Fraternity The Wolf Pack

Welcome to The Wolf Pack!

(Highest rank: 3rd)

Stars Hall of Fame (our best stars placements)
Boicam77: 9th
PassionFruit: WINNER
Cheeseman2468: 9th
JordanLloydFan: 3rd
BrittBritt: 3rd
FireWolf: 4th
Scooby0000: 9th
Damo1990: WINNER

Average stars position: about 4th

Message to new frat mates:
Welcome to The Wolf Pack! We will star you in once someone notices that you aspired to be in the frat (shouldn't be more than a day since we are pretty quick.) Once you enter, please make sure that you star in everyone, not just yourself and select people. Also, if you would like to become a part if the frat Skype chat, send me your Skype and I will add you.

1. Please star in everyone UNLESS otherwise stated.

2. Please keep drama out of the frat Skype chat or the frat page

3. Stars seat game rules:
- Do NOT under ANY circumstances share any information about the seat game with people outside of the frat.
- While in the seat game, do NOT star anyone
- Whoever steals the seat last and wins it for the frat decides who gets sent in

4. Forming alliances with frat members is NOT mandatory. People have other friends outside of this frat

Private Comments

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Public Comments

  1. michland143 please ++
  2. Jon_Snow_07hi guys.. how r u.. noob here
  3. JoeDaManXDHello I was in heartbreakers before Silas passed away. Is there any way I can get into this frat? Mail me president < 3
  4. gumball221520hey guys I would love to join this group! Please star me<3
  5. boicam77Back from my ban pls add me back again!
  6. Testerknock knock
  7. cocacola__96Knock knock?
  8. chillum🐾
  9. Bvance1212Star me in if you please
  10. GLOGLOGLO GLO GLO rants on you tube
  12. countrysavagecould yall add me to this frat please, loyal to my soul and back! 1000% :D southern gentleman :D love yall xoxoxo, I'd be honored to be in this Frat! #WolfPack
  13. Wolven6974Idk why i left. Star me back in?
  14. mercadothehottieStar me in. I haven't played in a while
  15. ShanteYouSlayHi I actually know and like a lot of the people in this frat so star me in cause this looks nice and fun <33

President of The Wolf Pack

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 2

Fraternity Aspirants

No aspirants now

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