Will's Survivor: Zambia [APPS OPEN]

"The only group game I'll ever play" - ElectraViv

Congratulations to Raydiz33 on winning Survivor: Cyclades!

For season 6 of the second generation of Will's Survivor, we'll be headed to Zambia, a landlocked country is southern Africa near the cradle of civilization, where mankind first originated from. Zambia is home to thousands of years of history, being the crossroads of numerous different indigenous African migratory peoples and later an integral part of the British Empire in Africa. It also boasts incredible geographic diversity, with terrain ranging from mountains to plateaus to tropical river valleys.

It is here that 16 new contestants will embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Divided into tribes, they'll be forced to work together and build alliances quickly, or they'll be voted out. In the end, only one person will remain.

We're back for season 6, hopefully our best one yet. 16 people, 39 days, 1...SURVIVOR!

Will's Survivor History:

First Generation:
Survivor: Yucatan - mouseter09
Survivor: India - xoxokiller
Survivor: Maldives - BBlover96
Survivor: Arabia - Wokko
Survivor: All-Stars - Walkerbait27
Survivor: Solomon Islands - Euro
Survivor: South Africa - ejuzkiw
Survivor: Ecuador - TheSexiestDude990
Survivor: Indonesia - TotsTrashy
Survivor: Spain - Fans vs. Favorites - ElectraViv
Survivor: Morocco - Back to Basics II - Js21
Survivor: Honduras - Gardenia
Survivor: South Atlantic - Mearl

Second Generation:
Survivor: New Guinea - CocoaBean (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/T5sfvil )
Survivor: Ivory Coast - MichelleFitzgerald (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/fEsIW3I )
Survivor: Bangladesh - wavy_lays (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/RcWG1iV )
Survivor: Japan - obscurity (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/9GXTXTt )
Survivor: Cyclades - Raydiz33 (Chart: https://imgur.com/a/MibRPrA )

Confessional Group: https://tengaged.com/group/5741-wills-survivor-confessionals
Second Generation History: https://tengaged.com/group/5492-wills-survivor-bangladesh-apps-open/forum/topic/22056615

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Applications - Zambia
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Finale and Reunion
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Second Generation History
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Tribal Council #12 - Amodrousa
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Immunity Challenge #12
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Will's Survivor: Zambia [APPS OPEN]

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