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[S3] Final Pleas & Jury Questioning - Cole & Jesse

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1800 days 13 hours ago
Hello, final two!

Cole, Jesse, in just moments the jury will begin an open questioning period for 24 hours, but before they do, you all have one final chance to persuade the jury as to why YOU deserve to be the winner of Big Brother.

You each will make an opening plea, and once those are posted, I will notify the jury, letting them know they can question you then.

You may post your opening speeches now.
1800 days 12 hours ago
I wanna start off by saying that I wanna thank you all for letting me get to this point. Each and every single one of you allowed me to get to this point. I wasn't gonna gonna rely on winning challenges to get to this point, so I had to rely on my social skills to get as far as I did.

I started this game lurking in the shadows and making bonds with mostly everyone. Only two people I didn't talk too pre jury was Maddie and Stoner. The jury came and I knew that I had to come out of the shadows and play, the first move I made was proving my loyalty to Brit and Jacob by saving Brit. Jesse then made the stupid decision of putting up our ally Tico and I made the biggest mistake of my game by evicting him. At that point, I knew that I had to stick with these two or I'm screwed. I made my way to the final 6 un nominated due to me being seen as a non threat and my social skills. When it came to comps, I sucked and I know but winning HoH was pivotal for me because I got out a threat to my game, Maddie. I knew Maddie was with Jesse and I needed Jesse on my side, so Maddie had to go.

I coming into this Finale with hopes that people will see that I played a very honest game. I stuck to my word and I never broke it. If you would like to say otherwise, then please do and I will be more than happy to explain. This final two can be seen as to be David vs Goliath, so lets see if David will win this time.

Good luck to Jesse
1800 days 12 hours ago
Jesse finishing up the touches on his resume before he does his plea
1800 days 12 hours ago
Hey jury! I would like to start off by thanking you all for an awesome game! :) I wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for all of you. I would also like to thank Connor for hosting this game, I had a lot of fun playing it! 5 HOHS and 3 POVs later, here I am. Final 2. I have wanted to make it here since day 1, since when I joined and because of me winning competitions along with playing a strong social game I made it! I would love your vote to win, I definitely think I deserve it! I watched my allies get nominated and evicted one after the other, Jon, Tico, Allan, Maddie, Stoner and lastly Seth... It came down to me versus a 3 person alliance: Cole, Brittany and Jacob. I am truly the underdog and I HAD to win competitions at the end to make it here.

11th Connor: I didn't speak to you much but when I did you made it quite clear that you didn't like me. You thought I was following out when I was nominated against Jon but look where I am, in the final 2! :) I am pretty sure there is NO way that you are voting me to win and i'm okay with that I guess? Better luck in other games!
10 Jon: OMG, we were like the competition beasts of this game and unfortunately we were backstabbed by Jacob and nominated against each other. And we weren't able to win POV. I am so sorry about your dog, after you were evicted I pretty much thought that my game was over because I was the biggest competition threat but I made it here in part for YOU!
9th Tico: I asked you to join this game, lol. But when veto was used I renominated you and Cole evicted you. LOL It's pretty funny how Cole and I made final 2 and we are the 2 that you trusted most and we both are part of the reason you left. I hope you can respect the game I played and remember who took you to final 2 in Mo's game ;) Seth evicted you after he told me that he would save you and pretty much fucked my game up :(
8th Allan: I kept you safe for the most part because you were friends with Seth... but when you were nominated against Stoner I had to evict you :( My vote to save you wouldn't have made a difference.
7th Maddie: OMG I made it here for you <333 Sorry that I had to evict you :( Like i'm really sorry but I had to vote with majority that round :( UGH ILY <3 You are a queen!
6th Stoner: I AM SO SORRY THAT I HAD TO RENOM YOU :( Like it was you and Seth and I had developed a good friendship with Seth. You weren't really that active and I don't think you were that upset, I hope you know how much I <3 you!
5th Seth: I looked out for you as much as I could. I <333 you and I miss you, this was for you! :*
4th Brittany: You pretty much said that you were voting Cole but congrats on making it so far! I evicted Jacob for you :P
3rd Jacob: I am sorry that I evicted you but you played a similar game to me and I believe you would have beat me in the final 2. You should be proud of the game you played!

So I hope that I have made a good point on why I should be here, 5 HOHs, 3 POVs, an underrdog, and also amazing social relationships that I developed that I hope will continue outside of this game.Good luck Cole! I wish you the best of luck <3
1800 days 10 hours ago
If you have any questions please feel free to ask! I look forward to answering them!
1800 days 9 hours ago
This finals has the biggest asterisk by it lmao.

I get what you “intended” for the tiebreaker to be Connor, I really do, but your intentions don’t matter when you wrote something that had a different meaning lmao. I answered the question that was presented to us, Cole understood the question, and Jesse even later admitted that he misunderstood the question. Why should I be punished because you are too FUCKING LAZY to figure out the clear answer to the question that YOU wrote. Then you claim you gave me an advantage in the second tiebreaker, but guess what? That second tiebreaker shouldn’t have even existed because I ANSWERED THE FIRST QUESTION THAT YOU WROTE.

I don’t know if you want Jesse to win or something lmao, but anyone with half a brain should see that he shouldn’t even be in the finals, I should. I don’t care if I even would have won, but I sure as hell deserved to be in that final 2 because I answered the tiebreaker question correctly. Imma just show you how easy it would have been to figure out the answer to the question that again let me remind you, you wrote Connor.

• 10th • xRAIN_shooter (Jon) [Evicted Week 5; Day 14, 5 of 7 votes to evict] - Juror #2
• 9th • ticofernandez (Tico) [Evicted Week 5; Day 14, 3 of 5 votes to evict] - Juror #3
• 8th • toclafane212 (Allan) [Evicted Week 6; Day 17, 4 of 5 votes to evict] - Juror #4
• 7th • omggiraffe (Maddie) [Evicted Week 7; Day 20, 4 of 4 votes to evict] - Juror #5
• 6th • Gaiaphagee (Stoner) [Evicted Week 8; Day 23, 2 of 3 votes to evict] - Juror #6
• 5th • Sethhhh (Seth) [Evicted Week 8; Day 23, 2 of 3 votes to evict] - Juror #7
• 4th • LaFierceBrittany2 (Brittany) [Evicted Week 9; Day 27, Jacob's choice to evict] - Juror #8

7+5+5+4+3+3+1 = 28
That math makes sense to me! So your excuse of “not having the answer to that question” doesn’t really hold up when it would have taken all of 20 seconds to figure out. It seems like you just didn’t want me to win if we’re being honest lmao, like OOPS I MISWROTE THE QUESTION BUT INSTEAD OF OWNING UP TO MY MISTAKE AND GOING WITH IT, IM GONNA COME UP WITH A NEW QUESTION BC I DON’T LIKE THE PERSON WHO ACTUALLY UNDERSTOOD THE FIRST ONE

I really do get that you meant something else, but I just honestly don’t see why you can’t admit your mistakes and count the question that you wrote lmao. These are some quotes from you clearly differentiating between saving and evicting lol

39 days ago
you will be voting to SAVE one nominee. You will be casting a vote to protect the nominee you want to stay in the game.


Production Notice
Hello, HouseGuests!

In the event you missed tonight's events, allow me to fill you in. Jon won the veto and saved Maddie, naming Connor as the replacement, making the final nominees Connor, Seth, and Tyker. I need your votes to save by tomorrow (5/16) @ 7 PM Eastern.

Even on your group homepage there is a difference lmao
11th • ClumsyConnor (Connor) [Evicted Week 4; Day 11, 4 of 9 votes to save] - Juror #1
• 10th • xRAIN_shooter (Jon) [Evicted Week 5; Day 14, 5 of 7 votes to evict] - Juror #2

I don’t even know what I hope to gain out of this because obviously it would be unfair for me to come back into the game since I know what would have happened if I lost (for what it’s worth I would have evicted Jesse even if he hadn’t just evicted me haha), but I don’t get how you just moved on from this and didn’t possibly take the time to realize that you were in the wrong????? Like the ending to this season just won’t be accurate lmao…...let’s just cancel it now or something, it fell apart by the end anyways.
1800 days 9 hours ago
I don't really have any questions because my closet ally and friend in this game is sitting here in the final two. Cole I do like you as a person and I have nothing negative to say about you and I'm not gonna sit here and bash you because you played a good game and deserve to be here but there's literally nothing you could say that would change my mind on who I am voting for.

Jesse you were my partner from day 1 of this game and we worked so well together up until my evic. I'm so happy that you made it here for the both of us and I hope you get enough votes to win but even if you don't you dominated this game whether people wanna believe it or not.

Good luck both of you <3
1800 days 9 hours ago
Cole I don't have a question for you I was extremely upset when you evicted me but after Jacob won veto in f4 and evicted Brit and not you I can admit I think you made the right move.
Jesse why should I vote for you. We were a f2 and you asked me to join this game. There was plenty of others you could of nominated why did you choose me and why should I vote you.
1800 days 9 hours ago
Actually Cole what was your biggest strategic move of the game?
1800 days 8 hours ago
Biggest strategic game move I made getting Maddie out

Maddie was one Jesse's allies in the game and imo, Jesse would've chose her over me. I knew that if I got Maddie out, then Jesse would gravitate towards me more. yeah, he nominated me next round, but I convinced him that I would be his best bet in the finals if he took me, which he did.
1800 days 8 hours ago
and Jon, I wish there was something I could do, but I'm not going to spend my time on a lost cause if that's the case. I was very happy to work with you and it was a lot fun playing with ya. Hope your dog is better
1800 days 3 hours ago
Jacob, sorry you got got, enjoy 3rd and shhh :* Tico, you should vote for me because I was a comp beast and yeah I did RENOMINATE you but that's only because I thought you were staying which I was wrong but you can thank Cole for that.
1800 days 1 hour ago
Ugh Cole deserves this win. Jesse, you won competitions to get you to the final 2 LOL Cole had to rely on his social and strategic game. Voting for Cole REGARDLESS of Jesse's answers :)
1799 days 23 hours ago
I just love how Connor is still not acknowledging the glaring issue here
I guess that's what happens when you let 16 year olds who can't admit they are wrong host things. Instead he just tried to be cool by calling us losers at every challenge :))))
1799 days 22 hours ago

It's okay, this F4 was a pretty bomb one imo. I'm so sorry that that happened to ya /: I thought you had it in the bag!
1799 days 22 hours ago
See I did have it in the bag, anyone who thinks there were 70 eviction votes this season clearly played a different game
But was I rewarded for actually being right? Nope!

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