Fraternity Fire Nation

Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked ღ


♫❝Love me, love me, feed the flame
If you want me back again
Burn to the sky
Higher and higher
Baby, can you play with fire?❞♫


The Fire Nation Frat uses strategies that are similar to the characteristics of its representative element; it is highly mobile and aggressive in combat, but also acts clever and cunning, preferring complex strategies over brute force.

Animal Symbol: 【 Dragon 】


The people of the Fire Nation have desire, will, energy and drive to achieve what they want.


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  1. BlackMagicI just wanna thank everyone who voted
  2. littleangelVOTE ME PLS U WONT REGRET IT ♥︎
  3. VkthegreatThanks those of u voted for m Other dazzling members Plz vote for m Thanks
  4. VkthegreatHi guys I'm new face here I guess it would be fun to know u guys Plz I wanna be wid u guys Allow me in Plz
  5. BlackMagici only need one more vote. let me show you my drive to win and succeed.
  6. CaraMariaSJust look at my stats and it shows I'm willing to work hard to win. I would not disappoint
  7. nnewman3I have no respect for fighterman he’s now the biggest bully in tengaged history by far
  8. ShaneDawson12345Ill appreciate any stars in
  9. nnewman3We need vote mbarnish (matt) to win star game
  10. bbfan15So close
  11. ChristanPotenzafuk this frat i'm leaving vote for this u hoes
  12. ChristanPotenzaplsz
  13. ChristanPotenzai need 5 votes or else i'll covice people to vote u off in games
  14. bbfan15I just need 2 more votes! Then I will be in the with All these amazing people
  15. bbfan15Voter for me as well

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Brantsteele Big Brother 2 - WEEK 7

7 Wolven6974, Sep 21, 2019

Congratulations on surviving the double eviction! Out final 9 are that much closer to reach the finale, and the win. But, who will be the next one kicked out of the house?
Let's find out.
~~~The Cast~~~
Matt |..



3 Wolven6974, Sep 21, 2019

It's time for the results of the challenge, as well as a small update to the story.
Thank you to the people who sent in votes as the majority of you did. To the others who didn't... eh. Anyway, let's get this started.
It's time for Episode 2.
~~~The Cast~~~
Colin |..

President of Fire Nation

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 4

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