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pyn for an opinion thing :)

May 22, 2013 by xCelestex
im so bored so why not!

You're really sweet and I think we used to be friends back in the day, lets start talking :)

I < 3 u so much. You're a sweetheart and you have one of the kindest personalities I know of tbh, I consider you a close friend of mine on here.

I could write this for ages but I'm gonna keep it short and sweet so I get to do the others before my fingers fall off!! Well basically you're the best friend I could ask for, I see so much of myself in you and I feel like we get each other so well, you're like an older sister to me and I know if one of us ever leave the site we will keep talking just like we always do! It's nice to have someone you know has your back 100%, and I'll never take you for granted

LOL when I first saw you around I thought you were some dumb multi, but when I actually talked to you i quickly realized that you're a sweet person, I really like you and I think of you as a friend of mine even though we don't really speak much, I'm up for chatting anytime and you should totally introduce me to some of ur fav bands cos im not really familiar with that genre u talked about < 3

I love talking about Eurovision with you because we both know so much about it and we agree about so much! And I think you're a nice guy in general and you always stick up for me and I appreciate that so if anyone gets in your way let me the first to know ;)

We were good friends when we were both lower levels (I think) but we don't really talk..but I think you're nice and I always love your avatar, maybe we should start talking again!

Evicted Insecurity again...ttyn for being a hateful cunt


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Hi < 3
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hi :)
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