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40 days 13 hours ago
40 days 13 hours ago
1. Not really sure what this is
2. This was so basic! It made me cringe! How did this qualify?
3. Something feels off about this. Not sure how I feel about it
4. I liked the verses. Didn't really care for the chorus
5. This is right up my alley. I loved this!
6. This sounds like something you'd hear in the background while in H&M
7. Might grow on me with more listens
8. Has a bit of a moody sound to it. I dig it
9. This felt quite messy
10. It's alright. Nothing to go crazy over
11. Really dig the sound to this
12. This made me cringe. I HATE music like this! Give me Moo over this!
13. Gives me slight Fuego vibes with the drop. I dig it
14. This went off! Bop!
15. Well I absolutely loved this! Insatiable deserved a 3rd season damn it!
16. Quite liked this. It has a nice vibe to it
17. I really like her voice. It really sells the song
18. Really liked this. It was very catchy
19. Kind of goes off. Really enjoyed this
20. This reminds me of something but I can't place what it is. Sad times. Anyway I like this
21. Very atmospheric and I really like the drop
40 days 12 hours ago
1. Bip Ling - Well call me a good addict, because I’m already thinking about my second bip burger before I’ve eaten my first. I wasn’t expecting this to be as catchy as it actually is. This is both ironically and unironically a big ole bop.
2. Moo Malika -
3. Skandra - Very sleepy sounding. I found a lot of this song pretty unmemorable. It picks up a bit in the chorus, but the delivery was just really uninspired and boring.
4. Raleigh Ritchie - I understand that this is supposed to be artsy, and if you didn’t understand that this was supposed to be artsy, don’t worry, he turns into a robot in the bridge to represent his inner conscious, for all you dumbasses. Ahem, anyways, I didn’t care for this.
5. girl in red - Interesting progression. I was gonna say “Billie Eilish with an acoustic guitar” but that would be giving Eilish far too much credit. I wasn’t sure if this was gonna be my thing, but towards the end this had me really sold, especially when it got to that haunting whisper before the outro. This could grow to be one of my favorites.
6. Sonny Fedora, Ella Eyre - Someone else said this in their comment, but I just want to reiterate that Ella’s voice can NEVER sound bad in any song. The song itself is a little formulaic, the piano bits especially remind me of Electricity with Dua Lipa and that DJ whose name I can’t remember (sorry to this man). This isn’t bad, but it doesn’t leave a ton of impact upon first (or perhaps second?) listen
7. KAYTRANADA - Tinashe in anything immediately has me intrigued. She has the Midas touch most of the time, and this song certainly fits in that most of the time category. The beat is so silky smooth, and Tinashe’s vocals are gorgeous here. An absolute serve.
8. Hinds - I don’t think I’m the audience for this type of song. It was cute for what it was, but I can’t see myself relistening to this. It was a little low energy for me.
9. Jiselle - I couldn’t have seen this type of kpop qualifying in semis towards the beginning of the year. The vibe of this song is totally something I would go for. For a one time listen, it was cute. I’m not sure if I’d add it to my every day playlist, but this was good.
10. Zoi - Now this is sexy. Really enjoyed this song throughout, and the buildup towards the chorus was very satisfying. A solid foreign language bop.
11. Isaac Dunbar - This shits all over makeup drawer. The verses had a dark and brooding vibe to it, and when the beat switched up after the “God this feels good,” I was pretty sold. Very good effort.
12. Sheppard - A little too [REDACTED] for me. (Hint: the “[REDACTED]” is supposed to be a color, guess which one).
13. Enoka - Bad. Why would you try to touch a legend’s biggest bop and then make it worse? I guess there’s no originality there luv.
14. Weki Meki - Wait hold up, this beat actually slaps so hard. I’m ready for a banger, let’s hope this delivers. The verses and bridge were the best parts, the chorus kind of flops in comparison, but my expectations were still fulfilled nonetheless. A bop.
15. Seven Lions, Blastoyz - This is just noise. This song feels incoherent, like someone had two verses written out (actually it’s the same verse sang twice so even worse), and just didn’t know what to do for the rest of it, and we just got this. Not impressed.
16. BELARO - The first thing I thought of was “something Dagny might’ve rejected.” Can’t tell if that’s good or not. I didn’t mind it, but I do think it’s pretty basic for what it is, although still very solid. This might’ve done better in my ranking if I didn’t have so many favorites already.
17. Kathleen - Very similar things can be said about this song as I’ve said about the previous song (yes, including the Dagny line). I think the problem with both of these songs is that they make pretty safe choices stylistically. While I definitely don’t dislike this song by any means, it may struggle to stand out.
18. Why Don’t We - Alexeh hit the nail on the head when he said 5SOS because this reminded me of their winning entry. Like for this genre, I think it’s pretty strong, but for my personally tastes, I don’t think it lines up. But hey, not bad by any means.
19. Jax Jones, Au/Ra - I feel so predictable sometimes, especially with a familiar name like Jax Jones (listen to Jacques it got ROBBED during names week). The beat is s sexy, especially when the chorus hits, and goddamn that chorus is catchy as hell. Great work by both of these artists.
20. MAAD - Stylistically, there are some really interesting elements to this song. It’s got a very great vibe to it, but as a whole it doesn’t keep my full attention. Falls into the same category as Jiselle where it’d be a great mood song, but idk if it’s playlist worthy.
21. Jozels - I began to write a comment, then I had to take care of something, and when I came back my phone just said “toot.” If that isn’t some subliminal messaging. Anyways I love the trance beat, easily the best part of this song. The vocals and lyrics were very whatever, but that beat was all I needed.
40 days 8 hours ago
Damn I should’ve proofread my comments. There are a ton of spelling and grammar errors that I’m not gonna fix </3
40 days 5 hours ago
BIP LING - you know you’re hungry when you’re already thinking about your second bip burger before you’ve eaten your first.

Moo Malika - “BAD” - https://media.giphy.com/media/3D0qPU1UsKflIytYOt/giphy.gif

Skandra - This was interesting. I wasn’t into it until the chorus hit. That’s a really nice chorus. Good pick!

Raleigh Ritchie - https://i.imgur.com/52yUbz3.gif

Girl in red - I don’t mind this at all. It’s creative but I wish it hit a little harder. Definitely enjoyed it for the most part

Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - Ella Eyre was so TSC 2015. Her new stuff is decent but I’m not in love with any of it. The same goes for here. It’s good but I’m not like stammering to listen to it again.

KAYTRANADA - I’ve never been a Tinashe stan but I can’t deny that it’s a well-made song even if I’m not super into it.

Hinds - This was okay. I wasn’t super into it but I was tapping my toes a little bit.

Jiselle - I’ll have to pass on this one. Wasn’t for me but I can see why it qualified.

Zoi - Talk about a foreign language bop. I’m not usually into this stuff but when it’s right, it’s right. Good tune.

Isaac Dunbar - I could’ve sworn Troye Sivan was already submitted this year. Good tune.

Sheppard - Nah, I’ll have to pass on this one. This was so cookie cutter and basic.

Enoka - Is this the Fuego reject everyone’s been complaining about? This was just basic pop with no substance.

Weki Meki - Oh I liked this a lot. Go off a bit. Solid entry.

Seven Lions & Blastoyz - This song didn’t know what it wanted to be. Don’t know how this qualified in all honesty.

BELARO - I thought this was gonna serve but it was actually kinda plain and boring.

Kathleen - I liked this a lot! Solid entry.

Why Don’t We - I didn’t hate it completely but I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed it.

Jax Jones, Au/Ra - This song is so incredibly sexy I felt so dirty listening to it. Great tune.

MAAD - Another song that I didn’t particularly care for. But that’s just my bad taste.

Jozels - Solid way to close this week. Really enjoyed this.
39 days 22 hours ago
1) Bip Ling - I said this about a NQ this week that if ur gonna be a troll entry at least be funny. This is funny enough
2) Moo Malika - so freakin… boring… like is that line supposed to transition the song into some great chorus? It certainly doesn't here
3) Skandra - the first time I thought it was white noise, this time it's slightly better than that? But this tsc isn't going to last 2 months so I'll judge it by how I think it is now
4) Raleigh Ritchie - his voice alone elevates this song. Kind of khalid vibes but it was an enjoyable listen
5) girl in red - a song I keep avoiding despite it being on all the discover playlists. It's just like soooooo much the same as everything else happening right now get this asmr away from me
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - also love this energy from Ella. It's like the best she's sounded
7) KAYTRANADA - I'm glad tinashe is still singing but this just kinda fell flat for me? Besides a good beat to follow
8) Hinds - I've came around on this a little bit. The voice is still so fucking annoying but it's strangely endearing
9) Jiselle - well at least this gave me something different. Basically kpop r&b? I kinda stan
10) Zoi - it sounds like she is singing the same note the entire song. Give me some variety please lol
11) Isaac Dunbar - the chorus is kinda great… verses so bland but chorus makes up for it
12) Sheppard - the choruses are so cute but his like quick chanting just annoys me! Kind of a typical man does well in TSC song… cute but not very memorable
13) Enoka - The chorus has grown on me. Her vocals remain week and even after the chorus she like doesn't know what to do with herself.The "oh na na na na na" part is like awkward as hell… but it got better
14) Weki Meki - classic fun cool girl kpop with an edge. I don't love this and tbh it's missing the sing along factor that really hooks me into a song sometimes. Like it's just these girls with a beat… which is fine and works for some songs, but this isn't good enough to get by on that
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - for some reason I'm finding this really funny. Maybe I need to stop drinking. I'm entranced
16) BELARO - the screaming would surely annoy someone like Bibbles but for me I think this contest could use that fun energy
17) Kathleen - glad Miranda from The Circle is keeping busy. Melodically it's like fine and has grown on me. I gueeessssssss it's decent enough.
18) Why Don't We - heard a bunch of songs with that like drum chant before but I think I like this more than most of those… it's fun
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - a discover playlist entry perhaps? :O it's a bop regardless tho. Definitely repetitive but who cares it bops me to the top
20) MAAD - I prefer Health Ade Kombucha! Alright cool this song was very there and not out there if u know what I mean
21) Jozels - waiting for this beat to drop aged me… and when it finally happened? Just a terrible let down. How did this qualify?
39 days 16 hours ago
001 bip ling / yes! i do want the bip burger! make that a dozen actually. i can’t get enough of the bip burger. this was amazing.
002 moo malika / an appropriate title for the song because this WAS bad! and boring! how do y’all listen to this and share it with such bravery..
003 shandra / originally i was pretty indifferent on this song but it’s since grown on me? i like it a lot more now, especially the chorus. the verses aren’t anything spectacular but they do a nice job segueing to an powerful hook.
004 raleigh ritchie / so true king. i actually hadn’t listened to him in years before this contest so this was a great way to get back into him. this song was SO good, the production behind that chorus was amazing. absolutely obsessed with this!
005 girl in red / the sapphic representation.. do you listen to girl in red? i love her music and this appears to be no exception. not much else to say, this was a wonderful listen.
006 sonny fodera, ella eyre / ugh yes. this was so good. love ella eyre and while i’m not familiar with the producer of this, he delivered a funky house beat that ella road with ease. stellar!
007 kaytranada / nothing but respect for MY winner. muahahaha, this song remains unmatched. quite literally the collab of the century, the amount of replay value this song possesses is terrifying.. no song should never and could never be this good.
008 hinds / and the good music keeps on coming. not much to say but i thoroughly enjoyed this and will probably give this a few points!
009 jiselle / the production, her vocals.. the rapper with the two strand twists (???) the last part aside, this song is so atmospheric and really does what it does best by setting the mood. that bridge into the final chorus.. y’all should fear her.
010 zoi / i feel like i’ve heard far too many versions of this song in this contest too many times to count to point where i’ve become so desensitized to it that i can’t even elicit a proper response for it anymore. whatevs!
011 isaac dunbar / i ragged on this earlier for being a troye sivan rehash but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it was an easy and decent listen! :D i am gagging for you faggot!
012 sheppard / man this was so.. meh. it’s not bad enough for me to hate it, but it’s not good in the slightest for me to get behind it.
013 enoka / this song.. this song should NOT be here. it is terribly bad and a damn shame it qualified, it’s so tacky and familiar and boring and uninspiring that it’s hard to rally behind it in the slightest.
014 weki meki / the second half of the double chorus kinda falters since it isn’t as catchy as the earworm they produced with the “ay ay ay ay” part but this song hits! i love it, i love it, i love it! also finally lucy with no bangs.. it’s been 87 years.
015 seven lionz & blastoyz / if i wanted to listen to this i’d just to the intro of any white gamer who plays any combination of minecraft/fortnite/cod on youtube.
016 belaro / she devoured this song down. that chorus HITS hard every single time without error. i don’t know it’s just something about this song that makes you wanna get up and bust a motherfucking move.
017 kathleen / well yes, it’s an objectively good song and there’s much to appreciate from it — i still unfortunately am not TOO hooked on it but i suppose i like it enough where i may toss it a few points. MAY. key word. (i was just being nice!)
018 why don’t we / if this sound ain’t working with 5S*S what makes you think it’s gonna work with these boys.. it ain’t good!
019 jax jones, au/ra / i owe jax jones so much for his services with instruction and it appears he doesn’t miss with the “emoji” songstress. i got into this song so quick it was unreal. they better!
020 maad / i’m still upset at whoever sent this for not sending it sooner cause it’s gonna collect dust on my summer playlist! this was a ball of fun and hard not to enjoy every second of it ;D
021 jozels / it was okay. for the most part it was forgettable but there was also something interesting about it? i don’t know. it was just nothing to write home about but wasn’t complete unremarkable. interesting ending for this final.
39 days 16 hours ago
Bip Ling ~ Honestly, her posh, Home Counties accent makes this song funnier! For its genre it’s actually pretty good, it’s just not really for me. I get the appeal and think it’ll do fairly well.
Moo Malika ~ Why is this weirdly growing on me?? Bye bye! Nah, elements of this are quite nice but I don’t think there’s much to really get behind here. It’s alright.
Skandra ~ A bit lacklustre if I’m honest. The chorus tries to elevate the song, but it really didn’t go there.
Raleigh Ritchie ~ Did the opening bars remind anyone else of Tainted Love.. or juuuust me? Anyway, this isn’t something I’d usually listen to, but I don’t know if it’s his vocal, the chorus breakdown, or the relatable-ness of the lyrics.. but I absolutely loved this. Love that he’s back!
Girl in Red ~ Issa contender for me. Brilliant throughout, loved how eerie this was and it progressed very well. No complaints.
Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre ~ Was on my list actually so thanks for that :p There’s not MUCH to say as there are many songs like this, but it’s certainly a crowd pleaser and her vocal is stellar as per. Decent choice.
KAYTRANADA ~ Certainly a very enjoyable listen, very sultry. For me this doesn’t quite go -there-, and I liked the music more than the song, but it’s still decent. If it wins I’ll be happy, I’m just not fully on the love train.
Hinds ~ Hmm this is interesting! The song itself I quite liked, but Jesus, that vocal was really lacking energy, and dragged it down somewhat. Missed opportunity.
Jiselle ~ Asians! I’ve been missing you. This is pretty, although the chorus is a real letdown if I’m honest. I get the appeal.
Zoi ~ Really nice vocal, cute song! I wasn’t blown away by it but I certainly like it more than a good few so far.
Isaac Dunbar ~ Oh another Love, film? There just aren’t enough of those! Anyway oh yes. I liked this.. I wish his vocal was stronger but it’s cool. Good chorus. May stand out for the right reasons, where are the MEN!
Sheppard ~ They don’t know how to disappoint me <3 Nah tbf, the chorus, although GOOD could have used more energy as the verses built too well. But otherwise I’m into it!
Enoka ~ it’s giving me Eurovision vibes but it’s still pretty solid. Really like her voice.
Weki Weki ~ It struck a very good balance between cute and actual song. The chorus is a bit bonkers, but in a good way. Quite enjoyed this overall.
Seven Lions & Blastoyz ~ I LOVE the intro. Even with EDM, it has the makings of a great entry but the trouble with this song is it’s overproduced to death, and I end up more annoyed with it than anything. Less is more.
BELARO ~ Parts of the vocal are really rough indeed on my ears. Aside from that, there’s not a lot to speak of, but it’s a sweet enough entry.
Kathleen ~ Pretty good, really loved the chorus. She has a nice voice and the song is catchy.
Why Don’t We ~ Possible dark horse? This was BANG up my alley and that chorus went OFF, it was really well constructed. Great entry overall.
Jax Jones, Au/Ra ~ Was on my list. It has that staple Jax sound but I’m not mad at that. This is still decent.
MAAD ~ I loved the music & effects in this, quite summery. I don’t think it went THERE for me but I appreciate it for what it was.
Jozels ~ Her vocal really compliments how dark and eerie this one is. I like this.. another contender I should think.
39 days 15 hours ago
1) Bip Ling – really?
2) Moo Malika – not really my thing, its okay.
3) Skandra – its okay, shes a bit twee, heard worse!
4) Raleigh Ritchie – not sure im liking how hes singing. Oh okay!
5) girl in red – bit depressing, but its okay.
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre – her voice is a bit grating, not really my thing!
7) KAYTRANADA – not liking the music, its messing with my ears! Oh okay!
8) Hinds - it’s a bit draggy, but after some of the songs on here its quite good!
9) Jiselle - the music, that whomp whomp noise is really annoying, the other singer is okay, the music is so annoying though, its getting worse!
10) Zoi – not my thing, its okay!
11) Isaac Dunbar – its okay, hes a bit dreary!
12) Sheppard - am I listening to the news? Oh here it is! I quite enjoyed that!!
13) Enoka - shes a bit shrill and a bit nasally, its okay.
14) Weki Meki – points for being Korean and not unbearable!
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz – a bit dancy, a bit repetitive, its okay.
16) BELARO – annoying vocals, the tune is not my thing, its okay. Shes very squeaky, actually quite unlistenable!
17) Kathleen – it was okay, heard worse!
18) Why Don't We – finally! A boy band!!
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra – not liking her voice, but im running out of songs to give points to!!
20) MAAD – not really my thing. Is this another song?  it was okay.
21) Jozels – has this not been used before?
39 days 15 hours ago
1) Bip Ling – I’m sorry but I’m trying to figure out if this is real or not because it is so hilarious watching it and I don’t know if I have gone insane or not
2) Moo Malika – I’m moving my head along to the music and this is very lovely as I really enjoy her groovy singing having an impact on me
3) Skandra – Well this is strange to say the least as her vocals are kind of good but the music doesn’t interest me one bit as they go practically nowhere
4) Raleigh Ritchie – He got a power voice and I do admire that but the music is a downer when I hear one and it doesn’t really pick up anytime soon
5) girl in red – She got a rather interesting voice that does appeal to me while the song does feel like it’s in slumber at times
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre – I simply adore this singer as she brings the life into any song and this is quite a bop as I can’t help to party along to the rhythm that is fantastic
7) KAYTRANADA – This is a smoothing tune with her vocals being soft but so nice to go by and it is a good standard I guess even though towards the end it starts to get boring
8) Hinds – Yeah, her voice is empty to me and this song is very tiring as the music annoys me with it not doing anything but repeating itself and I wish the singer put some energy into this
9) Jiselle – The music is making me very uneasy with how it feels messy while the singers don’t work here and this song physically makes me sick to my stomach
10) Zoi – She got a cool voice which I must say but the music just isn’t that good being a repetitive mess that repeats and agonises me
11) Isaac Dunbar – Okay the beat is kind of a bop as it does feel good hearing that sound that makes me crave for more as this is an alright bop in the end
12) Sheppard – The music is jolly as I like the instrumental and the band got good voices with this being very charming and a joy to hear
13) Enoka – Oh my this is sending me as the ethnic vibes make it sound amazing and this gives Fuego a run for its money being one hell of a banger
14) Weki Meki – Is this meant to be cool because I don’t see it that way with their uninteresting voices being lame and the music being too chaotic
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz – This song has some sense of power to it but then it went downhill when the beat drop happened as that music is headache inducing and I just want it to stop
16) BELARO – Ah is that her voice because it scares me with how awful it sounds with it being very pitchy and who thought it was a good idea to let her sing
17) Kathleen – Okay I feel like she is trying to make this art and I do like her vocals which are nice but the music is lacklustre and doesn’t give the song that extra oomph
18) Why Don't We – The music is bopping as I really like it very much and the singers give a good job as well as this is a nice jam, I could get into
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra – The beat is alright and the song does grow on me as I get that dancing vibe that got my body shaking with groove in my bones
20) MAAD – The beat really isn’t there as it is too basic for me and the singer gives it her best but my god the song is rubbish as it feels like I’ve been listening to it for hours
21) Jozels – Already I’m fed up of this so-called song that more sounds like an experiment gone wrong with her non-existent voice and forgettable music
39 days 14 hours ago
1) Bip Ling - "Bip Burger" Well...... Not my cup of tea. I can't say anythig good about the song..so I won't say anything at all.
2) Moo Malika - "Bad" - Love it, Love her and her voice. also, a very catchy rythm.
3) Skandra - "Rivers" A pretty pleasant vibe, however a poor rythm. It's partially pleasant.
4) Raleigh Ritchie - "Party Fear" Very danceable, chill, great voice. Plus, the rap part was unexpected, but well built in the song. I love this.
5) girl in red - "rue" This was cute. Not great, definitely not bad, but didn't blew my mind. PS: Enjoyed it more than in the semi-finals.
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - "Wired" Totally far away from my preffered music styles.
7) KAYTRANADA - "The Worst In Me" ft. Tinashe Cute, okay voice, nice beat. Too common and I won't remember the song, but it was okay.
8) Hinds - "Good Bad Times" This was simply boring.
9) Jiselle - "Missed Call" ft. Chancellor A chill song, pretty pleasant. Doesn't impress by anything, but it has a really nice vibe.
10) Zoi - "Jasno mi je" Great song, loved the diffrent rythm and I like her voice.
11) Isaac Dunbar - "God, This Feels Good" I kinda like this one too. I don't know if I ever heard this besides now, but it sounds familiar. Interesting club song.
12) Sheppard - "Brand New" The vibe is ok, a little cheesy and simple, but the rythm is pretty catchy.
13) Enoka - "Like A Hurricane" I guess it will do very well. I can't say it's not catchy, the level of the contest is not so high either.
14) Weki Meki - "COOL" Well... it's weki meki.
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - "After Dark" ft. Fiora well...this went somewhere where I didn't expect. Although I wanted it to be something else, I really love this. I love the beat and it makes me miss the festivals.
16) BELARO - "Forever" Ordinary and not my cup of tea.
17) Kathleen - "Can't Sleep" It's strange, the rythm doesn't necessarily works with the instrumental, it sounds like it is more spoken than sung.
18) Why Don't We - "Fallin'" He plays well with his voice, the chorus could have been better, but the music is more than acceptable.
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - "i miss u" It wasn't bad, but a bit too repetitive and forgetable.
20) MAAD - "Get By" I enjoy this retro vibe, the song is chill. Not amazing, but kinda pleasant.
21) Jozels - "Milka" I can't say I like this, it's not bad but doesn't have anything special.
39 days 14 hours ago
1) Bip Ling – legend. The bip burger does look good though.
2) Moo Malika – I don’t quite get the hype, but it’s not bad. :)
3) Skandra - Not sure how well this will do, not sure at all haha :p
4) Raleigh Ritchie – it’s a good vocal but the song doesn’t do his vocal justice, it’s just all over the place.
5) girl in red – This isn’t bad, but against semi 1 songs this doesn’t stand out for me.
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - I feel like most of the songs she sings on sound the same and this is no different. I do like the gospel element though.
7) KAYTRANADA – great vibe here, I was bobbing a long. It’s not out of this world amazing but it’s one of the top songs here imo.
8) Hinds - This is fine, pretty standard tbh. But overall one of the more solid songs here.
9) Jiselle - I disliked the wah wah noises, but her vocal is pretty
10) Zoi – gorgeous vibe, I love this. Geezus the way her vocal lifts, it’s just perfect.
11) Isaac Dunbar – I actually enjoyed his vocal, the song itself is a bit of a non event but it’s pleasant enough.
12) Sheppard - a choice, this is a choice, this is a fine choice. Honestly just a little too twee for me.
13) Enoka - enjoyable, what a bop. Yes, actually slay the faves.
14) Weki Meki - yes fucking slay, FUCKING SLAY! F U C K I N G S L A Y!
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz – Yeah not keen on the electro beats at all, a bit too intense for a Sunday afternoon haha.
16) BELARO - this is fine, I wasn’t overly impressed with the screechy vocals in the build but the whole thing is fine.

17) Kathleen - one of my favourites here, good vocal and I like the progression.
18) Why Don't We - ooph…it’s fine, but it just feels like a poor imitation of songs from a band that I don’t want to reference here. :p
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra – Au/Ra sounds good here, really good actually. Yeah this is a great contender.
20) MAAD - groovy, enjoyable. Nothing amazing but fine enough.
21) Jozels – Revolutionary.
39 days 14 hours ago
1) Bip Ling - i... have never heard of this woman but HELLO??? this is INSANE. if you told me this was nadia oh under a completely new alias i would've believed you. a song for the bip brained people by the bip brained people. this really is STRAIGHT up my alley LMAO i'm gagged at how excellent AND nadia oh this is. i really miss nadia oh :(
2) Moo Malika - y'all really mee mee'd (moo moo'd ig?) her to death and for what? the song is so unremarkable LMAO i'm not amused really i'm just angry this qualified over good girl and roisín murphy. cheap, lazy and overall... really... well, bad. though to be honest, it's not really the most offensive entry in terms of what qualified in this final, which is saying something.
3) Skandra - another kind of surprise qualification? i guess this just got by for being decent. alexeh put it best in the LP, it's very "style over substance". it just exists? there are cool production elements sprinkled throughout but aside that, there's not really a LOT here that i'd find myself wanting to go back to. didn't hate it but i wouldn't seek out for it willingly.
4) Raleigh Ritchie - ahhh!! yes i've heard of this man but never really got into his discography aside from one or two songs. i've actually heard this before and didn't think much of it BUT this is absolutely doing it for me right now?? maybe because i'm in the mood for this or the lyrics are SPECIALLY hitting hard today but i'm so into this... antisocial, anxiety ridden weird funky bop. sounds like mood music i'd eat up everytime i'm feeling more e•mo•tion•al. there's something very haunting about this, and the switch up? yesss i really really like this.
5) girl in red - huh? do *i* listen to girl in red?? 🥺👉👈 a lot like raleigh, i've never really gotten into her discography even though i've been meaning to... i really liked this actually. it was pretty understated and very atmospheric. never really had a WOW moment but i didn't feel like it had to. this was really good actually, it'll do well.
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - i kinda feel for ella eyre giving and contributing so much to a song that is doing the bare minimum. i'm so worn out of these DJ collab songs that get entered like every round. they're so predictable and boring. again, love her and i love her voice, but i really cannot be bothered with this like at all. sorry to this woman and sorry to this man, but yeah. not my thing.
7) KAYTRANADA - i love tinashe so so so much. briefly considered 0ing this in solidarity with my sister slice who got robbed of a win this week but... the mere thought of doing tinashe wrong in anything, like, i would never forgive myself. i have had this song on my list for AGES yet completely forgot about it, but i am so glad to see it here. tinashe never misses and kaytranada is just... a god-tier producer, i love his album so much... and this is a CLEAR album highlight. like, seriously. if this doesn't win, TSC is dead to me. easily one of my favorite songs released this year.
8) Hinds - really been coming around to this one more lately. very much so a grower for me, thought it was cute but not worth the hype in a first listen, really enjoyed it on a second listen, and i'm just really into this on a third listen. very good, indie music that i can get behind honestly. hope this does well!
9) Jiselle - words cannot express how glad i am this qualified. seriously this is so, so good. my favorite discovery from semi 1, i remember LOVING this. this completely ran semi 1 over for me cause that semi was... kind of horrible... and i don't know if this stacks up against some of the songs i absolutely ADORE here but i still really love this. smooth little R&B lite track, straight up my alley.
10) Zoi - i took a mental note to check this out after it got, like, second place in NVSC? i never actually came around to doing that so this is my first time listening to it and... i like this! really like the chorus in fact, the whole song is pretty okay as a whole. i don't see myself pointing this but i do think this is pretty decent, it's kinda one-note throughout but the chorus hits so.
11) Isaac Dunbar - heard this before when i binged 'love, victor' like three months ago? an appropriately okay song for an okay show. i don't really have any strong feelings on this as a whole but i totally get the appeal for people who do. i do think this style has been executed a lot better in past entries too tbh.
12) Sheppard - if sliced white bread was a song, this is how it would sound like.
13) Enoka - y'all getting mad at moo malika as if this beast having qualified isn't as bad or even worse. miss eleni better collect her royalties. this is so cheap and horrible sounding and i am appalled at its' qualification. much like moo malika, it's just... a really really really bad song and it serves as sufficient proof that y'all will let any mediocre commercially sounding woman get past semis even if the song sounds like ASS.
14) Weki Meki - THIS. FUCKING. SERVEEEE. over the past few months i've become something of a weki meki apologist. picky picky was SEVERELY robbed and i hate myself for not giving it a 12 in its original contest and a 20 in best of ever since. nevertheless, this is ACE. this gives me a lot of 3YE vibes ("queen" specifically came to mind the first time i heard this), it's just an incredibly hard-hitting BOP. the song meanders a bit on the second verse but i love everything else about this. honestly so obsessed with this, probably my favorite release by them so far.
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - not gonna lie, there used to be a recent time in my life where i'd be here for this sort of EDM but that time is NOT the present day. i didn't actually despise this too much but it felt VERY incoherent and messy. this gave me "badster" but make it budget, but there was nothing electric bitch about this sadly. yeah not for me.
16) BELARO - DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!! YOU'VE WON JANE... or did you? i remember being struck in a blind fit of rage when i saw this in the running order cause i've been meaning to send this for weeks now yet never did... i just really like everything about this. the chorus is pure alchemy, even if her vocals grate a bitsy. sounds like complete TSC bait and i definetly wouldn't be surprised if this won. let's hope it just doesn't come to that though! ^_^ i do think i know who sent this and... if it IS who i think it is then... you will not be getting the last laugh. EDIT: flop niche reference incoming... i swear she looks so much like natalie from girlicious.
17) Kathleen - it's that damn chorus, isn't it? i'm kinda tired of one name white women in TSC but i really like that chorus. how *am* i gonna get out of this one? verses are pretty unmemorable but the hook is very catchy. i wouldn't say i'm in love with this at all but it's pretty decent for what it is.
18) Why Don't We - NOT these m*n... what happens in 2017... should stay in 2017. i thought this was merely decent at a first listen but i really can't be bothered. "teeth" by 5SOS really was that powerful and influential to the other boyband girlies, i swear i've heard that song trying to be replicated by multiple male artists at least three times this TSC year. taking the kanye sample into account too, i... well, like i said. what happens in 2017 should stay in 2017. i'm recoiling at the mere thought of this getting anywhere near the top 5 but i can't expect much from the same people who carried enoka and moo malika to the finals.
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - i used to be SUCH a slut for jax jones a few years ago... i'm less enthusiastic about his music nowadays but i can still fuck with it. this is less jax jones and more reminiscent of lizot's recent sex club bangers, although i wouldn't say this one hits as hard as "ménage a trois" or "back to her", which are literally the same song but i digress. i do like this quite a bit though, even if it's not as impactful as i wish it was! should do well, though i don't see this winning.
20) MAAD - pleasantly surprised at this qualifying honestly. i've heard this before, this is from tiktok iirc? i like this!! very much so mood R&B music but i'm still very interested in this. cute, slick and smooth. something fun, something for the summertime, something for the girls to get ready and party to.
21) Jozels - immediately interested by the trance production. i feel like i would've enjoyed this more if there was more of a song bar the production, but i'm not too mad at this because i think the production's supposed to be the main point to take away from this song. i guess i liked this? it kinda faded into background music after a while. a very ALRIGHT closer.
39 days 12 hours ago
01) Bop Long — I'm glad this is first so I can completely get it out of my life, Millie B excells this trash of a song. Really annoying and I'm already prepared to move on. NICOLE
02) Moo Malika — This is what some of the people have been ejaculating over. Seriously… I didn't expect for y'all to be stanning a cheap boring song that goes nowhere. NICOLE
03) Skandra — Wow I had no motivation coming into this and the first three songs being completely crap has really helped thanks ☺️👍 NICOLE
04) Raleigh Ritchie — Oh come on this is ridiculous, I've never heard a worser start to a final in my life. Love having to be tortured in a group game I shouldn't really care about ☺️👍 NICOLE
05) girl in red — 😒 I don't even know what to say. This song has no redeeming qualities to it. It's 4 minutes of going nowhere. At this points I'm getting excited for Jozels and I'm intolerant to that song. NICOLE
06) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre — Okay this was good, I needed this. It felt like a feel good summer song that honestly, in October, I'll take! DA'VONNE
07) KAYTRANADA — This was a breath of fresh air. Well, any song with Tinashe is a breath of fresh air. Yeah this song was very pleasant! DA'VONNE
08) Hinds — This was there, I don't think I overly like this but I don't hate it. I think it could've done a bit more but an alright entry. DA'VONNE
09) Jiselle — Eh, I enjoyed bits of it but as a whole not a strong entry. I wish some parts of it could've snapped harder. Had huge potential but just fell flat in my opinion. NICOLE
10) Zoi — We love Balkan Ballads! DA'VONNE
11) Isaac Dunbar — I do like this song it is a guilty pleasure, it has the strongest production so far (along with Zoi) I've never seen Love Victor before but I wouldn't have thought this song would be in it. DA'VONNE.
12) Sheppard — Oh.. if I'm being honest I was expecting a lot more from Sheppard because their songs have been really strong but this doesn't reach the expectations I had for them. NICOLE
13) Enoka — Oh okay this sort of snapped! This was fun. I really enjoyed the build up to the chorus and then the drop also really hit. Really enjoyable. DA'VONNE.
14) Weki Meki — I had high expectations for this, and after the first chorus is dropped massively. NICOLE
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz — I thought I saw ft Fjora and I got really excited for a second. Yeah I really enjoyed this the first time I heard it and on a relisten i felt the same way. DA'VONNE
16) BELARO — Oh wow okay yeah this was definitely above average! It did feel safe but this week all the risky songs are shit so I'll take it! DA'VONNE
17) Kathleen — Not the best I've heard but I actually enjoyed this as a whole, it was a good production and it was a song that I would listen to again. DA'VONNE
18) Why Don't We — I'm speechless! This was actually a really good entry from an artist I had written off at the start. It sounds familiar to another song but wow this is really good. DA'VONNE
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra — I liked it this on my first listen and I still really enjoy it right now. It's not half bad and I'll take it in this week that's surprisingly improved! Brave really knows how to save the best songs to last. DA'VONNE
20) MAAD — An iconic queen. I stan this song I really enjoyed the feel I got from it, I found it a very strong song and yeah definitely a contender for me in my humble opinion! DA'VONNE
21) Jozels — Oh… I wish this contest ended a song earlier. NICOLE
39 days 12 hours ago
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