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Eviction 10 - Who Goes? You Decide!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote




Since my last nomination, I have changed my game and it's improved my position since. The newbie twist screwed me over, and none of them seemed to want to work with me, which is their loss. Alan's been nominated 3 times now so please save me xo


  1. WannaBeeFriendsalanb1, You have been evicted from the Ultimate Stars House! It's time to say your goodbyes and go. x
  2. WannaBeeFriendsClosing the Poll with 90 votes. Good Luck.
  3. JacksonWalshI got so fucking manipulated.
  4. DannnyVoted
  5. WpwSers196saved the carrot because it looks pissed off!
  6. rollingderpsaved.carrot.bc.queen
  7. GraneceffectVoted
  8. NikkayyAlan I always seem to be saving your ass!
  9. Philip13Saved Alan! :)
  10. pleaseletmestaysaved carrot!
  11. Matt64Voted I swear if I'm spammed
  12. CharlotteArnoldVoted
  13. CromatiqueVoted
  14. canadiankidvoted
  15. CricketsSave Carrot!
  16. dragonldy640Voted
  17. 1Swampy8Voted!
  18. Avatar20Voted
  19. honeybunch1voted
  20. saxonmathvoted~
  21. GoodAllansaved carrot! :D
  22. beccajo16Voted
  23. SaundraEvicted Alan
  24. CricketsVoted out Alanb1
  25. WannaBeeFriendsThis will be a 6 hour Poll. x Drama. Pack Your Bags. Good Luck.
  26. hobo232Gl guys xo