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Fraternity Lexeys Janegels

black lives matter.
number one sorority 01/24/21

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  1. countrysavageStar me in pleaseeee
  2. countrysavageLexey i want to join pleaseee :)
  3. crimsonteerI have to leave y'all took forever to star me in im going to a better frat
  4. crimsonteerguys plz star me in plz
  5. tiffanox3Star in Don Draper !
  6. lukesurvivesOh my goodness. Star Amanda, ladies.
  7. AmandaBynesStar me up ladies !
  8. BrittBrittstar me :)
  9. austino15fffanPls star me in omg ❤️
  10. lukesurvives1 more
  11. lukesurvivesHi, I'm back after a grades recovery program!
  12. Danyviso24Hola puedo unirme a tu fraternidad
  13. diogojsgomesStar me please <3
  14. TreekoStar me please <3
  15. iiCreazyGXplease read

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Thank you 41.5%

29 KrisStory, Apr 18, 2021

See you next time in Best to Never Win 😉
5 2nds w/ 3 above 40% (iconic), and a 3rd from 2014.
Thank you for all your support this week as I tried to complete the seemingly impossible. Deshonbannedisback’s a really popular guy, and rightfully, so it would’ve been an awesome..


The biggest trick

3 SurvivorFan37, Apr 19, 2021

Randomize ever pulled on this website was when Zwoo*er launched and he made a blog telling everyone to be supportive and that he welcomed the new "addition to the community" or whatever and then started stealth auto-blacklisting everyone who posted the full word (this post was literally..


Name a BBUS/Survivor US contestant

8 Nikk1Grahame, Apr 18, 2021

I’ll tell you if I’ve met them or not from my experiences with hearts of reality (and attach a photo of proof)
Janelle- Not Yet :(
Mark Jansen- Yes
Shelli- No
Nikki- No RIP :(
Jordan Lloyd- No
Abi Maria- Yes..


I made final 15 in stars

7 MrBird, Apr 18, 2021


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Min. votes to continue: 6

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