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Global Music Contest (ON HIATUS)

Global Music Contest will take place every 2 weeks. Each edition 10 random countries are drawn with all users sending any artist from these countries as they vote and decide who wins.

If you want to take part then please either mail the Host of the Current Edition or SIGN UP below here to get a mailer:

- For an artist to be eligible for a specific country, they must have been from said country or have blood relations with parents from that country.
-- A group can represent a specific country if at least one of the members is from/blood related to anyone from said country.
-- Featured artists will NOT COUNT.
- The song must have been released as of January 1st, 2000.
(Includes songs that were in an Album before 2000 but released as a single as of 2000)
- The song must be 5 minutes in length or shorter.
- The song must not be a cover of a pre-existing song.
- The song must be a professional studio recording or live performance.
- The song must not have competed in the previous editions of Global Music Contest.
- No songs that have previously been used Eurovision and American Song Contest.
- Only YouTube embed-enabled links are allowed.

Here are the 160 Countries separated into 10 pots based on population and continents:


Each edition will last for 2 weeks with mailers out Tuesday, the live show taking place Monday and the results taking place next Monday.

There will be 10 countries drawn randomly from 10 different pots containing 19 countries each sorted by population as it offers a wide range of countries for each edition.

You’ll have 6 days to submit your entry as your artist must either be born or be a citizen in your specific country or have their parents be from there.

Comments are OPTIONAL based on your preference but you must vote by sending the host your rankings of all the entries and if you don’t do this then you would be disqualified.

Here is the points system used based on your rankings and how many artists are in the edition:

12+ Artists: (12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1)
11-10 Artists: (12-10-8-6-4-3-2-1)
9-8 Artists: (12-10-8-5-3-1)
7-6 Artists: (12-8-4-1)

There will be a MAXIMUM of 26 Users and a MINIMUM of 6 Users who can take part each edition.

Artists & Songs:

Global Music Contest Winners:

GMC 16: nateclove / Timeka Marshall - "Winey Winey"
GMC 15: tswiftlover13 / Lesley Roy - "Im Gone, I'm Going"
GMC 14: Mrkk / Alison Hinds - "Go Gal"
GMC 13: SeaViper / KABBA - "Heartless"
GMC 12: SeaViper / Fabrice Nzeyimana - "Yitwa Ndiho (ft. Elsie Ineza)"
GMC 11: ryan5676 / Iliona - "Si tu m'aimes demain"
GMC 10: selisic / Samira Said - "Mazel"
GMC 9: PennyTrationStan / Sarah Connor - "Under My Skin"
GMC 8: PennyTrationStan / 9Muses - "Wild"
GMC 7: Midiaw / Ailee - "I will show you"
GMC 6: ianfitz0012 / Dashni Morad - "I Am (Open Your Eyes)"
GMC 5: ianfitz0012 / Svala - "The Real Me"
GMC 4: txashaun / Minelli - "Nothing Hurts"
GMC 3: SeaViper / Athena Manoukian - "XO"
GMC 2: nateclove / Tkay Maidza - "Shook"
GMC 1: PennyTrationStan / Aya Nakamura - "Copines"

We have a Discord Chat so either MAIL ME here or ADD ME on Discord if you want to be added to it!
Discord Username: ryan56762#5598

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Global Music Contest (ON HIATUS)

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