Barclays Premier League Betting

Bet on premiership games!!!!
Each user gets 1000 points and you bet on games in the premiership!
And if your on 0 or below points you have to do a forefit to get more points ;)
JOIN NOW!!!!!!!!!1

x2 bets on strikers scoring
x3 bets on midfielders scoring
x4 bets on defenders scoring
x9999999999999999999999999999999999999 bets on goalies scoring

x444444444 bets on predicting the correct animal (not human) which invades the pitch

x3 bets on betting on someone in a lower postition/league beating someone higher than them

If you succesfully beat against your own team, you get all your points doubled, but if you fail, you get all your points halfed

If you get someone to join this, get them to pm me, and him/her and you get 1000 free points!

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Barclays Premier League Betting

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