Fraternity Fire Nation

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked ღ


♫❝Love me, love me, feed the flame
If you want me back again
Burn to the sky
Higher and higher
Baby, can you play with fire?❞♫


The Fire Nation Frat uses strategies that are similar to the characteristics of its representative element; it is highly mobile and aggressive in combat, but also acts clever and cunning, preferring complex strategies over brute force.

Animal Symbol: 【 Dragon 】

➠List of Commanding Officers:

✻Fire Lord: (Current Frat President)

✻Captain/Vice President: Cray

✻Military General: (Frat Regulator) TBA.

➠List of major engagements:

MildSalsa's Charity Game: soon!

The people of the Fire Nation have desire, will, energy and drive to achieve what they want.


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  1. FireXYay i only need 3 more
  2. BjornCome play Celebrity Blog Brother Season 6!
  3. FireXhi yall i hope yall can star me in. i am a very active person and i am also loyal to my frat as long as they are honest with me as much as they can be. i would love to be apart if a frat called Fire Nation as i am called FireX lol like its 80% of my name.
  4. anis32Join us. We have been waiting.
  5. anis32
  6. SkaiiStar me in xox I just resigned as the president of Avalons original frat because I stopped playing so long ago that everyone else left XD but im baack!
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  8. JaybirdniftyHi lovelies!
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  12. Monaguillo_1Saludos a todos 😘
  13. babybear10jacko told me about this so hi
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So excited

2 Iceey, Apr 23, 2019

I’ll be in New York in just about a week ♥️


*shakes tits*

1 Sk8erGal, Apr 23, 2019

President of Fire Nation

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 5

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