Fraternity Party Tutors

Party Tutors is a Frat that aims to maintain the standards of a real frat house. For people who like to drink beer, fuck bitches, and party.

Aspirants are pledges and might have to blog embarrassing shit to gain acceptance into this brotherhood of love.

Only rule is have fun and don't be a bitch. Don't bring game drama into our Frat House. This is a place to party and chat when you're drunk after the bar.


President- (Cswaggerr)
Vice President- (1001games)
First Lady- (Shellbelle)

Star Seat Rules:

1) Please do not star in any Aspirants during the Stars Seat Game.

2) If you do guess make sure to let us know who you guessed, so we can guess someone else the next time.

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Public Comments

  1. Lara88765hi
  2. hallie137i’m definitely a party girl pick me <e
  3. SerenityFireflyHonestly this one just sounds like fun
  4. cswaggerrNot drunk straights
  5. shellbelleStar me in loves ... Pull me back in!!
  6. shellbelleOmg <3 you still have me as first lady <3
  7. shellbelleDo y'all miss me? Cuz I fucking miss you 😭😭
  8. Rustic_RootsStar me in bitches ❤
  9. quackattack817Not blogging shit. Star me clowns
  10. littleangelLEMMME IN
  11. littleangelPLS VOTE MEEEEEE
  12. littleangelhey babies ♥︎ i'm ready 2 fucking party! vote me in! ;-)
  13. zpalen2008its lit I go to college bruh
  14. VessasPleaseeee give me points
  15. DrPepsiwhats good yall

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⭐⭐Nommed for 14th⭐⭐

5 shellbelle, Jan 18, 2021

This game has been so quiet. I'm up as a counter because ppl are afraid to make moves... Well lets make them ;)
I'm not gonna bull shit and smile and pretend nothing is wrong. They shot , lets show them the miss !!
Also the amount of the OMG shell I don't know what happened is really annoying..

President of Party Tutors

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Min. votes to continue: 2

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