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280 days 2 hours ago
Live show to be held on Thursday, 8th March at 8 PM BST/3 PM EST.
275 days 21 hours ago
Good luck! Will do my vote/commentary in due course. It鈥檚 getting late 馃尭馃槾
275 days 21 hours ago
Tonight's Running Order

01) Betsy
02) Skip Marley
03) Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr
04) Dolly Style
05) Loreen
06) Janice
07) Dotter
08) Brequette Cassie
09) The Sam Willows
10) Kodaline
11) Off Bloom
12) Loote
13) Sabina Ddumba
14) Rhys
15) Bishop Briggs
16) RAYE
17) Carly Rae Jepsen
18) Wiktoria
19) Salt Ashes
20) Celtic Woman
21) Molly Kate Kestner
23) Luna
24) Walk The Moon
275 days 21 hours ago
01) Betsy - 'Lost & Found'

02) Skip Marley - 'Lions'

03) Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr - 'Firestarter (feat. Shaggy)'

04) Dolly Style - 'Bye Bye Bby Boo'
275 days 21 hours ago
05) Loreen - 'Statements'

06) Janice - 'Love You Like I Should'

07) Dotter - 'Evolution'

08) Brequette Cassie - 'No Enemy'
275 days 21 hours ago
09) The Sam Willows - 'Take Heart'

10) Kodaline - 'Brother'

11) Off Bloom - 'Falcon Eye'

12) Loote - 'High Without Your Love'
275 days 21 hours ago
13) Sabina Ddumba - 'I Cry'

14) Rhys - 'Last Dance'

15) Bishop Briggs - 'Dream'

16) RAYE - 'Shhh'
275 days 21 hours ago
17) Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Cut To The Feeling'

18) Wiktoria - 'As I Lay Me Down'

19) Salt Ashes - 'Save It'

20) Celtic Woman - 'Tir Na Nog (feat. Oonagh)'
275 days 21 hours ago
21) Molly Kate Kestner - 'Prom Queen'

22) BANKS - 'Gemini Feed'

23) Luna - 'Free Somebody'

24) Walk The Moon - 'One Foot'
275 days 21 hours ago
The points go like this


But not only that but you need to send in who came in 13th, 14th, and 15th in case people get disqualified.

275 days 21 hours ago
If you have qualified to finals, you are required to vote and comment - failure to do so will result in a DQ, however, you will still be invited to participate in the regular TSC.

If you failed to qualify in semis, but voted there, you are not required to do that for finals, although if you want to be a juror, you can send me your votes in PMs.

If you failed to vote and comment in semis, you are required to vote and comment in finals in order to be invited for the regular TSC.
275 days 21 hours ago
275 days 18 hours ago
Luna officially the best kpop entry of 2017 confirmed

RIP Twice
RIP Red Velvet
275 days 17 hours ago
01) Betsy - I GET the appeal of Betsy, but there's something that just doesn't click for me with her vocally. I enjoy the production and what she does stylistically, but the voice is still attempting to grow on me.
02) Skip Marley - I totally vibe to this, but more importantly, I love the message behind it in TODAYS AMERICA. Musically, it's a bit of a throwback, as well. Unfortunately, it was used in that ridiculous Pepsi ad where Kendall Jenner ended racism and police brutality by opening up a carbonated beverage.

03) Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr - Put a gun to my head. Pull the trigger. I feel like they play ~this~ a lot in ~heaven~
04) Dolly Style - SNAPS for the only Dolly Style song that I've heard that I can truly tolerate and even slightly enjoy! (I like it more than I'd like to admit).
05) Loreen - I overplayed the ever-loving fuck out of this during Melfest times to the point where it ranked pretty lowly on my year end list as to where it SHOULD have ended up.
06) Janice - Dig this one. Originally didn't end up on my shortlist for listing, but luckily remembered it right before I started ranking, and it ended up finishing decently well.
07) Dotter - Dynamic, changing, compelling, influential, lively, potent, powerful, progressive, thesaurus.
08) Brequette Cassie - Was in my top 100 entries of the year. It's so solid and one of the best things to come out of the Eurovision preseason of last year.
09) The Sam Willows - It's grown on me since I finished doing my lists. It's a nice toe tapper.
10) Kodaline - Not my usual cup of tea, but it's still so incredibly pleasant.
11) Off Bloom - The verses are solid, but what really gets me pregnant is the pre-chorus, chorus, and drop. It slaps so unbelievably hard. This should have the seizure warning, not Angie. It's like if M脴 was more talented and did more uptempo songs like "Don't Wanna Dance." What I'm saying, is that it's basically a dream come true.
12) Loote - It's fairly pedestrian and familiar, but a nice kind of familiar.
13) Sabina Ddumba - Stunning, brilliant, dazzling, gorgeous, impressive, lovely, ravishing, remarkable, sensation, smashing, spectacular, striking, wonder, thesaurus.
14) Rhys - This is one that has slipped through getting points from me in its original contest AND making my shortlist for end of the year, but the end result is that I actually MOSTLY really enjoy it as a whole. My mistake!
275 days 17 hours ago
15) Bishop Briggs - Trash heap.
16) RAYE - There's something about this that SHOULD NOT WORK, but everything about is just pure perfection. The verses are sung so quickly that it should sound like a jumbled mess, but it sounds fantastic to me (and apparently people with 118 more points that were given out to it). HOMEGIRL SLIGHTLY HARMONIZES WITH ROBOTS -- A FRITZY/RICKTWORICK CLASSIC FAVORITE. She goes off and then pulls back right at the perfect moments. The whole thing is just an experience.
17) Carly Rae Jepsen -SONG.OF.THE.SUMMER.THAT.SOMEHOW.DIDN'T.BECOME.THE.SONG.OF.THE.SUMMER.BECAUSE.BREEDERS.UNDERRATE.CARLY.But it somehow ended up being the promo song for that shitty MTV "Siesta Key" that presumably nobody watched. Uncharacteristically looking for the positives in everything, I guess.
18) Wiktoria - Too modern. ;) I don't think I've listened to this since it was entered, despite being a fan of it during Melfest last year. I think I'm more of a fan of the idea of Wiktoria than the actual finished product of this song.
19) Salt Ashes - Not to exclude any other of the new contestants this year, as most have been great, but Alexeh has overachieved and done SO WELL. I think this entry (along with others, he has a win under his belt) is a shining example of how he's quickly picked up on the tastes of others. This is flashy enough to pick up support from those who love a good banger, but not too moder-... flashy to turn off most who aren't usually drawn to those types of songs.
20) Celtic Woman - Simply not my thing.
21) Molly Kate Kestner - Trash heap.
22) BANKS - Banks is sexy. Meanwhile she's all like "LMFAO AND YOU THOUGHT THAT I WOULD MARRY YOUR SORRY ASS?" and I still think it sounds sexy. Maybe I COULD succeed as a clueless straight male. No shade to clueless straight males either, but Banks just showed you what you lost by acting like a fuckboy.
23) Luna - Luna moon me up, honey! Appreciate that the vocals aren't too sugary sweet in this one. Not in love with it, but not a bad ope-*remembers I'm c/p'ing*... penultimate song for this Best Of contest!!!
24) Walk The Moon - Got my toes tapping. Good closer.
275 days 17 hours ago

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