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Vote to Win Final Poll!

Open Poll. Anybody can vote


Hugs my besties! We did that!

I was nommed the least, but we’ll all give the gift away so I don’t care what happens ☺️

Enjoy this picture of my puppy!


I came here to win! I don’t care about the prize, I’ll give it away. And anyone who votes me :)

Good luck to my two men ❤️


I’m here to win babes!
Gift giveaway will follow ♥️
I send sluty photos for votes.
Gl Tony and Danny my lovers.


  1. tonyalbrightAlways the bridesmaid, never the bride! Congrats Shawn babe!
  2. jason_2_1228 votes!
  3. shawnpat7We did it!
  4. jason_2_12Grats Shawnpat7
  5. iSandehi send slutty pictures for my votes
  6. SweetBlossomrose1Best pal shawn
  7. Eliandanny
  8. cheritaisdeliciousTonya
  9. Kiara_xoxoWhy did y’all play if none of y’all wanted the gift that some of us need
  10. abrogatedAnyone but shawn
  11. jason_2_12Just going to pick my parents up then will close the poll! Be about 20 mins! Goodluck! (If I get stopped at lights then I’ll end it sooner :))
  12. dannyjr0587Gl Tony and Shawn ILY both. Vote for me!

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