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  1. AdamRasmussen38Be nice to everyone
  2. DeeganMcDanielhere is the link to my new frat, sorry i left you guys
  3. SkooterEYZStar me in please!!
  4. nellad06Please plus me in! <3
  5. GoodKaren@Rperduex11 Deegan made the frat
  6. Rperduex11why isn't pegasus president?
  7. RodneyRules1219guys join frooks!!
  8. ThunderBird667star me in please!!
  9. NaehaSareenApply now for my group game hosted by me and Pegasus1234, it only lasts a month and you will be playing for a 2 gift prize. But thats not all, there will be other opportunities to win other prizes like Tengaged's favorite player. Click here to apply:
  10. BBfreak97I always think people should be nice :) I'd love to join a group that supports kindness!
  11. ThunderBird667join vivor
  12. joey65409Do you have what it takes To withstand the drama, backstabbing Twists and turns me and crazycourtney0 Have to throw at you and are you capable of winning Big brother? Then join and apply toady
  13. KingBreezyystar me im a #niceguy :P
  14. RodneyRules1219Vote me in, I really wanna be a part of this!!
  15. koolcoophiya im here xD

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