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Who do you want to evict? -- SFN8 Ep1

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


EVEN IN GROUP GAME STARS I CAN'T GET PEOPLE TO STAY LOYAL FOR 1 ROUND LMFAO... It's not for lack of trying, I came in and already had a target painted on my back. Please save me, I'm ready to crack some skulls. GL Michael.


It would really suck to have to be first boot of my first ever group stars game... and especially be perceived as a wink link. By saving me, I'll guarantee to brew the tea and rattle the cast for you all. It's too early to go, please save me! 馃挀
GL Julian


  1. joneduardosaved yarn <3
  2. Absoljulian is such a king
  3. AlanDuncansaved julian
  4. Auxana707Saved yarn
  5. harrywasnakevicted yarn sounds like a multi and I like Julian