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Got Noobs?

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  1. Coco2846Please Plus Me <3!
  2. Buildielol its all 0 and i JUST starred. wth
  3. Buildiei starred all :)
  4. JC512wtf happened
  5. Layden87So I starred everyone, now all I see are zeros and people were kicked out?
  6. woeismeWtf
  7. nnewman3I'm out
  8. etaco75What the shit.
  9. ksnyd2504Please Plus Me!
  10. BenBootsSo how do you officially join the frat?
  11. BenBootsThanks for inviting me :)
  12. jester24hey everyone i would b honered if you guys who add me to ur team im a great player and can help out anyway that i cn
  13. ksnyd2504Any other level yellows in this group
  14. ksnyd2504plus me please!
  15. nnewman3I was in the hogwarts Allance I trust them a lot

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