majority. But, Wyatt brings me along with an ally in Sagar. He also brings Jake and tells me that Jake needed to go.

Now, I was put into a position to make a difficult choice for my game. On one end, I knew Robby was doomed on a tribe with Nattie/Ivy/Sean. Everyone knew he had an advantage. And everyone knew Nattie had an Idol. With Sean Immune, there was little to no chance that Robby would survive unless a huge power shift taken place. But, on my end. I had to make a choice. I knew Robby was leaving. So, I was losing an ally that I held a great deal of trust in. So, that was my dilemma sitting at Tribal Council with Jake/Sagar/Wyatt. I said in my Rites that between all the ties I had in the game. Nattie and Sagar were the two people I felt threatened by. So, after overthinking many scenarios of how to play out Tribal Council. I decided it best to force a tie against Sagar with Jake. Jake was someone I built a strong bond with this game. And I felt like this decision could ultimately put me in a good position to win this game. Taking out Sagar is something I can claim as a move I made on my own. Not only did I get my intended target out. But, the tie was avoided altogether as I convinced Wyatt to flip on the re-vote telling him I wasn't leaving him out to dry. I am sorry Sagar. I truly am. But, every move can make or break your game. I strongly believe I made the right choice as the bonds I built with Ivy/Jake Sean/Wyatt are ultimately what propelled me to the end game.

From here on out. I thought my journey would be a ton easier having close ties to everyone remaining in the game. But, I was blindsided vote after vote. Jeremy was blindsided on a split vote gone wrong. I made a specific plan to split votes on Nattie and Ivy to flush Nattie's Idol. Sean blindsided everyone and as the plan derailed. The aftermath was worse as Jeremy calls out my extended alliances and outs several chats and continues to slander not only my game; but a few others as choice. This shook the game to it's entirety as I had to adapt and quickly.

I wasn't sure if Nattie/Jake/Ivy knew I was behind the split vote plan. And I dont think they thought much into it at all because of Jeremy's blow-up. Ivy was worried about Wyatt. And Jake was worried about where I stood. I quickly told Nattie the honest and blunt truth about me feeling threatened by her and the game she was playing. I went to Ivy to repair what I thought would have been a completely shattered bond. But, to my surprise. Ivy was just as confused as others about the vote. So, with the remaining players in the game. I had to put blame elsewhere. I gave Sean all of the CREDIT behind the plan to split votes between Nattie and Ivy. (Sorry Sean) I did this to salvage whatever I could with the relationship I had with Jake and Ivy. I knew I still needed their trust. As I came to win. That even meant throwing people under the bus. And Sean had just blindsided everyone when Jeremy left in the fashion he did. It only seemed fitting to make his target larger and credit him for the play.

Not only did Sean blindside me during the Final 7. But, he continued the blindsiding me as he votes against Wyatt and me during the Final 6. Now, I think it made sense to go to a tie for Wyatt as Nattie/Jake/Ivy weren't turning on each other at this point. It made no sense to put ourselves in the minority 3-2 against such a strong alliance. But, Sean voted with them anyways. Wyatt would have left had he not played his Idol. Wyatt and I took out Nattie together. And that cemented the bond we made during this game.
2550 days 20 hours ago
[ERIK's Speech Part 4]

I fully planned on bringing Wyatt to the end with me as he is one person I can say I grew so much respect for over the course of this game. We collaborated on the Final 5 and decided one of us needed to compete and one needed the clue to the Idol. So, I dropped feeling comfortable knowing I had close ties in Sean/Ivy/Jake/Wyatt. Let me say that again. I dropped for a clue for an ally, knowing that I had ties to the entire Final 5. I knew that Wyatt would target Jake/Sean. And I knew Ivy/Jake would target Wyatt. So I dropped to hoping I could find the Idol for Wyatt and myself. I had 0 luck finding the Idol. But, I didn't give up and lay down. I did everything in my power to keep Wyatt out of danger once Jake won Individual Immunity. I tried to flip Ivy into flipping and taking out Sean. I was bluntly honest and told Jake/Ivy/Sean that I was not voting against him. And I even went to the extent of blatantly lieing to Ivy and telling her that I planned on Idoling Wyatt as I found the Idol. I didn't want to see Wyatt leave the game. But, he was seen as too huge of a threat.

Now, that Final Challenge was the MOST difficult challenge I have played across my time on tengaged. Kudos to Jake for clutching that Final challenge. Impressive time I might add too! I honestly thought I was going out for 4th. I firmly believe I played a strong game from beginning to end. Socially, I beat both Jake and Ivy as I can honestly say I talked to everyone this season with the exception of Jacob. I won 1 Individual Immunity Challenge. I feel my win was a pivotal moment for my game as it occurred right after Jeremy's exit from Tribal Council. I used the Alien Twist to my advantage several ways. I managed to turn TWO alliances against each other. And once the merge hit. I used my social and strategic game to pit two sides against each other. I may have came across as emotional at times, but, you can't deny that it entertained most of you.

I may have loss that Final Immunity Challenge. But, I made it here because of the bonds I built with each of you on the Jury; along with Ivy and Jake. I think I stayed true to the testament of this game of being able to adapt. I adapted to the Alien twist. And I adapted to each situation thrown at me whenever I was put into a bad position in this game.

So, this essay is me showing you all  the heart I put into this game. It's a ton to read. And I know some of you do have every right to be upset with how you each went out. But, I hope you can at least respect me enough to give me credit where it is due. Because I believe I made the right choices to get myself to this point.

Now, it's up to you Eight Jurors to decide whether you respect the game I played or not. I put real effort into the bonds I made. I made a huge move in targeting someone that everyone had such High respect for in Sagar. These games are about ultimately about respect. I respect both Finalists sitting beside me. And I respect each of you sitting on the Jury. I'm hoping you each as a Juror can respect that. As a Finalist; I will answer each question as honest as possible and to the best of my knowledge! Good luck Jake and Ivy. And Good luck with deciding your votes Jury!
2550 days 20 hours ago
IVY Part 1

Wow I can't believe I made it to the finals again. Absolutely madness! Before I begin I just want to say that this has been a blast to play and I'm so honored I got to play with a cast of legends in a legendary series in it's final season. It's a great feeling.

When the cast was revealed and this game first started, I knew I was in for a battle. This cast was full of insane legends and I knew I was going to have to put work in this game in order to make it far.

After seeing all of these big flashy names with the big flashy games from their previous seasons, I decided that in order to successfully navigate myself throughout this season, to make the merge, to make it to the end, I needed to play the game under the radar. As everyone else will likely go balls to the wall.

Straight out the gate when this game started, I felt immediately out of the loop. Even at a slight disadvantage, and, besides Erik, I never had a person I had history of working with (there was Jacob but he and I weren't close in Gaia's Game Changers xD) and every single one of my conversations felt kinda out of depth and it seemed like I was bound for a pre-merge boot. I talked with a lot of my tribe on Tombali but it really just looked like there was a lack of interest to 'really' talk to me and I felt like I always was just struggling to be kept in the loop. I always wanted to present myself as open and as a listener. I put my voice in when I wanted to be heard, and I stayed quiet when I wanted to slide by and not get any attention on me.

Of course it wasn't that easy. Especially not when I went to my very first tribal. I had gotten close with Kent, Nattie, Jake, Robby, and Sagar. Kent was the supposed threat but I was more leaning towards voting Jacob, I presented the idea of voting Jacob to Nattie and it started spreading quickly. The vote was changing from Kent to Jacob... Jacob and I had history, but it wasn't a good one. However, Someone else also became a topic of discussion ----> Me <----

I come to find out that Wyatt, Jacob and Ben was throwing my name around. But thankfully I made bonds good enough with the majority of the tribe and we voted out Jacob before anything could happen to me. I went from being in a bad spot and I recovered quickly into a position of safety. Ben was eliminated shortly thereafter.

I felt confident about my position. Even if somebody were to have thrown my name around, those I built bonds with would've defended me. I was edging my way into this game again.

I continued this pattern of gameplay throughout the pre-merge, I worked with my allies and it confirmed me a spot in the merge.

By the time merge had began, Erik had flipped to the Tamboli side and we became a strong alliance of 7. The threats of Mearl and Shadi had left and we seemed like we was unstoppable....

                        But of course, It's Survivor.

Thus, here began the ever-growing tensions of Robby/Sagar vs. Me/Jake/Nattie. Tombali wasn't going to last forever. Anywho, it had reached it's climactic point when we reached the double tribal council twist. My 'tribe' consisted of myself, Nattie, Sean, and Robby. Not only this, but Robby had an advantage in the game. On paper, it looked like Nattie and I vs. Sean and Robby

But this wasn't the case. I still wanted to ensure with Sean a Finals deal together, he and I were both eager to work with each other and us three took out a big threat in Robby. In the opposite tribal, Sagar soon followed.

At this point in the game I had fully achieved what my initial goal had become. I was successfully under the radar: There were players out there more vocal than I am and players out there that were bound to get targeted soon, and I had 0 blood on my hands.

I had bonds with nearly everyone left in the cast, and I'd set myself up extremely well for the rest of this game.
2550 days 20 hours ago
IVY Part 2

The final seven had come. Erik made it clear to me that he was flipping and he urged me to do the same. I will say this, despite what some people might think, I was actually open to suggestions of flipping... and I was planning on doing so at the F6, but not the final 7. I always wanted to ensure I was doing what was best for me. I knew flipping then would only guarantee me 4th place. I kept my vote on Jeremy. And while it appeared the 4 was going to outnumber Me/Jake/Nattie, somehow the votes ended up being 3-2-2, something was clearly miscommunicated at this vote.

Despite this mass confusion, Jeremy made it very clear on his big exit that Wyatt was the one who threw my name out there. This was the second time Wyatt had tried to get me voted out.

By the time the final six had came around, judging from the previous round, it looked 3-3, but I knew I was safe. I was in a position of power as Wyatt/Erik were trying to get me to flip, but after I found out Wyatt had targeted me in the F7, I decided that it was not in my best interests to do so. Sean decided to flip with the Tamboli three and vote for Wyatt, however, as it turned out, Wyatt had an idol and he proceeded to vote out my #1 ally in Nattie. Which was a huge blow for me.
When the Final Five came around, Wyatt had pretty much became the thorn in my side LOL. He was under the protection of Erik, and he was a sure-shot to win this game. I had a close bond with everyone there with the exception of Wyatt. So for the sake of my game, despite Erik/Wyatt's attempts to get me to flip, I couldn't see why I would bring someone who's thrown my name around in the F4 as opposed to Sean, whom I knew wouldn't come after me in the F4. Despite threats with the idol, I shared the idol clue with Jake and once he found it, the fear of being idoled out was no longer a worry.

And finally when the Final Four began, I was sitting there with all three of my close allies. They all three came hard after each other and campaigned against one another, but yet it was me who was never targeted, I was the vote all three players were trying to get on their side. I acted nervous but I wasn't. I knew I was going to be safe, and I was. No one came for me in the F4 and I got to slide by yet again to this F3.
2550 days 20 hours ago

Wrapping it up - Summary - TL;DR

                                So, why do I deserve to win?:       

                                1. I played a successful UTR game, I always voted with the majority, I wasn't targeted very often. However, just because I was UTR, that doesn't mean I wasn't playing this game. I was active  in game discussions, I was always looking and planning ahead and self-strategizing to see what moves were best for me to make in order to get to the end. I played more subtle, but that allowed me to make it here with me barely being a main target in this game.

                                2. Despite the odd and awkward position I was placed into in the beginning of this game, I managed to navigate my way to the merge. When I made the merge I quickly began working hard to bring myself here, I knew a lot of what was going on in this game and I played hard with everyone, I managed to make it here to this FTC. I outlasted and I am very proud of it.

                                3. I rarely ever had to get blood on my hands.  Erik and Jake got lots of blood on their hands, they sold lots of lies and they weren't afraid to be cutthroat. Now, did I lie sometimes? I mean yeah, obviously I had to lie at some points in this game, it's almost impossible to make it in Survivor without doing at least a little bit of dirty work. However, aside from the Final Four, not one round did I make a move on someone that didn't have a proper justification. Robby was planning to turn on me, so I came after him. Wyatt threw my name out twice, so I came after him.

I played Under The Radar and I did it successfully. I am the person sitting in this final three that got the least amount of blood on their hands, I worked extremely hard to evade being targeted, to use other players as shields, to get to where I no longer had to worry about getting voted out and being able to cruise to the end, and I accomplished all of that. It wasn't easy this season, I worked hard to get where I am.

I believe I played a very solid game that's worthy of the win, I'm very proud of how I played, I'm ecstatic that I made it to my 3rd straight finals and I genuinely hope I can pull off yet another win this season.

I look forward to getting grilled in questioning and best of luck to Jake and Erik, may the best one win :D

2550 days 20 hours ago
Hello guys! So I just want to start off by saying this season was a crazy roller coaster of emotions. It was a challenging, intense, but mostly fun game to play. So I thank you all, for being a part of this wonderful experience this season as everyone was a worthy competitor and proved why they were crowned a sole survivor previously. For a season that is, 'All Winners' I believe we all gave Chris what he wanted in a final season, as I'm sure he's seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in previous generation seasons but we really gave him the best of the best!

I love Survivor and love to play this game. I always see it as just a game and would do anything possible to make it far and win as everyone returned for that 1st place placement. You do anything you can do to sit here in the FTC at the end of this game. That's where my head was at the start of this game. No rules, I'm going to play as hard as I possibly can, as that's all I really know what to do. I strategised with every moment I could, and I'm proud of the way I played this season strategically and I wouldn't have changed any of the moves I made as it got me to the end. Every tribal I attended, and every winner I had to eventually vote out was hard to do, as I'm sure everyone wanted to make it to the FTC and have the chance to win again. However with every decision that I made or was tempted with I thought of my chances of winning.

I decided to return to prove that I am a worthy competitor, and why I deserved to be in an All Winners season because I'm sure a lot of you don't really label me a group game player compared to some of the greats that have played before. I knew a lot of the cast had played together before on previous seasons and most had that bond, or some even had history together. So I decided to do my research and check EVERY season to see who had bad blood, and who were previously aligned just so I was aware of connections when the tribes were determined, so I was able to use this to my advantage.
2550 days 20 hours ago
At the start of this game I managed to set myself up with a core alliance in the original Tombali tribe. I managed to successfully take out my target in the pre merge part of this game that were an eventual threat to myself. I secured my first individual immunity win which was vital, as it gave me the boost in confidence knowing I couldn't be voted out to continue to make moves and eliminate strong well rounded players.

At the tribe swap, I was almost taken out but thankfully my relationships and connections with my tribe mates were strong enough to be able to survive a tie vote.

At the merge I gave it my all and played as hard as I could to eliminate the greats of Gaia's Survivor and to keep the numbers in my corner, but I also made sure I had the numbers for a plan B or C incase my initial plan went wrong. At the double tribal council, my goal was to eliminate as many people's advantages as I could, and to just keep around mine and Nattie's. This was important for my game as it prevented any advantages getting in my way. This was also a possibility to take out people who were thinking about taking me out, and I had no choice but to strike first. I ended up in another tied vote, which was detrimental to my future game as I managed to convince people who eventually wanted to take me out and viewed me as a threat to keep me, and managed to strip that target off my back and throw it onto somebody else.
2550 days 20 hours ago
I tried so hard to find the first merge idol, but it was already claimed, and my fears came true when it was used to take out my closest ally. The final 5 is usually when everything goes out the window and everyone makes the move to get themselves to the end. At the following tribal I managed to find the second merge idol, and used it to continue to make a big move and take out a threat to winning this whole game, and to try and secure the numbers to stick by me in the final 4. I gave it my all in every immunity challenge, and came close at most of them. Thankfully I managed to pull out and win the last 2 immunity challenges that kept me safe and helped me make my moves to get me to the end. I knew everyone at this point in the game would be looking to try and take me out and was told that, so I had to secure those final 2 wins.

At the final tribal I had to take out Sean even though I was working closely with him since the merge just to show that I wanted to one last big move as he was extremely likeable and could of easily crushed this game had he made it to this FTC.

I had a strong grip on this game I feel, and gave this game everything I had and worked my butt off to make it to the end. I've made a lot of moves, survived 2 important tie breaker votes, won the most important immunity challenges for myself to make it to the end, every time I voted in tribal council my target always went home except for ONE instance and I believe that I have proved that I played a strong enough game to win.

I hope you all can forgive me for voting you out, and I hope you all can understand it's just a game at the end of the day. I can't even say I would take back the moves I've made, because my end goal was to sit here in the FTC for a chance to win this game and I'm sitting here in front you all now, because I managed to achieve that. I haven't really gone into detail much about my game as I'm sure a few of you will be asking about certain moves, so if I haven't explained everything you wanted to hear then I'll be happy to explain.

Thanks guys and sorry for the long ass speech, I just had a lot to say!
2550 days 19 hours ago
Alright. First off congratulations on getting to the end.

I have one thing to say about all of your speeches: TLDR. If it all fit into one post I would have read it but each of you took 3 posts. It would be unfair for me to start reading because I'd be bored out of my mind after the first one and not even bother with the others.

So I'm gonna base my vote almost solely on how well you answer my questions.

Erik- you were a troll to start this game and that is not a strategy I approve of. You threw challenges that led to our original tribe being at a disadvantage. So in 20 words or less tell me if and when you went from being a Troll to an actual player.

Jake- I didn't have much respect for your game. All I saw you as was a constant, and bad, liar. I get the lying part because idols and what not but your lucky I didn't have one or else i would have played it the night I was voted out. At merge I offered to be a loyal vote for you. In 20 words or less tell me why you didn't take me up on that offer.

Ivy- i felt you didn't play the game that well. Instead of talking to me you chose to ignore me until you realized I survived the vote. Not having a Skype hurts you in my mind because you are inconvenient to talk to and you lack the social connections others have. In 20 words or less tell me why I'm wrong.

Again, congratulations and good luck. Answers longer than 20 words will make it so I don't vote you
2550 days 19 hours ago
irst and foremost, I want to congratulate the Final 3 on making it to the finals of the final season, a very monumental achievement on your part and everyone knows that it’s not easy to make it there so well done.

My vote is completely up in the air, and I know people say that when they don’t mean it, but I do. I come here and each and every one of you has a 1 in 3 chance of receiving my votes. I think I speak for some jurors when I say that in this particular final 3, your FTC performance will heavily impact our vote, so answer wisely.

I want to start with Ivy.

We did play together once in Big Ben’s Second Chances but the roles were reversed, I made F3 while you didn’t, and I came into a majority during the merge while you didn’t. And this season, you’re in the final 3 and I am not, and you came into a majority during the merge while I didn’t. In that season, I lost and for what it’s worth, didn’t receive your vote, and you might find that you will end up losing and, for what it’s worth, not receive my vote here either. You actually called me a sheep at the FTC which, I mean, sure I was inactive most of the merge (and still got runner up! Hoorah) but my history and accomplishments in the group game community speak for themselves. So, just because I had started a new job and couldn’t be active might have made me undeserving of the win but it didn’t make a sheep especially considering the dominant game I had played during that season’s premerge before I started my new job. You see, back then, you made it clear that it would be incredibly hard for me to get your vote. But here, I will be more lenient with you. I honestly don’t think you deserve to be the final winner of Gaia’s, but then again he’s a horrible host so maybe it’s fitting to have a weak final winner. Anyways, I am not here to insult or degrade you, and you stand a 1 in 3 chance of getting my vote if and only if you show fight in this FTC and if you answer my following question honestly.

Why should I vote for you even though you never spoke to me when your main reason for not voting for me in Ben’s Second Chances is how I didn’t speak to you? I don’t want a bullshit answer. Convince me that you are not a hypocrite for asking for my vote when you denied me your vote for basically the same reason that I am contemplating denying you my vote.
2550 days 19 hours ago

Unlike Erik and Ivy, you’re the only person I have never played with or spoken to, which makes me voting for you somewhat challenging. With that being said, I feel like you played a solid game and it does seem like you would deserve a victory here. But, I can’t just write someone’s name down when they never acknowledged my existence this whole game, or ever, really. You didn’t come through for me when I was voted out cause you didn’t know me, so why should I come through for you here with I don’t know you. Your one redeeming quality is that you always plussed my spam and voted for me when I asked, so I kind of have a soft spot for you, and like I said, you did play a strong game. But, I don’t like voting for people who I don’t know. So, here’s what we’re going to do. I want you to tell me what you know about me. Of course, it doesn’t have to be personal things cause you don’t know me, but I mean concerning my presence and history in the group game community. I am not only talking about what I won, but more detailed facts about some of the games I played, just so you prove to me that you actually … know me and acknowledge my existence. Furthermore, I’d like them to be listed in a point by point format (1), 2), 3), etc...). If you show me that even though you never gave me the time of the day this season, but still know of me to a certain respectable level, then you will a strong (very strong) chance of receiving my vote.
2550 days 19 hours ago

I am honestly not even mad at you at this point, I just simply don’t want to take the time or the energy to deal with you. Out of the respect to this FTC, I will use whatever remains of my patience with you to address you and ask you a question. We played in this season and Cmack’s simultaneously, and you voted me out of both seasons, so let me tell you why I find it hard to vote for you.

You played a disloyal game. From day 1, you flipped on the tribe and became a rat basically. You turned on us, you didn’t even feel like you owed us an explanation, and you took a bargain where you alienated an entire tribe for selfish reasons. I don’t play like that. Sure, I am in no means completely loyal and I have turned on people before, but only when it’s necessary. You exhibited no loyalty to anyone.

You played a paranoid game. You made us all uncomfortable when you started throwing challenges and going nuts. You actually would have had a decent alliance if you didn’t do all the crazy shit you did merely hours into the season.

You played a hypocritical game. The fact that you were so upset at me for not telling you about the vote in Cmacks when Ethan went, but found it okay to not tell me about the Chris vote in this season is an example of what a deluded and irrational hypocrite you are. And unlike the rest of the tribe in Cmacks, I came to explain to you whereas the rest just made fun of you on our group chat. Clearly, I was in the wrong because that made you despise me more for some reason.

And then, you idoled me out. It wasn’t in this game, but in Cmacks. You could have targeted anyone but you picked me because out of everyone that didn’t vote with you, you hated me the most. Give me one reason I should vote for you.

I will not begrudgingly cast a vote for you. If you were to receive my vote, I need to be content with how I am voting. I will not vote for someone who I am disgusted with. This is your chance, if you want my vote and if you want to restore any sort of a relationship with me down the line, tell me why I need to overlook your disloyalty, paranoia, hypocrisy, and the palpable hatred you exhibited towards me in those two game and then go on to vote for you. I came into this game with the intentions of going to the end with you and throughout the duration of both seasons you proved that you didn’t deserve my loyalty or consideration for you. So now I am coming in with a completely different opinion on you. I have no loyalty to you, and I couldn’t care less about helping someone who I used to consider a friend win. If you want my vote, earn it. Convince me that you deserve to get my vote, not just any jurors vote, but MY vote, your once-upon-a-time friend.
2550 days 18 hours ago
Ivy- i felt you didn't play the game that well. Instead of talking to me you chose to ignore me until you realized I survived the vote. Not having a Skype hurts you in my mind because you are inconvenient to talk to and you lack the social connections others have. In 20 words or less tell me why I'm wrong.

In the Final Four, all were my allies and I was never getting eliminated, and I never unnecessarily trolled/lied

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Gaia's Survivor Series (2011 - 2017)

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