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Fraternity Unbreakable

~ Impossible to break; able to withstand ~


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  1. Cullenhilemme in plz
  2. SirencryptI'd like to join please
  3. adamgrantPlussed blogs :)
  4. MattMUNBREAKABLE 馃挭馃挭馃挭
  5. Bigjon21Smoothiez 鉂わ笍
  6. Smoothiezjoining <3
  7. _Benny_Im back 馃挄
  8. daveycoolKevin1I鈥檓 still at 1(3) come on people
  9. Kevin1I鈥檓 still at 13 come on people
  10. _Benny_My name is Benedita,im from Portugal 23 years
  11. _Benny_Hiii 馃挅馃挅馃挅
  12. mmdd1996.
  13. mmdd1996.
  14. mmdd1996I think i did only ones
  15. daveycoolhey everybody! im aspiring this frat because i like the things it stands for! i promise to do the same :) Im active, friendly, funny <33 and supportive to ur other things like shops + blogs! hope i can join

Top blogs from Unbreakable


For you (+18 dont click if you are -18)

46 MattM, Mar 26, 2023

Sex is what percent in a love relationship?
Me: 70%



44 Fendimania, Mar 27, 2023

and ill tell you what % i like you from 0-100 :)
lBrice - 99% (1% for that time you pawned me and i went home U_U)
countrysavage - solid 100% you're a real bitch
hausofkimchi - 95% <3
Kiki4ever - you caused my relationship to fall..


Bitches be like

7 Fendimania, Mar 27, 2023

2 mins: Congrats on your win. 鉂わ笍
30 mins: Multis were used.
2 hours: but i don't mean to discredit your win so congrats
18 hours: Fendi made multis to help you win
24 hours: but congrats on your win you played a great game 鉂わ笍


I am very popular

5 Fendimania, Mar 27, 2023

in prison.


i just got this huge urge in my crotch

4 daveycool, Mar 27, 2023

to stream a bunch of lana
lust for life on repeat is fitting me thinks

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