Fraternity Bur Babies

Bur Babies

The most fun, Wild, psychotic, loyal, and intelligent group you’ll ever meet


Try to limit amount of guesses to give multiple people a chance :), if I notice a long gap in between chances to guess I will continue to guess myself

This is a great opportunity to get lower levels into stars, let’s focus on this game, be strategic, and really put effort into locating the seat if possible!

If we ever win the game a group consensus will be utilized to determine who enters the game


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  1. Shawnlolpop123Star me in hoes
  2. TbartI wanna hop on the bur babies train bc I love so many people in this frat!!
  3. KittyBitzHey Burb people :)
  4. Shawnlolpop123Burbs you should get all are skypes and make a group chat for us
  5. Diva1Hello everyone! My name is Vickie, but people call me Diva1
  6. Carriexoxo24xoILY kiara <3
  7. XxZaCxXStar me in! I'll be an amazing frat boy haha
  8. Jfstclairhi so what goes on here this is my first time koining
  9. Kiara_xoxoEveryone here is cute
  10. LopsidedStar me in!
  11. Drewdshello!!

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I had this weird dream

0 Adam94, Dec 5, 2020

About finding some towels and bathrobes and delivering them back to Donald Trump. He was wearing some fancy yet tacky bathrob. He never acknowledged my existence and the lady assistant/nurse/doctor who was with him just pushed me out and threw my back a foot back, took the towels and robes and left...


what are the best support runes

0 Carriexoxo24xo, Dec 5, 2020

on seraphine? Her heal cooldown is so damn long they need to make it shorter

President of Bur Babies

Fraternity president needs 20% of member votes to continue. If president has less votes than required, the next most voted member will be the president.
Min. votes to continue: 2

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