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153 days 23 hours ago
Hello everyone! Welcome to the first season of Haut Monde! We’re so happy you have taken interest in our roleplay! 😊

Just some things to go over before applying!:

❤️ This is all of our first times hosting so please be lenient with us! We will try our absolute best but please don’t expect this to be completely perfect since it is still extremely fresh for us!
💛 Please make sure that you have ready through the LOCATIONS and CHARACTER BIOS forums as the Locations forum holds all the places you may visit in this RP while the Character Bios forum holds all of the hosts character bios for you to read through!
💚 Your character is eligible to be apart of the Rich Kids clique or the Scholarship Kids clique! This is a private school so the number of Rich Kids will outweigh the number of Scholarship Kids...HOWEVER both choices are very impactful in the RP!
💙 If you are confused what this RP is about then I advise you to read the front page description of what it’s about but in simpler terms: A rich, private school in Miami filled with students socially divided by wealth experience conflict, relationship, friendships, parties and most importantly a tragic death at the end of the year. Not just any death, a murder..who killed {insert character name here}



Personality Traits (Up to 5):
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid):
Character Bio:
Face Claim:

If you have any questions, please feel free to message either Kaylee21, Nateclove or myself and we will be more than happy to answer :)
153 days 22 hours ago
Name: Rachel Weaver
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality Traits (Up to 5): talented, nice, funny, smart, and athletic
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Rich Kid
Character Bio: Rachel is Mrs.Weaver Granddaughter and she came to the school to follow in both her grandmother and dad's footsteps. Rachel loves to dance and sing and has been since she was 5
Face Claim: Mackenzie Ziegler


153 days 22 hours ago
Name: Henley Zhang
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Openly Gay, Out of The Closet, Don’t know who ‘Closet’ even is
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Fragile(emotionally and physically), kind of a bitch, easily manipulated, cracks under any sort of pressure, and like flirtatious
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Rich Rich
Character Bio: Henley is one of the few openly gay guys in his school, and he’s not one of those people who tries to get others to be comfortable with their sexuality- he just flirts with everyone, no matter straight or if you are a closet case. Henley has had some past instances of bullying, not for his sexuality but because he’s snitched on others for having hardcore drugs in their possession. And like.... it’s not his fault, he hates the pressureeeee. Henley also  doesn’t really fall into any sub category clique that stems from the main rich kid clique, as most people see him as a pushover and they don’t want that in their inner circle.
Face Claim: Ryan Potter
153 days 21 hours ago
Name: Martina Daddario
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Wild, Free-Spirited, Nurturing, Feisty, Violent
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Scholarship Kid
Character Bio: Martina is Mateo’s twin sister but unlike Mateo she is the more outspoken one. Ever since they were little she was very rebellious and didn’t live by anyone’s rules but her own. Martina got into so big trouble so it came down to either go to jail or go with Mateo. Martina is Mateo’s personal attack dog and she defends her brother even though he claims he can “handle it because he is older by 4 minutes”. Martina also wants to go in her own path and take the wild ride called life with no expectations for herself. Don’t get her angry tho because she once broke a guys arm and she is hella smart.
Face Claim: Kehlani

153 days 21 hours ago
Name: Jasper Cunningham
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Cunning, calculated, two-faced, charming, obsessive
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Rich kid
Character Bio: Daniel Cunningham's blonde, blue-eyed younger brother, you'd think Jasper would have it all based on his looks and connections alone. And on the outside, you'd be right! He's the top of his class, captain of whatever extracurriculars at Pentágono International School. Yet on the inside, Jasper is not as happy as you'd think he is. He has an incredibly difficult relationship with his family over his sexuality, including his brother despite them being in the same friend group, and absolutely despises both Estella and Lourdes, despite being their self-assigned GBF and always hanging out with them. He's also engaged in some casual flirting with Henley Zhang but never really had much of an interest in him. Really, the only person Jasper can take any genuine solace on is his best friend Darius Knightly, whom he has developed an incredibly toxic obsession with over the years. Completely oblivious to Darius maybe not being AS straight as he thinks he is, Jasper absolutely despises (insert Darius' girlfriend's name here) and will stop at nothing to break them up. Even though he doesn't get along with his brother very well, recently both have started mutually bonding over wanting to get rid of the scholarship kids given that he's suspicious of Darius and Mateo's rising friendship. The embodiment of a wolf in sheep's clothing, Jasper is a two-faced liar who will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants. Even if someone has to be knocked off the chess table along the way.
Face Claim: Brandon Flynn
153 days 20 hours ago
Name: Abaddon Azriel Ableson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Closeted Gay
Personality Traits (Up to 5): observant, passionate, restrained, cold, hostile
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Scholarship Kid
Character Bio: When Abaddon was born his mother died from the birth. This caused his father to despise him. He was named Abaddon which is translated from Hebrew as 'Angel of death's. Abaddon spent years being physically and verbally abused by his father until his was placed in foster care and adopted by a new family at the age of 16. He was granted a scholarship for being a child in the system and his new parents decided to send him to Pentágono International School in Hope's that he would break out of his shell and excel into the man they believe he can be.
Faceclaim: Matthew Daddario
153 days 19 hours ago
Name: Jacob Salt
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Rule Breaker, Cold, Closed off, Lashes out when someone mentions his parents, Spoilt
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Rich Kid
Character Bio: He's a spoilt rich bad boy, Who girls drop to their knees at, He never follows the rules when he should and hates his parents with a passion, He also likes guys but tends to be rough when they say he's cute because he's parents are truly against him being bisexual, He's father abused him as a kid, Which led to him being a bad boy and smoking at the age of 14 and getting drunk, As an 18 year old he still smokes and drinks and just wants to be a normal guy but can't

Face Claim: Ethan Cutkosky

152 days 23 hours ago
Name: Holly Fuk
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Snobby, Dumb, One-sided, Rude, Brat
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Rich Kid
Character Bio: Holly is the daughter of the richest man in Japan, who insisted she go to this school for some reason. Nobody in her family has been able to realise her name is literally Holy Fuck, apart from her grandad who convinced her parents to name her that because their last names were Fuk and he thought it was funny. He never thought they'd go through with it. Holly is one of the rich kids and hangs out at the mall, buying a thousand dollar handbag on one floor then deciding it's outdated before reaching the next. The minimum spend in her mall trips is usually 50k, at the very minimum. She also expects everyone to drop and worship her at her feet...she doesn't care who they are, it could be the president, but they MUST worship her or she will literally set her daddy on them and sue them out of existance :)
152 days 5 hours ago
Name: Samuel handson 
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: gay
Personality Traits (Up to 5): kind,loving,outgoing,hopeless romantic and smart
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): rich kid
Character Bio: Samuel used to be a scholarship kid but has since joined the rich kids since his dad is now the president of one of the biggest companies he has a passion for fashion and dreams of being the next big fashion designer he finds in hard to fitt in with the rich kids but luckily he is good at pretending as he spent most of his life in the closet and fooling people that he was straight it wasn't in till he become a Scholarship Kid  that he came out and now he is living a charmed life or is he
Face Claim:
150 days 20 hours ago

Name: Genevieve "Genny" Chevrolet
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Asexual
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Studious, blunt, quiet, hard-working, straightforward
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Scholarship Kid
Character Bio: Genny is a scholarship kid by default, a French foreign exchange student who's still learning the English language as she goes. She doesn't talk much as a result, though she's at a point where she can speak full sentences and engage in short conversations. Having gotten into a foreign school on a scholarship, she understands that she isn't exactly high on the pecking order, but she's dealt with enough bullshit in her life that she can't just back down and go to her corner now, there's a world of opportunity and by God, she's going to kick some rich kid ass if she has to.
Face Claim: Hari Nef https://media3.giphy.com/media/dZf0umRo0UQbiAvsHF/source.gif
150 days 2 hours ago

Name: Tae Willhougby
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexuality: This will be seen throughout the show.

Personality Traits (Up to 5): Manipulative, confident, talkative
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Rich Kid

Character Bio: Tae's blood line has been coming to the academy for as long as there are yearbooks. Since she was tiny, she was prepared to come and too, follow her legacy. Originally from NYC, Tae is familiar with the high pace of life and things coming her way. Initially she was all for coming to the academy, but something changed recently, and she has been thinking if she's coming to the academy for herself or her family. Tae also suffers from heavy anxiety, however her family doctors put her on some pills to 'make it go away'. She can suffer random panic attacks at any given time. A small side note, she decided to travel for a few years before going to the academy/school, hence her age -- which she is not afraid to disclose to any bitches wondering.

Face Claim: Minka Kelly
150 days 2 hours ago
Name: Sage Ing
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality Traits: Charming, Deceptive, Fraudulent, Trendy, Smart.
Hierarchy: Scholarship-Disguised-As-Rich Kid
Character Bio: Sage Ing is an impostor. A total poser, wannabe richie rich. Well, that is what she became when she started going to Pentágono International. Sage has always been a humble, genuine girl up until then. Her mother, the owner of ING Jewelry in the Diamond Mall, insisted she attend Pentágono. Sage agreed that this would be good for her, but the cost was way out of budget. She had to resort to scholarships to even have a chance to get in. Sage's mother wanted her to fit in with this rich kid school, offering to buy her expensive clothing and accessories to blend in with the other kids. Although she denied at first, she was reeled into the "Mother Knows Best" mentality and attends Pentágono International as a high-fashion, trendy rich girl with a fake, rich persona. This fake persona soon took over as her real persona, and now she just naturally acts rich with a poor home life. Her mother spends most of the store's income on Sage and the store itself to make it seem rich. It's a struggling outcome, but how else will Sage survive Pentágono without her mother's best intentions?
Face Claim: Natasha Liu Bordizzo
150 days ago
Name: Elias "Eli" Collins
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Patriotic, Skillful, Wise, Tough, Grim
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Scholarship Kid
Character Bio: Eli was a great kid growing up. You know the usual, straight A's and doing community service. When Eli was a senior in high school. Pentágono International School offered him a scholarship because of his high IQ and straight A status. Eli decided to put that on hold and wanted to appeased his father and grandfather and follow their footsteps by enlisting in the marines. Now 2 of the 4 years in the marines was easy. But the last 2 years he was sent to Iraq, he witnessed things that no human should witness. He seen his friends get killed, children die, and many many casualties. After his 4 years was up he decided he wants to go back to school and try to get all the memories out of his head. But at this point, it was too late as he was diagnose with PTSD and never been the same person since.
Face Claim: Dan Stevens
150 days ago
Name: William Crawley
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight

Personality Traits (Up to 5): entitled stubborn tough calm
Hierarchy rich kid

Character Bio: Born into one of the founding family's his riches are vast and his pockets are deep which virtually makes him untouchable. With this sense of entitlement hasnt brought him many friends and the ones it has are using him for his influence. Underneath it all he is just a nice guy trying to get through school and do a little good in the world in the form of psychological treatments
Face Claim: gavin leatherwood
149 days ago
Name: Camille Collins
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight?
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Callous, Determined, Sly, Blunt, and Confident.
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Scholarship Kid.
Character Bio: Never leaving the house without her Prada handbag and designer clothes, Camille Collins could pass off as a rich kid to the untrained eye. However, that couldn't be further from the truth. Being born into a dysfunctional middle-class family with its share of financial problems, Camille never really had the money to buy designer clothes, so she had to resort to the next best option. Shoplifting! Some of the rich kids have taken a liking to her for the way she dresses, and if anyone asks how she got the clothes in the first place, Camille is quick to make up some made up story about how she has, like, this insanely rich aunt who lives in Dubai and won the lottery once so she's infinitely rich now or whatever. Aside from her shoplifting offenses, Camille generally speaks her mind and is pretty self-assured, always striving to achieve her goals no matter what.
Face Claim: Halle Bailey
148 days 1 hour ago
Name: Silas Li
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual; Male Preference (in the closet)
Personality Traits (Up to 5): Clever, Awkward, Passive, Shy and Kind
Hierarchy (Rich Kid or Scholarship Kid): Scholarship Kid

Character Bio: Not necessarily born into a poor family, Silas grew up knowing that hard work was needed to be done in life, which is very true. However, unfortunately for Silas, due to his hard work ethic and smarts, seems to be the opposite of what everything thinks he would be. He is a very quiet teen that seems to always get pushed around. Not because he thinks he deserves it, but because he believes it causes the least amount of conflict. He is a polite teenager that always seems to keep to himself and his schoolwork. He is also not very confident either, due to the shyness and fear of homophobia.

Face Claim: Darren Criss

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