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46 days 6 hours ago
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - "After Dark" ft. Fiora
46 days 6 hours ago
16) BELARO - "Forever"
46 days 6 hours ago
17) Kathleen - "Can't Sleep"
46 days 6 hours ago
18) Why Don't We - "Fallin'"
46 days 6 hours ago
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - "i miss u"
46 days 6 hours ago
20) MAAD - "Get By"
46 days 6 hours ago
21) Jozels - "Milka"
46 days 6 hours ago
All 21 songs have been posted!!

Please write your comments and send me your votes in the usual TSC style (12, 10, 8-1) by the normal time - 7:30pm BST / 2:30pm EST on Sunday.

Good luck!
46 days 6 hours ago
1) Bip Ling - LOL. Betta take a bite before it gets CAWLD. Not sure if it's ironic or not yet, but it's a bop.
2) Moo Malika - Memba dis from Switzerland's NF in ESCT. I love the vibe of it, but I think she does a little too much with the vocal in parts, when the vibe of the song is very much the type that would do better with some "GO GIRL, GIVE US NOTHING" energy. I like it more than I did on first listen.
3) Skandra - Truthfully, I found the entirety of this to be a drag. Joyless. <3
4) Raleigh Ritchie - As one of TSC's resident Raleigh Ritchie stans, I have to admit that new Raleigh Ritchie doesn't quite hit the way that his older stuff does. Anyway, this is still smoot as fuck and better than a decent majority of things sent to TSC. ^_
5) girl in red - Interesting. Maybe not so much interesting as I'm two minutes into the song and still can't tell if I like it. It's got a cool atmosphere to it, but I can't decide if she's giving us nothing BY CHOICE or not. Very hesitant thumbs up.
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - Very basic production, but I love me some Ella Eyre and I love the gospel-ish backing vocals. Wish the production was stronger, but it's serviceable.
7) KAYTRANADA - This is so good. Dope production + Tinashe is always a good recipe.
8) Hinds - One of those entries that I respect more than I personally like it. See the appeal, but as far as *I* go, it's middle of the road.
9) Jiselle - I could see there being times when this completely passes right by me without any impact, but I vibed to it right now to a certain extent. Chill and pretty. The feature wasn't awful, but added nothing.
10) Zoi - This feels straight off the ESC recommended thread, and I'm not mad at it at all. A Balkan hit.
11) Isaac Dunbar - Yeah, I can already tell I don't like his enunciation a few seconds in. It pops up every once in a while and I cringe a bit. I feel like it has potential, but wasn't really reached. An attempt was made.
12) Sheppard - Heterosexuality wins. I guess it's pleasant if this is your thing, but it's not mine.
13) Enoka - I really like the ethnic bits, but my interest in it goes in and out. It feels very Eurovision NF reject and it's not *THAT* time of the year yet for me.
14) Weki Meki - I was ready for this to be a complete fucking serve and it was on its way there, but the chorus was a bit of a disappointment for me the first time around. Liked it sliiiiightly more the second time around, but I wouldn't say I'm SOLD.
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - My immediate worry is that this is going to be a typical EPIC sounding song. Nope, not the direction that it went in at all. I did not think we were getting an EDM banger, truly and honestly. It's a bit harsh in parts, but it did keep my attention. Not sure if it's for TSC, doe.
16) BELARO - Has a good pace and energy to it. Maybe a little cookie cutter, but I enjoyed it.
17) Kathleen - I was ready to write this off, but the chorus is good. It's unfortunate on first listen that the verses are incredibly boring to me.
18) Why Don't We - Fucked me up with that drumline entrance. Not sold on this vocally, but the instrumental and structure kinda goes off. TORN.
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - Oh, what a banger. This is very LIZOT, so while it's not perhaps the most original sounding, it's so well done.
20) MAAD - I love this Synergy Raw Kombucha ad! I kinda dig the instrumental when there's more brass in it, otherwise it gets a little waiting room/elevator music. It's cute, but half-baked.
21) Jozels - Milka.


2) Bishop Briggs - She is doing the absolute most in this music video whilst just sitting there. Not one of her best releases, but I'm mostlyyyyy into it.
3) IZ*ONE - I respect it more than I like it. Wish it had more of an edge to it.
4) Good Girl - Immediately recognized the Faith Evans/Carl Thomas sample. I ultimately think me knowing the sample ended up knocking this down a bit for me -- the girls can't step to Faith Evans. Without something to put it up against, I'd definitely have liked it more. It's still got a chance, though!
5) Arin Ray - This is so fucking smooth and the lyrics sent me at times, considering it sounds it's sonically on some sweet shit. "I'm about ten minutes from the exit... If you ain't down, I'mma hit the next chick, AND the next chick." <3 This is really good, but I'm worried it won't translate to TSC because it's a man.
9) Róisín Murphy - A bit groovy of a groovy throwback. It's fine, but doesn't ever completely get there for me.
46 days 5 hours ago
1. Bip Ling - Im questioning myself but I actually don’t hate the production, and it is funny.
2. Moo Malika - This is so lacklustre that I struggle to even grasp onto anything this track had to offer beyond being generic background music. Should’ve NQd.
3. Skandra - I found it very empty on my first listen. It was slightly better on my relisten but I still feel like it’s missing a true melody.
4. Raleigh Ritchie - Very strong and unique for TSC standards. Such a chill track that’s very much in my taste range.
5. Girl in Red - This has got a tint of the country-electronic sound that used to be popular. It struggled to fully capture me throughout, but the last 20 seconds were a highlight!
6. Sonny Fodera - This is a decent radio-ready pop track. I think Ella/The Gospel singers were the saving grace here. Production was a bit blasé.
7. KAYTRANADA - Solid entry all round. Tinashe’s vocals sound smooth and production is groovy.
8. Hinds - A nice little bit of dream-pop to make everything better.
9. Jiselle - The production was so fucking delicious I’m still kind of stunned. The chorus is a letdown but oh well we can’t have everything in life.
10. Zoi - Not hugely impactful either way. It was fine.
11. Isaac Dunbar - I did not realise Troye Sivan changed his stage name? This is better on paper, it’s just executed so poorly. Not a fan at all.
12. Sheppard - This made me feel a bit queasy
13. Enoka - Yes I acknowledge it has an ethnic instrumental, woopedydoo, this sounds like a dated Eurovsion song. The key change at the end was the breaking point for me this week.
14. Weki Meki - One of the better KPOP songs I’ve heard lately as it packs a bit more punch.
15. Seven Lions - It reminds me of BADSTER, but a lot less ‘good’. Didn’t really interest me at all.
16. BELARO - I found this cute and sounds like complete TSC bait. Not my personal favourite but this winning would not surprise me.
17. Kathleen - Did she forget a thing called production? What about mixing? This has potential but it just so poorly executed what
18. Why Don’t We - Oh this is sick inducing as it’s basically a cover of Black Skinhead (a very good song) but with corny lyrics.
19. Jax Jones - It’s more of a vibe than his usual stuff, so for me it’s one of his more solid attempts (pushing aside the Breathe/LIZOT influence)
20. MAAD - This elevated a lot throughout. I thought it started weak/very elevator, but literally it just started clicking for me as time went on.
21. Jozels - While there was something off melodically, the dark production did keep me intrigued!
46 days 2 hours ago
1) Bip Ling - LMAOOO STOP IT. I hate that this song is as enjoyable as it is because I really would like to just give it 0 but… guess I’m a food addict. What a (bip bopping to bip) bop. I knew it would qualify and as she should because she did that. This was such good fun in the Bip Burger bun.
2) Moo Malika - I love it when a song title does the commenting for me. <3 So freakin bad. Melodically there are some parts of this I kinda enjoyed but this was so cheap and the parts that I enjoyed weren’t enough to compensate for that.
3) Skandra - I tried really hard to like this because the production is SO up my street but this was just 100% style over substance there’s not much else for me to hold onto. Would’ve loved it in like 2017, but I’m just kinda unbothered by it now.
4) Raleigh Ritchie - OH HELLO?? Was not expecting this to serve THAT much but omg. The vocals, the beats, the synths, everything about this was just excellence. The chorus when the backing picks up YEPPPP this was so so so so so good. The last minute too YESSSSSS I stanned this so much.
5) girl in red - Heard a few of her songs but as a whole don’t know THAT much about her but after this serve I really think I should because hi!! I really enjoyed this, the way it built the whole way through to the last minute or so being excellence, this was definitely a hit.
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - Ella’s voice will never sound bad on anything. This was VERY standard and not particularly memorable other than her voice, but decent enough I suppose. Does its job.
7) KAYTRANADA - And we have a contender. I didn’t even bother going for this because I knew someone else would even though I’ve wanted to send Kaytranada for weeks. Teaching me a lesson I wish I could’ve ruined some people’s lives! But yeah this is excellence I don’t think Tinashe is ever gonna sound bad on a piece of music and the production on this is so good.
8) Hinds - ESCT spoiler: I love this. Glad it’s in TSC to get a better result than it inevitably will there, this is just so good. This sound usually does it for me and this is a great execution of it, great entry all around.
9) Jiselle - Didn’t really stand out to me on first play, but suuuuch a smooth and enjoyable listen from start to finish. The whole thing is just so gorgeous, hearing it for a second time really makes it pop and stand out. Yes I think this is excellence.
10) Zoi - I do know this song and I don’t really like it. Idk I think this kinda Balkan dark sound has been executed better, this is fine but it just feels like there’s one melodic hook and then some cute production there’s not much of a SONG here.
11) Isaac Dunbar - It’s kinda funny to me that even though he’s got a pretty great discography and definitely COULD be a TSC winner with the right song he’s actually probably gonna be a 2 time NQer with a 0% qualification rate. Edit: for some reason he isn’t a 2 time NQer but like he should be so I’m keeping it in my comment. I really don’t know why a person would choose to send this, it’s like alright until the chorus hits and then bleh it goes from alright to pretty bad.
12) Sheppard -  https://i.insider.com/4f15a6bbeab8ea012e000011?width=600&format=jpeg&auto=webp.gif
If you know you know.
13) Enoka - LMAO NOT THIS. Had this one sitting on my list for a laugh, was not expecting anyone to actually send it. It’s entertaining to me but from a musical viewpoint this is probably not getting points this week sorry Enoka love maybe try writing your own song instead of re-recording Raylee’s Wild.
14) Weki Meki - I have listened to this SO MANY TIMES trying to figure out if I actually like it or not and I think I’ve landed on the conclusion that I do! It doesn’t keep my attention the whole way through, but the chorus definitely does slap. Glad it qualified.
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - This was just that EDM song you can find 300 of on THOSE YouTube channels I had no other thoughts about this. Will be more suited to other people but I just didn’t care.
16) BELARO - Okay who the fuck is this? First time that chorus hit I was GAGGED literally who is this woman? Who gave her the right and the access to beats like this? I’ve been obsessed with this since I first heard it I do think I could listen to it FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER.
17) Kathleen - One name white women are getting progressively worse/less funny to me in TSC and it’s a sad sight to see. You aren’t Megan, Kathleen. The actual song is aight, but like Skandra it’s the kind of thing I’d be a lot more into in like 2017 and now it just feels a bit run of the mill. She’s got a good voice though!
18) Why Don't We - Very 5SOS which like there are worse men to be compared to I guess. I’m not necessarily the target audience for this but I do actually like it a lot more than I was expecting to, the chorus does slap a bit and it’s kinda an earworm. Surprise contender? Better straight people music than Sheppard for sure.
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - Have come across this before, it doesn’t really do anything new or blow me away or anything but it’s still a solid enough modern dance track. I’m happy for Au/Ra too since she’s getting bigger and bigger mom. Would never have sent it myself but like if it does well here I won’t be mad at it.
20) MAAD - Idk this is good I guess. The one and only issue with things like this being entered a lot more often is that it’s easy to make comparisons between them and this is far from the best of this genre that’s been entered recently. That being said it’s not the worst either and there are a LOT of positives here - I love her voice and the last minute of this where it becomes a completely different song was great. Rest of it is cute too! Not bad by any stretch this comment is coming across a lot more negative than I actually feel about it.
21) Jozels - Glad someone finally made the move and sent this, some more excellence to fill this semi. This kinda dark dance production is always gonna do it for me and the vocal is especially effective here. The drop is great this song is so so good.
45 days 12 hours ago
01) Bip Ling - BOOT. Bipping was a CLASSIQUE. This is less immediately entertaining to me, but I could see it growing on me over time. Sadly time is not in your favour in this contest.
02) Moo Malika - TOOT. Don't shoot me but I kind of like this LMAO. It's incredibly cheap, and her vocal is dreadful, but I like the instrumental. This summery indie bullshit vibe is almost always something that appeals to me, personally. I mean, I'm still shocked this qualified LOL. I guess I was part of the problem.
03) Skandra - BOOT. This feels a bit awkward to me. The verses are a big pile of nothing. I appreciate the energy of the chorus, but her vocal is dire.
04) Raleigh Ritchie - TOOT. It's been a while since I've heard from this artist. He has better, but I don't dislike it. His vocal is like butter.
05) girl in red - TOOT. This is haunting. I wasn't sold on it at first, but the progression is quite strong. It sufficiently peaks at the chorus each time, and the last minute is magical. This is the first song that seriously impresses me.
06) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre - TOOT. I feel like Ella's been making more generic-sounding music. I'm not saying that's a bad thing considering I've sent one of those generic songs THIS year. This reminds me of the 2015-era of Sigala/Sigma productions. It sounds a bit dated by 2020 standards, but again, I don't dislike anything about it. I'm just not overly impressed by it either.
07) KAYTRANADA - TOOT. I've had this banger on repeat since the semi-final. Seriously so good. The production is thumping, and Tinashe's vocal is silky smooth. I severely underrated Tinashe last time she was entered, but this deserves all the praise she missed out on from me last time.
08) Hinds - TOOT. ESCT spoiler: I love this, too. This is lesbian, indie music done well.
09) Jiselle - BOOT. I wanted to like this, but it failed to leave much of a positive impact. The production is pretty smooth, but the chorus feels a little clunky. I don't care for the feature, either.
10) Zoi - TOOT. Hardly the best Serbian song I've heard, but still decent. I wish the chorus was punchier, but it still gets the job done.
11) Isaac Dunbar - TOOT. This is immediately better than makeup drawer which was god AWFUL. I don't love it, but I appreciate the production behind it. There are some haunting qualities to it. I just wish the chorus was stronger.
12) Sheppard - BOOT. This felt aggressively heterosexual. I don't like it.
13) Enoka - TOOT. This feels like a Melodifestivalen reject from 2009, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't moving in my chair.
14) Weki Meki - TOOT. This is my first time hearing this, and I'm intrigued. The verses are a little all over the place, but the chorus is great. I enjoy this.
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - BOOT. I probably sound like a broken record at this point: but this type of thing has been executed better in the past. The buildup to this was quite good and unexpected, so I'll give that in its favour. I surely didn't expect it to break out into an EDM drop lmao. I'm not sure what to think about this. I don't dislike it, but it's far from the best 'epic instrumental' or EDM song I've heard.
16) BELARO - BOOT. This almost sounds like it's playing at 1.25x speed or something. Nothing about it particularly impresses me, and her vocal sounds autotuned to death.
17) Kathleen - BOOT. I always feel the need to stan the random white girl whose stage name is just her first name, but this was so boring. It feels like a weak attempt at recreating a Nordic pop song. Dagny, Astrid S, AURORA, Sigrid all do it better.
18) Why Don't We - TOOT. I was hoping this was bibbles :( Not bad for the genre. This straddles the line between pop and rock pretty well. The chorus is solid.
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - TOOT. I was going to send this next week. Completely up my alley. I've always liked Jax Jones as a producer, but this almost feels like a LIZOT song meaning I like it even more. It's a standard club-sex banger, but I'm always here for them.
20) MAAD - TOOT. I was about to ask, where are all the black people? This is good. A bit low-key at times, but a cute song nonetheless.
21) Jozels - TOOT. I like this song a lot. While the vocal leaves a lot to be desired, the electro production is seriously on point. This should do well.
45 days 10 hours ago
1) Bip Ling - cute enough gives me my pc fix tht i NEED and serves me a bit of girli and shes also quite stun.
2) Moo Malika - this is literally horrid LOL. its so cheap and the voice is VILE.. she can barely hold the note.. FIND THE NOTE... FIND THE NOTE......
3) Skandra - okay so first thing is that voice. its so fucking gorgeous.. this is RITE up my street. the voice is so unique and beautiful. the production is a slow burner but im enjoying it here. its just chilled and against this vocal is works rlyyyyy well. she def gives me an off-brand aurora at points but idm bc shes a queen.
4) Raleigh Ritchie - ???? yeah it just existed for me honestly and then the break down into that man provided something different which i suppose is a bit interesting but like i was so underwhlemed.
5) girl in red - dunno why but she always grinds my gears but once i get past the person whos singing it, its actually an enjoyable song. a lot more palatable than her other stuff which i just refuse to listen to. it was nice but i still think shes a r@t
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre -  do actually think sonny fodera is okay and ella eyre is treading on THIN ICE with me these days her voice is ok in doses can get a bit grating at points. dunno abt this one as a whole really. the arrangement is very generic and boring because everyone is doing it these days and it offers nothing new... its the same old sh*te when a dj and a pop girl team up and i just am a bit fed up of it tbh... its not even interesting enough. i like elements of it but im just not crazy on it as a whole
7) KAYTRANADA - yeah gorgeous tbh.. nice vibe to it and tinashe is just stun on this. quite chilled but nice enough to bob my head to. it was pleasant.
8) Hinds - YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS I LOVE EVERYTHING ABT THIS ACTUALLY.. it sounds so nostalgic.. so smooth.. so pretty.. so beautiful.. u have SAVED this week.. such a gorg song im in lurveeee
9) Jiselle - i rly like the voice its rly cutesy but i just CANNOT get behind this production LOOL. its so overdone and is giving me war flashbacks i just HATEEEE IT. its a shame bc this song could be a lot prettier but the production just wasnt it for me im afraid but it does get better towards the chorus/end.
10) Zoi - yeah i liked it when it got going. nice chorus. lovely voice.. quite a standout to me to be honest!
11) Isaac Dunbar - was ready to write this off bc of this MOVIE.. but its ok.. gives me troye sivan but its just alright.. a visual would've done this song wonders but without it im not too crazy abt it.
12) Sheppard - god i just cant stand them at this point they come across SO painfully cheesy to me i just can never get behind anything they do anymore. i remember the first time i ever heard them i was walking down town and they were performing outside primark LMFAOOOOO.. i should've known from the start
13) Enoka - the voice is a bit crap lets face it.. sounds so cheap and tacky! its very dated.. idk when it was released and i dnt care to search it up but it sounds so dark sided!!! doing nothin to peak my interest im afraid some generic pop shite!
14) Weki Meki -  somethin i can get behind FINALLY. quite stun and fun. i can hear a few pans and pots banging in the background maybe i wish it was more vibrant we LOVE kpop x pc music collabing <3 it was cute but im probably liking it more bc this week has been quite uneventful so far
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz - another plug.dj song tht all the furries would be BOPPING TO. unfortunately its just not for me
16) BELARO - i mean she looks like a queen but i REFUSE to be shallow anymore.. is she serving? not ENTIRELY.. i think the vocals are quite gorg and when she hits that high note whewww... stunning. but the song itself is just so..... boring? its a decent pop song but it just gives me a filler song on a pop playlist.. easy on the ears but it will leave zero impact on me.
17) Kathleen - i think ppl r MINDLESS SHEEPS .. bc this is gorgeous. the production on this is rly gorgeous.. this voice is so angelic too and the way it builds up to the ending is quite stun. the dancing however is HORRID let me just close my eyes the next time i want to listen to this bc i cant take her seriously LOOOL
18) Why Don't We - just wil never like this generic white male pop sh*te im sorry. if it was a girl maybe id give her the benefit of the doubt but men just dont interest me and give me a buzz in the same way that the girlies DO! this does sound VERY easy on the ears and its very tsc friendly and i could see it doing well but i just CANNOT sell my soul even if it is winning me over a bit.
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra - j@x j0nes.. OH DO ONE... NOT HAVIN IT SORRY
20) MAAD - frm the thumbnail ALONE i thought whew SERVEEE. i just wish some of tht energy was brought into the song. the production and backing track sounds so disjointed to the actual singing.. idk it just seemed very jubbled UP and messy. which is a shame bc i was ready to stan this so hard but im not.
21) Jozels - in a certain atmosphere.. in a certain mood and at a certain time im sure id love this but rn is not that time
45 days 7 hours ago
1) Bip Ling: es la última vez que voy a decir esto: enviar canciones """troll""" intencionadamente no lo hace gracioso. da vergüenza ajena. no lo hagáis.
2) Moo Malika: ESTO es una canción que es GRACIOSA por sus circunstancias y no intencionadamente! esto sí que sí! pero aún así, me gusta mucho la canción y no entiendo por qué recibe tanto odio:(
3) Skandra: siento que esto no debería gustarme pero en el fondo me gusta, y bastante?? no sé, es raro, pero hay algo q me llama mucho y me gusta. skandra reina yo digo sí
4) Raleigh Ritchie: el niño del videoclip me da miedo, eso lo primero. la canción en sí es bastante floja y creo que le falta un poco de fuerza, me ha dejado con ganas de más, es como que a mitad de la canción seguía esperando a q algo interesante pasara pero nada!
5) girl in red: esto no es bad idea??? pero bueno, girl in red es una cantante q realmente me gusta bastante y aunque esta no se acerca a su mejor canción, me sigue gustando :)
6) Sonny Fodera, Ella Eyre: me gusta bastante, pero es un poquito bastante genérica :( su voz es preciosa la verdad y seguramente consiga puntos de mi:)
7) KAYTRANADA: a ver, la canción es bonica pero en bastantes partes me centraba mucho más en el videoclip q en la canción y eso no es bueno :( me da pena porque sé que es una canción con calidad pero le falta algo
8) Hinds: en fin he encontrado al ganador de esta edición x es una canción preciosa y bastante original, si no obtiene el reconocimiento que merece me voy a enfadar!
9) Jiselle: me estaba preocupando un poco porque la verdad que me estaba gustando bastante hasta que llegó el estribillo. no sé, suena como muy robótico??? y luego la voz del chico es horrible joajosoasj no puc més
10) Zoi: me gusta que la gente se arriesgue enviando este tipo de canciones! no es de las mejores de este género que he escuchado ni mucho menos, pero es agradable:)
11) Isaac Dunbar: estoy MUY MUY MUY cabreado porque isaac tiene canciones MUCHO más buenas que esta como miss america y me parece fatal que no la hayan enviado! espero que isaac vuelva a tsc pronto y tenga su venganza.
12) Sheppard: ayyy sheppard, sheppard... para empezar, quiero dejar claro que me encantan como grupo y esta canción es bastante buena, hasta que llega el estribillo. me ha dejado un mal sabor de boca, pero amargo amargo! creo que sheppard pueden hacerlo muuuucho mejor y esta canción debe ser OLVIDADA!
13) Enoka:
mal inclinado
14) Weki Meki: yo de verdad que no puedo con estas canciones y juro que lo intento pero es que no conecto y me da rabia porque estoy seguro de que a mucha gente le gusta pero se ve q no son para mi :/:(
15) Seven Lions & Blastoyz: ahhh nada más ver el video he sabido que iba a ser una de estas canciones a lo épico JAJAJAJ me recuerda a terra mitica que no se si alguien lo conocerá pero bueno yo lo digo JAJJA lo que es la canción me ha gustado bastante, creo que podrían haber cantado más y haber puesto menos instrumental pero está bastante bien
16) BELARO: DIOS! me encanta es que estoy guión jurado jurado!! me recuerda un poco a babet, no sé por qué, pero es un temazo! su voz tb me recuerda a alguien pero no sé a quien??? de todas formas me encanta le doy un diez
17) Kathleen: sinceramente me ha gustado mucho! el estribillo es muy pegadizo y cuando empieza a cantar como mas rapido me encanta, yesysyesy!
18) Why Don't We: mira no te voy a mentir al principio queria odiar la canción pero es que es una obra de arteeeee lo siento os he fallado pero me encanta
19) Jax Jones, Au/Ra: oooh estos dos artistas me gustan bastante! la canción no tanto:)
20) MAAD: esta canción es demasiaaaado aburrida :/ la única parte interesante es la última, y sinceramente parece parte de otra canción completamente lol next
21) Jozels: oh MILKA! esta canción no es mi favorita del mundo, pero es bastante cuca :) me gusta sísísí!
45 days 5 hours ago
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