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Who plays Jun 23, 2018
Fortnite? Add me ASSBLASTER504 ❤️
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Thank you so much Jun 22, 2018
Krisstea!! I didn't expect this whatsoever that I'm screaming!!! Love these beautiful green eyes. I have miss you tons & I'm so happy to be back!! XOXO
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Where is the most iconic Jun 21, 2018
gagaluv at?
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Hey Guys <3 Jun 21, 2018
I have been booted :O I'm shook.
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I was looking through my email and saw that I received a gift from someone. I thought to myself who could it be?, so I logged on and saw it was my baby Arris!!!! Thank you so much for putting a smile on my face <3 I deft needed it & thank you so much for the fast delivery Casillas :*
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Why? Nov 1, 2017
Does it look like I’m drowning 😭
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