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Eviction 2 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


It's cuz they're jealous
Everybody poops
Please save me as I still want to fight this out. Being in the minority day 1 sucks but I have been able to come back from that in the real stars I'm sure I can do the same here if you give me another chance. :)


Well not really sure why I'm nommed I was just chilling. Maybe they see me as a threat or maybe it's cause I didn't come into this with premade  friends. Save me and I will fight to get back in this game. GIVE A BROWN LEVEL A CHANCE #SaveMoose


  1. WannaBeeFriendsMooseAntler86, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  2. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the poll with 122 votes. Good luck both of you.
  3. theaterhype28voted
  4. TheJoe
  5. Bryce12Saved alan cause he is ugly
  6. Mahalpin11voted
  7. SupahheroSaved Moose
  8. CharlotteArnoldvoted
  9. Kelly0412voted
  10. quackattack817Voted
  11. DaytimeVoted
  12. DBWsVoted
  13. Cromatiquesaved Moose
  14. canadiankidvoted
  15. ArcaninemasterSaved Alan
  16. zorbo678Saved Alan
  17. Pieguy555Saved Alan
  18. NotNicky333Voted
  19. ILoveSleepvoted
  20. honeybunch1voted
  21. Leli14voted:)
  22. likevines20Saved alan
  23. kgunzrokSaved osse cuz hes in my frat
  24. Mexusgl
  25. Bridgette77GL!
  26. Boots22saved alan
  27. LiukBBvoted
  28. Zazooskivoted
  29. beccajo16voted
  30. C_Shizz96Saved bae alan <3
  31. FighterMansaved alan
  32. Graneceffectsaved alan
  33. JasonXtremebrows on fleek
  34. chibideidaragl gl
  35. SmoothStalker12Saved the one I know :)
  36. harrywasnakhave to save my fratmate
  37. WannaBeeFriendsThis is a 6 hour poll. Good Luck both of you.