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Eviction 11 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Goodbye (makeup)

Jackie Ibarra Wins BB17! xoxo


Honestly , these people are out of ideas. I already survived 2 polls and that may make me a threat to them , but there are far more dangerous people than me. Some people don't even play the game and their ass still makes F12! This is shocking to me.Save me


Invest In My Game. I am not up for gameplay, but because of a twist in the game. As soon as I don't have go up anymore, then you won't see me up again. Please give me your support.


  1. HowLovelyLOL YAS
  2. Arcaninemasteroops too late
  3. SupahheroJosephina I have allies. I am not up because people nominated me and you know that. Enjoy 13th, Again.
  4. WannaBeeFriendsJosephinaAlexis, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  5. WannaBeeFriendsmake that 197.... xoxoxo
  6. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the Poll with the RECORD HOLDING VOTES FOR THIS SEASON.... 196 VOTES! Good Luck!
  7. FedeBennaVoted!
  8. splozojames50voted
  9. Crickets
  10. JosephinaAlexisOkay you clearly don't understand "I still see every confessional" part, but that's not my problem.
  12. hobo232You're literally on something Hun. At least Supah wasn't already evicted once. And you can call out whatever you want everyone made alliances at the start to keep themselves safe. That doesn't mean you know what alliances are out there now. You're pretty much trying to say whatever you can to save yourself. It's good for a laugh though. You think you know what's going on in the game but you have no clue. People know who there allies are so stop trying to put doubt into there minds to save yourself LOL
  13. JosephinaAlexisLMFAO Supah is so fucking shady, maybe people would offer to be your allies and you wouldn't be a nominee every fucking round if you shut your fucking trap for once, jesus christ.
  14. Supahhero"Some people don't even play the game and their ass still makes F12! " it is ironic that you said this whiteboy. You have been in this game for 5 evictions and your nominees have only gone up once, and that hasnt happened in 4 evictions.
  15. SupahheroAlso, WhiteBoy You Went Up in both polls both times because it was your fault. You 6 new players put all your votes on me and someone else and you all didnt think to save yourselves. the second time you forgot to vote, and idk how you do that. So dont blame people for being out of ideas. Shame on you for lying.
  16. SupahheroPlease read my blog before you vote. It has so much info.
  17. ImGonnaWini commented
  18. Matthew09fieryred1: just spammed me to vote out whiteboy SO SAVE HIM EVERYONE spam is annoying AS FUCK
  19. WannaBeeFriendsRecord Breaking Votes have been casted for this eviction poll. +9 more votes that Eviction 1 which held 151 votes the current record for this season.
  20. MariahAnnVoted
  21. SeaKingVoted :)
  22. SupahheroJosephina got evicted at 13th already so it is kind of fitting of she gets it again.
  23. _ivyyy_445Voted gl
  24. SupahheroI am gay. I would never say anything homophobic.
  25. Matthew09Vote out Josephina
  26. fieryred11Joe your a lair, noone put him up he just wasn't online fast enough to get a key and got a punishment.
  27. konohavillage1well i like 2/3rd so sorry supah
  28. hobo232ya and he is nominated from a twist in the game not because people put him up
  29. snowflake3I don't think Supah's homophobic, because Supah's girl get it together
  30. XxLoveWakizaxXSaved Alexis
  31. Jamesluvoted
  32. Mahalpin11voted!!
  33. pikachu142TaddEvicted Alexis per request
  34. 14hukilcEvicted Alexis
  35. TaddEvicted Alexis per request
  36. eric_136Evicted Alexis
  37. SaundraEvicted Supah. Josephina got that fight now which is good x
  38. cherryplop11Evicted Josephine - bye bitch!
  39. Timberlieevicted sup
  40. CutieAmyhi
  41. jayjetsuphero ur evicted
  42. Paul41Votef
  43. useamintClick
  44. canadiankidvoted
  45. dragonldy640Voted
  46. CromatiqueVoted
  47. beccajo16Voted
  48. honeybunch1voted
  49. Lamiavoted
  50. CricketsVoted
  51. SupahheroWe have all gone up for eviction the same amount of times. However, one was evicted and one joined day 16.
  52. hintsvoted
  53. CrazyCourtney0Voted
  54. VaniliVoted
  55. LiukBBvoted
  56. sportsgeek12Voted
  57. KopycatVOTED
  58. harrywasnakWhen I've voted to evict all of them at some point
  59. WannaBeeFriendsThis will be a 10 hour Poll. Good Luck.