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The Grove

▪︎•▪︎•▪︎ㄒ卄乇 Ꮆ尺ㄖᐯ乇▪︎•▪︎•▪︎

2 and a half months have passed since Tiamat finally snapped, had Aiden killed, and locked everyone in the dungeon of Pax Domus.

Once they were imprisoned the group has been largely left alone to rot in the darkness of their respective jail cells. Only being fed at least twice a week...and if you're a vampire you've not ate at all unless you were luck enough to catch the occasional rat.

The shadow creatures that assisted Tiamat in the taking of prisoners still remain a mystery...but where did they come from? Dragons certainly dont have that kind of it leaves a question, who is really behind all this suffering

•°● Characters ○°•

Natalia Birch [Mitsuki]
Yasmin Foster [Demgirl6]
Tommy Grasso [Coolbrandonman]
Eunice Devons [SirNiceGuy]
Ophelia Knight [Maya10]
Alison Warburton [Nateclove]
Drew Saicress [Rain848]
Forrest Reed [spinfur]
Owen Reis [Hudspith]
Aiden Longwei [Bigdizzleyomama]
Emmett Paragold [Scarelet]
Vincent Callahan [Symmetry888]
Evelyn Bailey [Scarelet]
Leo [Scarelet]
Talon [Scarelet]
Lyra Corvus [Symmetry888]
Leon [Scarelet]
Vespasian Francois Archambeau II [Scarelet]
Tiamat [Scarelet]
Aidinth [Scarelet]

•°● Deaths ○°•

Rytys - Slain by FANG - Ep1 Pg 175
Milu - Killed by forces unknown - Ep2 Pg 121
Jesse - Shot in the face (and then forgotten by over half the cast) - Ep3 Pg 92
The Overseer - Taken by the plague - Ep3 Pg 96
Abeloth - Neck snapped by Eris - Ep3 Pg 101
Shiloh - Banished from this universe - Ep3 Pg 173
Ellis Paragold - Sacrificed himself to save his friends - Ep4 Pg 54

Season One - Complete
Episode One: Fall from Grace (Open RP Pages 1-137)

Episode Two: Revelations (Open RP Pages 137-585)

Episode Three: Betrayal (Open RP Pages 585-1551)

Episode Four: Garden Of Eden

Episode Five: Aftermath (Open RP Pages 1551-1918)

Episode Six: Election Day (Open RP Pages 1918-2365)

Episode Seven: Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Open RP Pages 2365-2711)

Season Finale: Fire & Blood

Season Two - Complete
Episode One: From The Ashes

Episode Two: Unbroken

Episode Three: Heavenly Peace

Episode Four: Rhiannon

Episode Five: Wicked Hearts

Episode Six: N-E-W-322T

Episode Seven: Iu Neserer

Season Finale: Desolation

Season Three
The Power Within Pt1 - Complete

Episode One: Prophecy - Complete (Open RP Pages 1-48)

The Power Within Pt2 - Complete

Episode Two: Bleeding Heart - Complete (Open RP Pages 48-159)

The Power Within Pt3 - Complete

Episode Three: Hubris - Complete

Episode Four: House Of Glass - Complete (Open RP Pages 159-?)

Episode Five: ??? - Coming Soon...

Series Finale: ??? - Coming Soon...

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The Grove

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