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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I really gotta ask

13thSep 14, 2023 by yoboyy_luke
What is y’all issue with my good bih maraj

How is maraj such a threat for everybody games where y’all do whatever in y’all power to get ‘em out of any game LOL

Maraj just came back to the site and y’all fr got 2 ppl to kpell him out of survivor. The big alliance stay taking shots at maraj like they are the best at vetos. Like the bitch can’t even win hoh cause they always at -3 cause y’all hate them so much.

I DONT LIKE THE WAY YALL TREAT HIM AT ALL and it needs to be fixed.

I WOULD understand if he was one of the crazy ones on the site but he’s not. THEY JUST GOT BACK ON THE SITE LOLOLOL

Sent by Maraj,Sep 14, 2023
Sent by danyyboy67,Sep 14, 2023
Sent by Royaltyy,Sep 14, 2023
They don't recognize that Nicki's the queen
Sent by Mitsuko,Sep 14, 2023
Sent by Royaltyy,Sep 14, 2023
Sent by Yoder,Sep 14, 2023

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