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tragic. Dec 14, 2018
imagine was NOT the ballad i was anticipating . let down, truly.
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unfriended Dec 12, 2018
half of my friendslist lol x

pyn if i unfriended u but u want to be added back
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i fucking HATE Heather Lee Cameron Dec 12, 2018
she has the biggest fucking mouth ever i swear to God
i opened up to a few friends about how i contracted chlamydia again and this dumb bitch literally tells a Skype game of 20+ people in it lmao
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i got hypnotized last night Dec 11, 2018
imagei saw some dude on tinder who offered to hypnotize people so i HAD to swipe right
we matched and he invited me to his house at 11 pm and i was debating if i should go or not
of course i decided to go and i shared my location w 5 different friends and gave them all the address just in case i got murdered and didn't return home sooner

EVENTUALLY i got hypnotized and it was actually really relaxing i totes loved it and the guy said i was rlly cute and wants to practice exotic hypnosis next time lol x
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WTF Dec 1, 2018
chibideidara in stars even tho on twitter he said today he's attending his grandmas funeral LOL bitches are mad disrespectful
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imageHappy birthday sister MarieTori !!!!! -gives u real hug- ugh love u forever thank u for being my bestie even tho im a mess, and without further a due, here are a couple of happy birthday wishes from people who love u. '

::::::::::: [ titoburitto#Juan ] :::::::::::
happy 26th birthday hon !!!!! i can't believe all the wisdom u obtain. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! i love love love u so much and consider u my best friend :) like ... obvi, ppl just know that we're THOSE girls . we are the reincarnations of Megan & Brandi C., .... Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie, ....... FUCKING KYLIE AND KENDAL ! u get the point. basically ur fabulous and i hope u get everything well in life and that this year is the best one yet :)))))) and that we stay friends forever and ill be wishing u hbd wishes forever !!! <33333 LOL hope all ur wishes come true. x

`~ * ` * ` [ levonini#Andrew ] *~ * ` * ~
dearest montana, from the moment i met you, i saw the goodness, tranquility and hope thats deep in your soul shine through your smile. every waking moment of my fragile life, i see the wisdom and knowledge god has sent you now embedded within me. on this day, i send my greatest wishes to you as we celebrate the next chapter of your life. i hope our friendship continues to blossom like a cherry kissed rose and that this year grants you all the wishes of your heart. blessed day and praise be on this joyous day! AM I RIGHT GIRLS

~ * ` * ~ [ AllieBoBallie#Allison ] *~ * ` * ~

~ * ` * ~* [ DangerousWoman#Leia ] *~ * ` * ~
hbd to the love of my life... charli xcx! oh and happy birthday to montana too I guess. kidding!! happy birthday montana! I love you so so so much and I’m so glad I joined this faggot website and played andrews flop game because it led me to you <3 in all honesty, you’re probably my favorite person I’ve met on tg/skype and I really love and appreciate you. I love that we can rly open up to each other and trust each other w our deepest darkest secrets. thank you for being ur rude, disrespectful, and hilarious self because you make skype calls less boring. I can’t wait til u move to austin so that we can become coke heads together and bully tito about his smell. ily!!! hope u have an amazing 30th birthday

`~ * ` * ~  [ Danger#Ralik ] *~ * ` * ~
Grats on your 23rd birthday montana Hun <3 I remember 11 years ago when u were a gender faking self stalking attention seeking bitch and now you’re at least no longer a gender faker! Love ya hun hope it’s good xoxo

`~ * ` * ~  [ WillTraitor#Will ] ~ * ` * ~
Montana! You’re like 38 now! Wow! So fucking old! I actually am rlly shocked you made it this far tbh... But at least now you can qualify for the Senior Discount when we all go out for dinner or to the movies! So glad I met you via this website a year ago because you’re actually a really cool and interesting guy. I hope you have one of the best birthdays possible because you deserve it. You’re an awesome guy and I hope we stay friends for awhile. xoxo

` * ~ * ` [ Bearface#Tanner ] ` * ~ * `
hey montana happy bday. over the past yr uve become one of my best friends on skype and ppl i talk to the most. ur probably one of the most like generally likable and quirky people ive met on here and one of ppl i enjoy being on calls w the most. i dont think weve literally ever genuinely fought and uve never actually annoyed me except when u called me avril lavigne lol. enjoy ur bday nuzzles u and purs

~ * ` * ~* [ SaraJ10#Sara ] `~ * ` * ~
Monty You may b the gayest person I know but I still love your twink ass. Happy fucking birthday and I can't wait til you come to pheonix and I can finally get a taste of my daddy. To bad you aren't here to celebrate at lolla with me but love you long time

*~ * ` * ~  [ Garrievans97#Garrison ] ~ * ` * ~*
Happy Birthday Montana! You're the sexiest midget I know and i hope your twinkhole gets fucked by a cute boy for your big day! Have fun being 25 :* love you and may the lord open

*~ * ` * ~  [ Zuelke#Mason ] `~ * ` * ~
Happy birthday, Montana!  You are so cool and nice to me, #ForeverFriends!  Also I saw your underwear on cam, they're blue and black hahaha!  Jk, but fr happy 40th!

*~ * ` * ~  [ BaileyBoy1#Shon ] *~ * ` * ~
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTANA!!! It's weird coming from me right? :) No shit, I am so glad that me and you have had the chance to become friends. You are honestly one of the sweetest and funniest people that I have ever met. I hope you have the best birthday EVER and to make sure that happens I will start it off by giving you a kiss on the lips. Enjoy it hun <3 xoxo

` * ~ * ` [ Joba#Kara] ~ * ` * ~*
happy birthday Montana you are a crazy little rascal and I want you to know that you are an amazing person even though you ignore me half the time I still love you and think you are the cutest gay boy ever

*~ * ` * ~  [ Hash#Sandy ] *~ * ` * ~
Monty, Happy Birthday stud. I’m glad that we’ve become better friends over the last few months. You’re funny as heck, I appreciate your honesty, how you ride for your friends, and how you don’t really take any shit from anyone. And thanks for being nice to me :) I hope this year brings everything you want, one step closer to your dreams and shit :) Happy Birthday!

~ * ` * ~* [ iYBF#Anthony ] `~ * ` * ~
Happy birthday Montana! You and I have recently become close enough for me to consider you an actual friend and I'm glad that we did. Even if you like chicken quesaritos instead of beef, I guess I hope you have a good birthday :)

*~ * ` * ~ [ EyooMarcus#Marcus ] `~ * ` * `
Im happy. You aren't mine but at least the same air that fills your lungs, fills my heart. Happy birthday Tana :)

~ * ` * ~* [ Chibideidara#Edgar ] ~ * ` * ~*
Happy bday Monty! I hope you have a great 23rd birthday. I think u r very strong and  one of the funniest people I talk to currently so I hope we can continue to be friends and get closer. :D

`~ * ` * ` [ Jenzie#Jenna ]  ~ * ` * ~*
Happy birthday Montana! WOOOOOOOOOOO! you bet your sweet little pimply ass i would get you a bottle of tequila for your birthday but since were miles away and also that causes a risk of you flirting with davo intentionally i guess a lil birthday message will do. I hope this year is awesome for you because ur such a caring, down to earth guy with such a big heart and you deserve everything good in life! Im glad we've gotten closer lately even if all you do is compare my chizzled jaw line to a man <3 Have a happy birthday hottie :*

*~ * ` * ~` [ Druhhbby2#Alex ] ~ * ` * ~*
HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY MONTANA. You are literally the sole reason I stayed on this site in the first place. You showed my the ropes and introduced me to so many people and told me to make a Skype, because of you I have met so many wonderful people that I will forever remember. I remember I had the biggest crush on you. I miss all of our late night Skype calls and all our video calls. I miss being so close. Have a very happy birthday. I love you so much.

+ MANY MORE WHO DIDNT RESPOND FAST ENOUGH COZ I DID THIS LIKE 1 HOUR AGO LOLLLL <333333333333 ily hope today is great 💛 :)
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