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Tengaged's Drag Race

It is time for Tengaged's first ever next drag superstar! (Brought to you by Scoderk 2.0)

Do you have the Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent it takes to come out on top?

The winner of Tengaged's Drag Race will receive
a LIFETIME supply of avatar eyebrows, provided by Gemma17
A customized TrishyTrash breast plate
An ALL expenses paid gift from Tengaged shops
and a cash prize of 100,000  Zwooper coins
And the title of Tengaged's Next Drag Superstar

May the best woman WIN!

meet your judging panel
Brandonator, the hostest with the mostest and his best (well good) friend Benry ..............................Cody also

Progress table:

Big Mac-Kenzii (Stering_butter)

14th: Tiffany Bayonette (Chips47)
13th: Tayvie Noon (HighNoon)
12th: Diane De Drame (Jtotalturtle)
11th: Vex Vendetta (Finnick)
10th: Tatianna LaVern (Jeriber)
9th: Justice IV Bionic (Yaxha)
8th: LaKisha Kwondenisha (Hunty)
7th: Annaisse La'Blaque (Zoeygasms)
6th: Melody Vine (Insanity)
5th: L'Oreal Starbursts (Artpop)
4th: Trigger Warning (MichelleObama)
3rd: Pamma Granite (konohavillage1)
2nd: The Appetizer (Clone)
1st:  Big Mac-Kenzii (Stering_butter)

Featured Players 1 playing

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