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Fraternity Ladies addicted to golf

The dress code is pink, although while dressed elegantly, the color doesn't matter. You can't play golf with shorts and flip-flops that's for men and vulgar women. THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT ELITE.
*If you are a man you can only belong if you are a lover or husband of any of the women of the association*

Thanks to dimitra, ally and godmother of the foundation, thank you for making this dream possible.

The following people are not welcome:
Funny Yawnha

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Public Comments

  1. PenelopepeneIndudable mente la mejor fraternidad
  2. lBricefelipe presidenta
  3. pit0709MARIO BEB脡
  4. Nenikooestrellita a mario (L)
  6. lBriceentren al rookies charity de PITO
  7. lBriceentren a rookies 13 putas
  8. lBriceYoko_Homo from Ladies addicted to golf stole the star slot to Bebeshitos 2 days 3 hours before end
  9. lBriceQue lindas todas las de esta fraternity las amito
  10. BrianGonzalezMuevo masas si lo digo
  11. DalvinEstrellas dadas
  12. pit0709Hemos dejado a las primas por algo
  13. NenikooMe vot谩is ya mismo eh
  14. cheritaisdeliciousJust saying hi!!!!
  15. laninfadiaz**with each confident stride, my stilettos grace the floor, their heels emitting a resounding click that reverberates through the room**

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What in the ever loving fuck

3 captainzacsparrow, Dec 5, 2023

Is a watergate salad and why is it pastel green O.O (i saw a tiktok and im confused for reference ) help a brit our here 馃ぃ


This site is so much more fun

1 captainzacsparrow, Dec 5, 2023

When you learn to sitback and smoke a joint reading the drama instead of forming an opinion of it 馃槀
Yall are so intense... Like bgc has nothing on tengaged


Ive just had to ban myself from tiktok

3 captainzacsparrow, Dec 5, 2023

Because i nearly bought led lights that you can personalise the design/displayed image on... Im too broke and compulsive for this many advertisements 馃槶


Fans sub铆 un tiktok

0 cocainita, Dec 5, 2023

Corran a verlo


May all your delulu

0 captainzacsparrow, Dec 5, 2023

Become trululu

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Min. votes to continue: 2

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