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Challenge 8- The Golden Tucks!

Topic » Challenge 8- The Golden Tucks!

2528 days 3 hours ago
Hello my final 5 racers! For this challenge you are all nominated for the Golden Tuck for year's best film!

Your fellow racer, Trigger has given out the different genres that you will be using for the challenge.

Romantic Comedy - L'Oreal Starbursts
Horror - The Appetizer
Sci Fi - Pamma Granite
Film Noir - Big Mac-Kenzii
Pornography - Trigger Warning

To win the award you must blow the judges away with your PUBLIC submission of:
-Movie Title
-Main Character
-Movie Poster
-Short description of plot
-AND a runway of you hitting the red carpet for the Golden Tuck awards!

PRIVATELY I need a lipsync submission to the following song:

The deadline for this challenge is: April 5th at 11:59 PM EST

Any questions or concerns let me know!
2524 days 7 hours ago
Movie: Western Expansion. Part 1: The Louisiana Purchase


Main Character: (Expanda Dong/Louisiana Purchase)

Before Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory, the tribes in the area were prosperous. One of the most powerful and mysterious of these tribes was the Viagrah tribe. The tribe was known for their endowed males and magical females. Normally, Native American males are not very long but their females are known to have voodoo pussies that when penetrated in the right environment, can expand dongs to many lengths. However, they were no match for the envious American settlers who took their land and enslaved them all. Expanda Dong was just 11 years old when this happened, her coming of age ceremony was to be soon, where she would finally unlock the powers to her own voodoo pussy, but her tribe was torn apart before it could happen.

Years later, we find Expanda Dong working in a brothel in St. Louis, where she was given the name Louisiana Purchase. One day a historian and anthropologist Clark Lewis comes into her brothel. Clark Lewis is a man who has a dick of about the size of a pill bottle. He visits brothels as no woman would ever be satisfied by him, unless it was a paid one. Once he sees Louisiana, he instantly knows she is of Viagrah descent. He asks her if she can help him with his problem. The two must travel throughout the Louisiana Territory to complete Louisiana Purchase’s coming of age ceremony and return to her homeland where he must fuck her right in the pussy to access the powers of her voodoo pussy and expand his dong. What will become of them? Find out soon on a premium porn site you’ve cleared from your history.


Red Carpet Runway:
2524 days 7 hours ago
"Segreto di Alyssa" Poster Alyssa Morelli: Sex - Lies - Delusion - Love; powers binding Alyssa's life. She will not take romance without finance and of course, acceptance. But will she pay the price for her "secret"?

Alfanso Maretti [Fading man] is the Big Mac's Brothel's most RESPECTED client and of course, a COLD-HEARTED-SNAKE. He has his eyes on a beauty, true Fish, Miss Alyssa Morelli [Top; Middle]. Infamous for her heartbreaking seduction and her INCREDIBLE mug, the danger of Alyssa attrack Alfanso ever so more. But, obviously, Alyssa is not an innocent. Secrets keep "her" in spotlight of victorious veterans, but Alfanso is no veteran. Son of lead Mafia Boss in the city - he gets what he wants, no matter hard it is to get. Dates they go - to the room they stay - a kiss they share - and it all comes out. Alyssa's Secret is no longer safe. He ain't NEVAH been with a man like him before. Is HE ready for the ride? Will HE pay the price? Will HE make out alive? Clocked - Cocked - Tucked - and Snatched. Get ready for the bing-bang-boom.

2524 days 6 hours ago
-Movie Title
"The Appetizer" (1967 [original version])

-Movie Poster

-Short Description
"The Appetizer" starts when a crazed chef who received countless terrible reviews creates the world's worst nightmare in the kitchen: The Appetizer. She had created exactly what she wanted; something that would destroy all those who once diminished her. However, it didn't stop there... when the chef realizes that The Appetizer is not only out to get the critics but also its own creator, she joins forces to defeat the unstoppable. But is there any use? Is there anything that can stop... The Appetizer?

-Main Character(s)
The Appetizer as The Appetizer
Carolyn Luv as Bad Chef
Francine Briggs as Main Critic
The Theatre Thug as The Restaurant Robber
Zoanette Johnson and Squirward Tortellini as Lounge Musicians

Bringing horror to the red carpet, Appetizer style.
2524 days 6 hours ago
I’m here to introduce a sci fi movie that’ll invade your computer libraries when you pirate it online... you cheap motherfucker.

Main Character:

  Zamma Zaddy  was always known and teased for her wild and big hair. It was a distraction, it was a hassle to keep up with, and ALL the magazines said long, blonde hair is the only thing that matters in this world. That is, until one fateful day.


  “Hair today, gone tomorrow!” the evil Butch Queen cackles. She’s come to the Earth, jealous of all the length, shine, and volume human beings have on their heads. With the help of her royal armada, she turns all the long hair of the world into buzzcuts and bowlcuts. The masses were horrified! The bald people didn’t care.

  As humanity dissolves and hair sheds, Zamma realizes that she is the protagonist of this story, defeating a horde of goons who were after her cauliflower locks. But can she save the world, the people, or her edges? Or will the Butch Queen turn the world into an Oblivion Rockefeller wet dream? Find out, watch ZAMMA ZADDY. Starring Pamma Granite as BOTH main characters.


Runway Look: 
I decided to go for the futuristic thing to fit my movie because I’m one of ***those*** actresses. And like the magazines said, long, blonde hair is the only thing that matters.
2523 days 7 hours ago
*sees that isaiah is gone from list of featured players*
*the sound effect from the vivienne/honey double elimination plays*
2523 days 4 hours ago
Shreckh 5

The story is about a girl named Shreckh who falls in love with another girl named Feeionah.

you know i walked in with my rihanna hair on and i think it's couture i think i served up glamour and fishy fierceness on the main stage

she showed up at the red carpet wearing swamp leaves because

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