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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


2ndAug 19, 2023 by yoboyy_luke
imageComing into stars 770 I wanted to start a core alliance. Looking at the cast the first time I saw ALOT of big personalities and wanted to make sure I chose the right people so it wouldn’t get leaked. I firstly was talking to path and we grew a connection on wanting to get to the end together. So I addressed to him about getting a core 6 together. I named out david2560 maria21 darriusdabest a_la_Fac
For this to be the core 6 alliance. Nothing was set in stone at this time because I didn’t want to start messaging everyone about being in the core to put a target on my back. Time went by and by the conversations I’ve had I then realized that alac and karma was kinda of close. Karma ending up messaging me saying “why didn’t you include me on the core alliance group.” That told me everything I needed to know. Karma coming at me so fast day 1 like that I knew he would be an explosive player. That could help the alliance by pinning the target on himself throughout the game. I knew Maria and David had a close bond so I just decided to not add them cause then the alliance would be to big to play with.

I locked the alliance in as Me/path/Darrius/alac/ karma. (Aka knowing I could beat them in polls later in the game if it came up)
I felt confident in this group because I knew they all were social af and likes to have power in the game so I was banking on them to be loyal completely.

I didn’t choose the others besides David and Maria just because I knew some of them had ties like tad/tbart/ Owen/ 3pi/Shawn and that group was not giving me enough for me to include them in the alliance. They didn’t have a good read in the game as others.

I really wanted something different so me/ path/Darrius made a core core group so we could know the full TEA on the game. I named the alliance COOKOUT 2.0 cause it was lit in our chats lmaoo! DAY 1

We controlled every set. Every blindside. It was never a time not having power in my hands. Going up for 6th was planned out. Because not only going up with someone I could beat. I wanted to show my face out there to the public!

I understand that some of the same people were going up aka Owen/David. But for Owen he didn’t communicate in the game until f10 so it wasn’t a problem for him to go up. As for David. He just wasn’t trustworthy enough at the time. “He would’ve locked anyone in as long as he’s not a set”

I played my heart out to make sure I had the numbers every round and not burning bridges so I could potentially sway peoples votes later in the game!

I DESERVE TO WIN THIS STARS FOR MY GAMEPLAY <3 Let’s make it different and not just vote based off of how many times someone goes on the block. I LOVE YOU MY SUPPORTERS AND WE CAN GET THIS WIN <3 thank you thank you stars 770 <3333 goodluck Darrius and owen!



Sent by Path,Aug 19, 2023
woah bitches bitter out here
prepares ur 2nd place robbed confetti sm
Sent by temponeptune,Aug 19, 2023
Plussed ❤️ 💙
Sent by countrysavage,Aug 19, 2023
Gl man I plussed and saved <3
Sent by danyyboy67,Aug 19, 2023
I mean I voted for you lmao***
Sent by danyyboy67,Aug 19, 2023
Lukeeeeeeeeeee <3
Sent by Marilila,Aug 19, 2023
Lukeeeeee congrats dear
Sent by TheDeceiver,Aug 19, 2023
Good luck!!!
Sent by motherbird,Aug 19, 2023
Face card never declines my GAWD
Sent by konohavillage1,Aug 19, 2023
Sent by niceboy_ed,Aug 19, 2023
Sent by yoboyy_luke,Aug 19, 2023
Sent by AliBonico,Aug 20, 2023
i just wanna tickle your chin and go GOOCHI GOOCHI GOO!
Sent by Allison,Aug 20, 2023
allison i just wanna slap the back of that bald head and go … GOTCHA!
Sent by Darriusdabest,Aug 20, 2023

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