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Sisters may drive you crazy, get into your stuff and irritate you. However, if anyone else dares say so, a sister will defend you to the death.

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  2. SAWCHUK55Can I be in!
  3. FoxtrotI'm back sisters
  4. wildboy12Star me in sister!
  5. D882hey
  6. BrycekeeshStar me in lads
  7. 2388STAR ME IN SISTERS im not gonna betray u again
  8. FoxtrotYou left us Roz, we don’t forget easily.
  9. peace123#WAS!

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PYN for a 100% honest opinion

22 DaddyDev, Apr 22, 2019

and if i like you or not
mathboy9 - you started talking to me then stopped after you got 8th in frooks but it had nothing to do w me? idk i think you’re cool & ive known you since you were like 13 i swear so & yuh i like you even tho sometimes you act like bitches caring..


LMAO @ “we like you I guess”

2 DaddyDev, Apr 22, 2019

it’s so funny cause idk alexavontrayne but im always been cool w the “ween sheep” aka mathboy9 kelly0412 absol bigdizzleyomama mastropola etc so yuh ig i can like you, too alexa


bitches said

1 DaddyDev, Apr 22, 2019

"GL Bottom" in their stars speech


Bitches said

2 DaddyDev, Apr 22, 2019

“Yes, I cheated. No, I shouldn’t have. But, yes I did. No regrets, just choices. You didn’t deserve that but I made it happen.
I’m jus -

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