Welcome to RAGE <3

I loved Weetmaster's RAGE so much that i will make my own.  RAGE is a very fun game and is very enjoyable! We have different twists and it's amazing. I can't wait for you guys to feel the excitement that I do. Try to join games to become apart of this amazing community of gamers that you will only find here!

12-ish people enter the game.
Random.org selects two people to be the HOHs
Those two people each get to nominate 1 person for eviction
Those two people nominated will go straight into a poll, one will leave the game
Process continues until final 3 or 2 (Depends on the game)
Final Poll decides the winner

Can't wait to start playing with you!

Victor's Circle-
RAGE 29- Chicks v Dick- ?(?)
RAGE 28: Hunger Games II- Corinne (CorinneKaplan4460)
RAGE 27: Dos Casas- Corinne (CorinneKaplan4460)
RAGE 26: The Purge- Kolby (ThePug)
RAGE 1-25: http://bit.ly/1Uy4mMQ
RAGE 28- Hunger Games II


12th- Bryan (soccercooldude17)
11th- Mariah (MariahAnn)
10th- Tanner (Tanner_)
9th- Euan (Montenegro)
8th- Gamo (ThisIsMyGame)
7th- AJ (aj1111)
~~~~ Snow Enters~~~~
6th- Harry (harrywasnak)
5th- Kolby (ThePug)
4th- Trixie (JourrdanBabyXoXo)
3rd- Dino (Dinosauro27
2nd- Snow (Snowgirl57)
1st- Corinne (CorinneKaplan4460)


Mariah (MariahAnn) Season 1-4, 6-16, 18-27
Jacob (jkjkjk15) Season 5
Natalie (coolKat) Season 17
Kelly (Kelly2722) Season 28

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