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black lives matter.

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  1. Pampered81HI!

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4 LovelyKiss, Sep 19, 2020

Big tits, double D's
No silicone and no saline
Jealous of me
Envious hoes in the all-green
Hater disease
Bitches, so sick of 'em Dramamine
Bad Brooke Candy
If you ain't mad, well you 'bout to be


heaven & hell album ranking

6 Delete2544, Sep 19, 2020

1. Rumors
2. Sweet But Psycho
3. Call Me Tonight
4. Take You To Hell
5. Naked
6. Kings & Queens
7. Belladonna
8. So Am I
9. Salt
10. OMG What's Happening
11. Who's Laughing Now
12. Torn
13. H.E.A.V.E.N
14. Tattoo
15. Born to the Night
lexeyjane batya..


Bullying need to stop!

2 Pampered81, Sep 20, 2020

I hate to be bullying by people. I was bully as a child and even now I am. I just want to be treated with kindness and respected as a normal person. I was a miracle baby and told would not live. I have been fighting since the time all surgery even to now be 39 years old. I just like to be a friend..


happy birthday kim richards

4 LovelyKiss, Sep 19, 2020


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