Fraternity Party Tutors

Party Tutors is a Frat that aims to maintain the standards of a real frat house. For people who like to drink beer, fuck bitches, and party.

Aspirants are pledges and might have to blog embarrassing shit to gain acceptance into this brotherhood of love.

Only rule is have fun and don't be a bitch. Don't bring game drama into our Frat House. This is a place to party and chat when you're drunk after the bar.


President- (Cswaggerr)
Vice President- (1001games)
First Lady- (Shellbelle)
Frat Charity Coordinator- (Teamclay)

Star Seat Rules:

1) Please do not star in any Aspirants during the Stars Seat Game.

2) If you do guess make sure to let us know who you guessed, so we can guess someone else the next time.

Private Comments

Only members of this fraternity can see the private comments.

Public Comments

  1. Joooon16_Accept me :D
  2. MaryJane420please come join my group game 420 friendly :)
  3. MaryJane420
  4. MrPBHHey guys lmk What I can do to join
  5. MrPBHJust tried to join brooooo lmk if I gotta pledge
  6. Robbie626Can I join? I barely made an account :)
  7. underwzcstfu, bitch
  8. Shadowman PLUS THIS
  9. piesyumyyumypies
  10. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  11. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  12. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  13. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  14. Trinity2000stfu, bitch
  15. Trinity2000stfu, bitch

Top blogs from Party Tutors


Why Rockstar Should Return

8 NicoleF, Sep 25, 2018

I think she’s super underrated as both a player and a character. She had the right read on things so many times, yet her alliance just wouldn’t listen. She was also the ONLY person gunning for Tyler in the early episodes - she saw him as the biggest threat from the first week. She also came..



4 NicoleF, Sep 26, 2018

Answer me fucking now more being Mr. Nice Guy with've fucked up royally with this decision and I demand that pedophilic predator/threat to multiple TGers to not only be rebanned and put back under investigation but to be IP banned too! Ffs she never even served..



4 NicoleF, Sep 26, 2018

Brantsteele has reported on the official Discord that the Celebrity Big Brother US simulator will offically be released tonight (Wednesday, September 26th) in honor of the BB20 finale!
Brantsteele hopes this is the restart of the simulators coming out as the last simulator released was over a..


My dream

1 smuguy2012, Sep 25, 2018

Of merging in minority with maturo is now a reality...
❤️Us against the world baby❤️


Join Vivor!!!!

0 smuguy2012, Sep 25, 2018

President of Party Tutors

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 3

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