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Second Chavllenge: Discovering your fetish

Topic » Second Chavllenge: Discovering..

5372 days 1 hour ago
This chavllenge has not started yet as we are still in deliberations to determine which two players will be eradicated from the chav world. If you have not done so, please vote on which player you want to save from going into deliberation.

In the meanwhile, you can start to prepare for the next challenge. As you all know, chavs are my fetish. You all had to participate in my fetish and you all did wonderfully. There was some top chavs in there. And almost everyone stepped up to the challenge. However, I'm a fair guy and am willing to compromise. Now that you did mine, I will do yours. I need every player to describe and demonstrate what tickles your fancy. (Please keep it fairly clean. Nothing too graphic.) Some people get horny over specific eyebrows (chola) or specific settings (hospitals) or specific jobs (french maid) or specific people (fatmate).

Tell me what turns you on by telling me what it is. Safe for work visual aids are welcomed.

If you want to start early, just post here, but the chavllenge does not officially start until deliberation occurs tomorrow.
5371 days 3 hours ago
You may now start to post your challenges here. Deadline will be about Monday 8 pm EST? I can be easy on the deadline if you guys need to.
5371 days 3 hours ago
I don't want to hear any anatomy parts, please.

Also, this does not have to be a real fetish. It can be a humorous one. Just tell me what it is that "turns you on". Whatever you think would keep you around in the competition.
5371 days 3 hours ago
Post in here only what you feel comfortable sharing. Please reply here to complete the challenge.
5371 days 2 hours ago
YaL i lUv ToIlEt PlUnGaS... I CoUlD neVeR Af0RD a DiLLO oR wHaTeVa ThEm LoNg RuBbErY tHiNgS r CalLeD I dOnT gO 2 sChOOl So i DoNt GiVe a FUCK HoW 2 sPeLL tHaT Sh!!!T. ThE BeSt PaRt Is tHe WoOD! U CaN StEal ThEm fRoM aNy RaNdOm GaS StAtIon BaThRoOM. ThEy uSuAlLY EvEn FiT In My **VoN DutCH** LUGGAGE BAG =]... I cArRy It EvErYwHeRe. ThAt AnD a FeW 40's. I GoTtA StAy FlY 24/7. Be BaCk LaTeR BiTcHeS My TrAcKSuIt Is DoNe DrYiNg.
5371 days 2 hours ago
:) hot.
5371 days 2 hours ago
Also, you don't have to write it out all chav if you don't want to anymore (unless i specifically ask you to). I want to get to know you.
5370 days 23 hours ago
Apparently as a chav, I LOVE armpits.. They're like totally hairy and I like to stare at them all day.
5370 days 23 hours ago
(Only Pablito will get this joke about me. :P *Sigh* I swear in my non-chav form, I don't have that fetish.)
5370 days 3 hours ago
I am so like totally revealing myself in this post. I LOVE this video and watch it several times a day. I also try to imitate this perfect example. Can you love me enough to do this for me my Chav monkey?

5369 days 21 hours ago
Deadline extended to Tuesday midday.
5369 days 6 hours ago
I cant believe im gonna admit this, but my fetish is for older Trinidadian (is that even a word?) women..I have always denied this but its finally time to stop lying to myself...I dunno why but I just think they are so hot, and the accent...Well its just amazing.. I will leave you with a video of Trinidads finest women..Everyone enjoy, I know I will
5368 days 22 hours ago
HeYa HoW Ya DoIn GoRg
ChErRi-LaMbRiNi HeRe AgAiN
My FeTiSh Is FoR HoT gUyZ iN HoOdIeS sO HaWt!
LuV tO SeE yOu In It
LuV yOu SeXy
5368 days 21 hours ago
My fetish is art.. Theres nothing sexier than a guy who knows how to spray his magic on the wall, Shows he is good with his hands and pays attention to detail.. Look what ma fella did for me <3

Ye know wat dey say about boi who can spray art on a wall, he can spray art on my foofoo

I made dis for yooh hunni -
Hope you like it ;)
5368 days 4 hours ago
Courtnee Babez here, ma fetish is prams yeah, cos like me and ma mates all have kids yeah like when we 13 so we all got real good prams init n now i ave a collection of em, here is my best pram so cool init?
5368 days 3 hours ago
My fetish, well I have two. They work nicely together.
As you already know, I love accents and foreign language. Work that with my authority fetish, and what do you get? An unbelieveable hott mess. This ranges from soldiers, police, almost anything that requires a uniform, just has to be worn right!
All you need to do is dress up into a sexi uniform, approach me in that man strut and turn on that hunk of a voice you posess....and I'm yours for the takin'.
Here let me show you.

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