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53 days 5 hours ago
School and/or Occupation:
ORG Experience:

And finally, what will you bring to the cage?
52 days 22 hours ago

I will be closing applications three weeks from now on January 31st at 12AM EST & will then reveal the cast throughout the day on February 1st!
52 days 6 hours ago
Name: Nicky
Age: Over 30.
School and/or Occupation: Social Worker
ORG Experience: Winner of Lhooper Big Brother, 3rd place in Big Brother All stars. Host of 4 seasons and an all stars of drag race. 5 times drag org crowned winner and 4 time mentor.
52 days 6 hours ago
Name: Jade
Age: 30+
School and/or Occupation: Data Management
ORG experience: back in the day I was runner up of Chantra鈥檚 Survivor, and even hosted my own Survivor group on here. Would love to get back in to the competitive spirit after only returning to tengaged recently after a 5 year absence.

Discord: Murly2104
51 days 22 hours ago
I forgot my discord is nijoco and I wanna come to the cage because I love been chained up 馃憖
51 days 21 hours ago
The clown
Grave robber
I have orgy experience but not org.
I like cages.

I have no discord. I can get it if you want.
47 days 3 hours ago
Name: Athena
Age: 22
School and/or Occupation: Veterinary Nurse
ORG Experience: I've been out of the scene for around 6-7 years but I'm ready to jump back in.
Discord: Persephone#0840
46 days 6 hours ago
Name: Leo Pavanelli
Age: 22
School and/or Occupation: Production Assistant
ORG Experience: I really love org games, I played some survivor org games and also big brother simulators, I love orgs and usually I have plenty of time to play them

And finally, what will you bring to the cage?
I bring entertainment, I bring good discussions and good movement in the game! I won't be a plant that stands still and watches the game, I want to play to win!
46 days 6 hours ago
Name: Nathan
Age: 30
School and/or Occupation: I don鈥檛 wish to disclose tbh
ORG Experience: I have won several orgs - Hotel on Discord, Survivor Superstar on Facebook, Big Brother Redemption on FB. 4th in Big Brother Expedition and 1984. 2nd in Big Brother Expedition All stars, 3rd in Big Brother Battlefield and Big Brother Vanquish - all fb orgs.

And finally, what will you bring to the cage?
I say what I think all the time, I鈥檓 not afraid to stand up for myself and for other people if necessary. I鈥檒l call someone out and bring the spice. I don鈥檛 hide into the background, I鈥檒l be seen. I鈥檓 also British, we need some British spice.
46 days ago
Age:old enough
School and/or Occupation: customer service/ School of hard Knocks
ORG Experience: way too many to count.

And finally, what will you bring to the cage?
I mean clearly drama will follow me. I will be a fire cracker and will not let people walk all over me.
45 days 23 hours ago
Old enough
I'm a business owmer
Way too many experience

I'll being drama and ratings
45 days 14 hours ago
Name: liz
Age: 26
School and/or Occupation: unemployed
ORG Experience: alot of orgs on here and Facebook

And finally, what will you bring to the cage? My personality and also my social skills
Discord faith3223t
45 days 11 hours ago
Name: Damon
Age: 27
School and/or Occupation: Business Owner
ORG Experience: Tvivor, Political Divas, Lots of other orgs on FB and some on TG

And finally, what will you bring to the cage? I am going to serve so much cunt and drama and grace it will shake the house down boots.
44 days 15 hours ago
Name: Ali
Age: 29
School and/or Occupation: Istructor Shopee
ORG Experience: Host in C&A Survivor (20 seasons) and others
44 days 15 hours ago
Age: 32
School and/or Occupation: Bartender
ORG Experience: 7+ years

And finally, what will you bring to the cage?

I'm a social butterfly and I love new games.
44 days 12 hours ago
Name: felipe
Age:  28
School and/or Occupation:  freelancer seo
ORG Experience: winner
And finally, what will you bring to the cage? Im funny but i dont speak english well
I need the dollars

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