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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stFeb 13, 2018 by titoburitto


Ugh yes I made it in I'm so relevant and cool and popular and this is a dream come true
Sent by peace123,Feb 13, 2018
Oh my how scandalous
Sent by JustMe,Feb 13, 2018
Go me!
Sent by Cornelia,Feb 13, 2018
Sent by Renny10,Feb 13, 2018
What should have been a 16 person STARS, became a 12 person STARS.
Sent by Carsonl,Feb 13, 2018
u use the most weird words in these reports

i love them still tho
Sent by blogs,Feb 13, 2018
OMG like what????? blogs :O
Sent by titoburitto,Feb 13, 2018
LMAO calm down peace123
Sent by alanb1,Feb 13, 2018
I will have enough T$ after bets and stars money hun!! also just cuz i'm locked out doesn't mean i'm not playing!
Sent by FlygonRocks79,Feb 13, 2018
saraj10 get skinnier and you might make the list
Sent by sosyomomma,Feb 13, 2018
Wut is in shellebelle daughter's brain
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Feb 13, 2018
so boring
Sent by RoboZoe,Feb 13, 2018

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