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Who do you want to WIN?

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


I've worked really hard in this game, from start to finish, and it would be devastating to fall short. I played my heart out to make it to this position and now my fate lies in your hands. I hope you find me worthy enough to win. GL S/T


I hold the distinction of surviving 5 nominations, 4 of them being back to back. They tried to keep me down but they couldn't get me out. Your support got me here, so I hope you stick by me in this final chapter! Gluck Ty/Ray


I came to slay, and that I did. The only time I went up was from a diamond POV and one can say I ran this game the best I could. This game has been mostly in my favor and I always knew I had my angles covered. GL Ray and Shadi


  1. Akoraicon
  2. joneduardochastain :)
  3. melindaMrskkTyler
  4. BigMamaTChastain
  5. Lalisalol thx for the spam chastain
  6. KateN7766Chastain, icon!
  7. AlanDuncanRay sorry Tyler
  8. EyooMarcusVoted chastain since ray likes to remove me on Skype :) will vote on several accounts as well.
  9. SharonMaItemsGentleman
  10. Survivor8G
  11. sjsoccer88Between Tyler and ray but have to vote for ray Good luck all
  12. LusciousLips5I love an underdog and my support is 100% behind chastain
  14. QueenOfFierce#Chastain4Victory
  16. AmetrineBAMMY
  17. 12375igentleman
  18. FelipeSgentlemang
  19. MBG93Tyler
  20. Rudy03Chastain
  21. BigBrotherSuperToMeChastain
  22. adamgrantChastain
  23. Birks4444Chastain
  24. CoachWadeChastain
  25. Ethan000Chastain
  26. JoeDaManXDLosa votes for Chastain "Shockerrrr"
  27. AdamRasmussen38Chastain
  28. JTthePrinceChastain
  29. MizfitChastain
  30. galoreChastain
  31. Catch_a_falling_starChastain
  32. MixxChastain
  33. onemanarmywell certainly don't want Ray or Tyler to win so Chastain
  34. Wolven6974Chastian
  35. rawr121yall flavored chastain LMAO
  36. AntonBChastain!
  37. HUNTERBC88Chastain
  38. JamesluChastain
  39. LoveLifeHis chance **
  40. LoveLifeI love Tyler. I love Ray. But chastain has put in the effort that lets him deserve this win. He has given this everything he has and for what it’s worth I don’t want to pick between friends. I’ll vote for chastain. This is chance to become an iconic member of the Tengaged community. #underdog
  41. Joooon16_chastain
  42. Kgamer2218Chastian*
  43. Kgamer2218Voted Christian cause he sent me a long paragraph
  44. Christian_first to send me a picture of a Boston terrier in a purse gets my vote
  45. tonyalbrightY’all don’t seriously expect me to pick between you three..
  46. noobsmoke13Voted for Chastain
  47. zorbo678Tbh, I honestly feel like the flavoring of Chastain is just poor gameplay. Ray is a great dude and all, but this is just dumb. Voting for Chastain.
  48. Brandonh1Chastian
  49. Eointyler
  50. paul028Chastian
  51. top20fan33Tyler Slaying the Masses
  52. jwbrineChastain
  53. Katherinee_Chastian <3333
  54. J2999Gl to you all, grats on F3!
  55. NotNicky333Ray. GL tyler!
  56. Petroray
  57. jacksonjoseph99Ray