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Second Chavllenge: Discovering your fetish

Topic » Second Chavllenge: Discovering..

5368 days 2 hours ago
As a girl representin' the jersey shore I got mad things that I be lovin'.
My main fetish is goin to da tannin' salon. I luv latherin' on my bronze tingler lotion by European Gold and heatin' up in the beds. I go like 4 or 5 times a week to maintain this nice shade of orange. It is like seriously a fetish of mine, if only the rest of the world knew how amazing da experience be at the local salon, its like a 20 minute trip to the caribbean 5 times a week!
Another fetish of mine is Room Raiders on MTV, that is my absolute favorite show. Mmmm those men be darlin on there, i want them to raid my room.
Obviously I have a fetish with the up keep of my nails.  I started like 7 years ago with tips and now they are my real nails and i get them wrapped.  Lin Chung does an amazing job every thursday for me.  Last thursday I got the american flag on my nails to celebrate Labor Day.
I have ton of other fetishes but they aren't that appropriate to talk about yo.
So on that note, stay classy like me
oh 2 weeks ago I got tiger print did on my nais.
check um out
5367 days 22 hours ago
lol. these are good.
5367 days 21 hours ago
ello you lot. Fatima Faffy Ashraf, checkin-in. Sorry fo da long arse waitz, aive been too busy jillin off to ma secret pashuns. Omma let you lot in on me secret...ah get me blood boilin' when ai fink about ghosts. There's a term fo it, sPeCtRoFiLiA.....but ah call eet luv <3.  Eet all started wen I wuz a rite yung lass, watchin' the telly wif me mum Kathleen Kaffy Ashraf. We wuz in da featres an we saw Patrick Swayze gettin down wif some sket bint onna pottery wheel. Ah fink dat was me first orgazm, or stroke. Anywayz, aive bin lookin' fo me perfect ghost m8 eva since. Wennai get too drunk on me lambrini wif me m8s at da tube stashun, ai slippaway to da semmetary an jus play wif me ouija board lookin' fo da one.  Dayum, jus ritin' dis shiz ga me all 'ot. Nartamean?
5367 days 19 hours ago
Still remaining:


A few hours remain and I'll stop accepting entries.
5367 days 19 hours ago
ehh, I be walking down da street one dayuh boi' and I saw this gurlie, yo. She had thus baskut, you see and uh... I asked her whuts insiduh. She toljme that, BAM! Lie down and I'll showju, so I lied down, y'know what she did? She poured that SHIT all ovah me. But it felt sooo goo' and after since then, I hash a fetish for girls with baskets with 'em.

That's my story.
5367 days 18 hours ago
yooooo. lEt me tell u what turns meh on ya???????!@  i gotta thing for the eblows lad,,,,, one tuch or rub of one of thoseeee and ya got me going ladzzzzz.  one rub anywhere @round my bodyy and ya got me orgasming yeah????  YAEH!!!\
theres a picture pabz.  maybe we can try thizz later on yeah???? 
1 on 1 time yeah woohoo!@!
5367 days 15 hours ago
Okay deadline has well more than passed. Judging to be revealed now.

I have decided to let my guest judge's scores stand. I think he did a fair job and I agree with the majority of his scores.

If you guys haven't heard recently, I have become kykysimon92's newest BFF. Therefore he has done me the favour of being our guest judge for this challenge. I believe that he has the best experience in judging this challenge and he did not disappoint :)

Three players will be eliminated in this challenge. Six of you will fall on the "to be eradicated" list. Only one will be saved by fellow players. Then I will eliminate three of the remaining five.
5367 days 15 hours ago
chaoiquna (loosens) - you came in at 7th place. And I'm not sure I agree with this placement. I thought your entry was extremely well written and was one of the most hilarious entries in there. Anyway, you're still safe, and I will not look at a toilet plunger in the same way ever. I think your entry definitely hit the target on the task. I could definitely share that fetish.

There was a tie for fifth place. Both Chav Ward and ChErRi-LaMbRiNi. I think you both had very good entries. I love the video and the picture that you each provided. I love hoodies and um...well armpits sure are interesting. Some people like them, and I guess I could try that too. You are both safe as well.
5367 days 15 hours ago
At fourth is chavo. I'm not sure kykysimon understands the significance of this fetish. I think a lot of us here know a famous Trinidadian on tengaged. I talked to her tonight, in fact, she's a lovely lady and I think your fetish is something that I could get behind. You did a great job with your choice. And I don't mean for this entry. I mean, like when you married her. That was a good choice.

At third is Ashleigh (chrissyhill01). I get your fetish well and I agree it's very hot. I can easily be your soldier boy from the Brasilian army. Voce quer que eu conquiste a sua terra? Congrats, you're safe.
5367 days 12 hours ago
Emmaleigh, your was chosen to be second. You did amazing and your nails were well did. I think you can raid my room anytime. I'm sure you'd enjoy all the porn I have hidden in my closet. I'm sure you'll find Ginny hiding in my bed too.

And kykysimon chose BlueStar as the top entry. Congrats! I love graffiti. And anyone who's willing to deface public property is alright with me. Usually when I deface public property, it's by urinating on some wall and then puking on it because I'm piss drunk, but graffiti is hot too.
5367 days 12 hours ago
This leaves Haskova, Alex1991, joeyjones, kirkitude, Genevere, Kaffreya, and cheznahuf as the bottom seven. kykysimon only chose one of you to be safe, the rest of you will face the player vote. Remember that this is a triple elimination coming up too.

Well in eight place is Courtnee Babez. I agree that prams are hot, and I think chaioquona would agree as well. Ditto with cherri-lambrini, as both are experienced in the child department. Congrats! You are safe.

In ninth place was cheznahuf. You would've made the cut, but unfortunately you were a top chav last round. And when a former top chav falls to the bottom half, that person must go up on the to be eradicated list. Your entry was good in my opinion. Very clever and creative. I definitely liked it, but my BFF (Best Fetish Friend) didn't. Sorry.

In tenth place was Genevere. To be honest, I would've put you in last place, if I were the judge. That's not a fetish at all. That's just gross. Now a phallus up the nose? That's a fetish.

Kaffreya and Kirkitude, both of you tied for last with kykysimon. I think you guys put something up just to be sure you submitted something. So that means the world to me that you were able to put something up with such short notice :) Makes me hope that you can be my booty call someday.

Haskova and joeyjones, both of you did not submit and are automatically up for eradication.

There you have it. Please vote for one of these six to be saved from deliberation. Vote deadline will be whenever I wake up on Thursday morning. But get your votes in ASAP. I will close it if I get all votes early (unlikely).
5367 days 12 hours ago
Good luck everyone
5367 days 10 hours ago
~*Rushes in wit her pink adias tracksuit*~
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