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are there any phrases/lingo

9thSep 14, 2020 by splozojames50
imageyou use in work/on the internet/quotes that you then bring into different spheres?

as a restaurant worker i LOVE to unironically say "heard" to people in regular conversation (during a workday if a cook says something on the line its super loud so the expo person will yell HEARD super loud and vice versa so it makes no sense to use it outside of that scenario)

ive also said "behind" to people a couple times in public instead of "pardon me" or "excuse me" a couple times this one was NOT intentional

rtv quotes im a bit more hesitant about because the straight general publique will just look at you like 0_0 but "woo tequila" is a go to and "make it through the dehhh" has come into the rotation (can you name both references???)


Sent by Maxi1234,Sep 14, 2020
OMFG me with "copy" I saw that like everywhere... but at my job we have walkies to communicate better with each other and everytime someone asks me to do something or says something, I say "copy" or "copy that"
Sent by maturo,Sep 14, 2020
As someone who used to work in a restaurant I use the same phrases except I'm so used to saying them I don't even realize it.
Sent by blazermaniac94,Sep 14, 2020
Me with "Oof"
Sent by Tester,Sep 14, 2020
"oof" and "lol" are my two most common phrases I use pretty much everywhere
Sent by Tester,Sep 14, 2020
i say MAYBE SO in the deepest tone possible for judi jai
Sent by HighNoon,Sep 14, 2020
Mostly to just one of my coworkers cause he understands internet lingo/isn't embarrassed by it.

I say SKSKSK when I fake laugh with him

I also say i- when I don't know what to say


And I say bunbye to people all the time but they never hear the bun part so no one has questioned it🏃‍♀️😂
Sent by Timster,Sep 14, 2020
I speak the same everywhere
Sent by Chic,Sep 14, 2020
oh I do be saying "behind" ever since I used to work at a dining hall for years
Sent by MichelleObama,Sep 15, 2020
is “make it through the dehhhh” from antm lol?
Sent by Lalisa,Sep 15, 2020
lalisa yes LMAO
Sent by splozojames50,Sep 15, 2020

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