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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


15thOct 3, 2017 by virgie88


Sent by 2388,Oct 3, 2017
Sent by mathboy9,Oct 3, 2017
my love
Sent by Arris,Oct 3, 2017

i found out i was black HEY VIRGIE MSISED U x
Sent by LivvieBoo12,Oct 3, 2017
2388 I’m not on skype right now lmao but I love you!! @mathbou9 iconic 😍 I love you Arris starting tomorrow I’m about to see what these new games are about 😂 and hey LivvieBoo12 I miss you 😘
Sent by virgie88,Oct 3, 2017
VIRGIE <33333333
Sent by Krisstea,Oct 3, 2017
mathboy9 ** Krisstea ❤️
Sent by virgie88,Oct 3, 2017

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